Ghostly Apparition: Perfect Halloween Decoration Creates Terrifying Ghost Holograms

You wanna create terrifying ghost holograms for Halloween? This digital decoration called 'Ghostly Apparitions' is perfect for your Halloween party. Projecting the "Ghostly Apparitions" dvd onto a semi-transparent mesh fabric hung in a doorway...

Grey Lady Ghost Photographed In Haunted Dudley Castle (UK)

Believe it or not! It seems that a ghost named 'Grey Lady' has been pictured  in England's most haunted castle. Well at least the local ghost hunting club describes the image as 'credible' compared to...

The terrifying Operation Wandering Soul or Ghost Tape Number 10 sound

On the night of February 10 1970 in South Vietnam's Hậu Nghĩa Province, the jungles came to life with a seemingly omnipresent racket of eerie funeral music! Exploiting a traditional Vietnamese belief that spirits can never...

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