Mysterious Sacred Sounds: The Incredible Chirping Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen-Itza, Mexico

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Research suggests that Mesoamerican pyramids like the Maya temple Kukulkan in Mexico were designed to produce sophisticated acoustic effects, including the chirp of sacred birds. Learn more about the mysterious...

Mysterious Symmetry of Religion: Twin Pyramids and Parallel Temples Across the Pacific Ocean

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Symmetry is everywhere! It is even found in temples constructed by unrelated communities across the Pacific. Amazing. Left: Baksei Temple built during the Khmer Empire (9 – 13 AD). Right: The...

Rising of a Strange Healing Trend in the World: The Alexander Golod’s Energy Pyramids

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A new age healing trend, which has its foundations in ancient Egypt, is springing up in Russia. Visitors are flocking to a fibreglass pyramid in the Moscow region to absorb...

First Etruscan pyramids located in Orvieto, central Italy

19th September 2012 - Orvieto, Italy. The world's first Etruscan pyramids have been discovered by a team of US and Italian archeologists under a wine cellar in Orvieto, a...




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