Grey Lady Ghost Photographed In Haunted Dudley Castle (UK)

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Believe it or not! It seems that a ghost named 'Grey Lady' has been pictured  in England's most haunted castle. Well at least the local ghost hunting club describes the...

The terrifying Operation Wandering Soul or Ghost Tape Number 10 sound

Operation Wandering Soul, "Ghost Tape Number 10", the wandering soul, the wandering soul broadcast, wandering soul terrifying noise, terrifying war sound during Vietnam war: the wandering soul or "Ghost Tape Number 10", Listen to the wandering soul, a sound used by the US Army to terrify Vietkongs during the Vietnam War. This eerie picture is from Robert Gorzyckivideo
On the night of February 10 1970 in South Vietnam's Hậu Nghĩa Province, the jungles came to life with a seemingly omnipresent racket of eerie funeral music! Exploiting a traditional Vietnamese...