Sunday, September 25, 2016

Apocalyptical asperatus undulatus darken the skies of Hong Kong before Super Typhoon Meranti hits

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Giant waves on Earth but also in the sky. Look at these strange wave-like clouds forming in the skies over Hong Kong China just before super typhoon Meranti hit. Freaky asperatus...

Like an angel on its way up to heaven: Wondrous virga drifts over Utah

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Is that an angel on its way up to heaven? Or a jellyfish swimming in the skies? Look at these clouds floating gently by, their tops fluffy like cotton candy;...

Unbelievable hairy cloud over Sinaola, Mexico

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I have never seen something like this! Weird isn't it? Now, can somebody tell me how this mysterious hairy cloud forms? The following cloud was named the hairiest cloud I've ever...

Bloody sunset lenticular clouds over Nairn, Scotland, UK

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These blood red lenticular clouds appeared over Nairn, Scotland at sunset on September 4, 2016. Signs of the times coming in... Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Giant nuclear bomb anvil cloud terrifies residents of a Siberian town

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This giant nuclear bomb anvil cloud scared the hell out of residents of Kemerovo in Western Siberia, when it suddenly appeared in their skies. The shocking isolated ominous mushroom cloud surrounded by...

Incredible sunset thunderstorm over Prince Edward Island, Canada

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An incredible sunset thunderstorm engulfed the skies over Prince Edward Island, Canada on August 18, 2016. Look at these epic pictures from around the island. Impressive. Heavenly beautiful.

Epic shelf cloud engulfs Cleveland, Ohio

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Look at this epic shelf cloud sweeping through the sky over Cleveland, Ohio on August 11, 2016. Beautiful and terrifying at the same time. But can somebody tell me why...

These eerie cloud formations are signs of weather modification

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Look at these eerie cloud formations. And then don't tell me they are natural. Geoengineering is real and modify our weather. Or is it the nature going crazy?

Anomalous cumulonimbus clouds

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In the last few years, impressive cumulonimbus clouds are forming all over the world. Another proof of anomalous phenomenon and weather control? Here some scary but beautiful pictures. Why are these impressive cloud formations...

Craziest iridescent clouds over Santiago de Chile

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These crazy iridescent clouds appeared in the sky of Chile end of July 2016. The sky formation over the capital city took different shades of red, blue yellow and green....

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