Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rare 800km long morning glory cloud rolls over Queensland, Australia

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A rare 800km long Morning Glory Cloud has rolled across outback Queensland stunning local residents on July 23, 2016. Now look at these pictures showing this gigantic roll cloud that...

Biggest polar stratospheric cloud so far this year over Antarctica

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The stratosphere is a relatively clear layer of Earth's atmosphere, almost always cloud-free. But on July 25,2016, researchers at Argentina's San Martín Base spotted a bank of fantastically colored clouds floating...

Insane lenticular cloud over Lake Tahoe

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This insane lenticular cloud formed over Lake Tahoe, a beautiful Lake where California and Nevada meet. Sometimes Summer Solstices are really out-of-this-world. And what about a timelapse video? Here it is: Happy Solstice... Delayed... Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Another evidence of HAARP over Santiago de Chile?

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What are these strange elongated clouds in the sky over Santiago de Chile on July 21, 2016? Another evidence of HAARP? They say project HAARP (= High-frequency Active Auroral Research) is...

Eerie iridescent cloud appears over Santiago de Chile at sunset

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This eerie iridescent cloud appeared over Santiago de Chile at sunset on July 15, 2016. This is one of the most unbelievable rainbow cloud I have ever seen in my life! Cloud...

Contrail shadows and beautiful feather at sunset near Liverpool

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Sometimes mysterious clouds and black lines cover sunset skies. Look at these strange contrail shadows and this awesome feather appearing in the sky of Liverpool at sunset. Awesome toxicity! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

That’s a really big one!

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This very strange cloud was spotted in the sky of Miami, Florida on July 10, 2016. And these girls are kind of shocked... It's not everyday you see that! The sky in...

Spectacular shelf cloud swallows up houses like a tsunami in the sky

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Is that a tsunami in the sky? This spectacular shelf cloud looks like a furious wave swallowing up some houses. These incredible pictures were captured by Andrzej Błoński, just before an extreme storm in...

Creepy scud cloud forms in the sky over Kiev, Ukraine

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I have never heard of this name, but scientists call this kind of weird cloud a scud cloud. And this creepy sky formation swept through Kiev, Ukraine on July 6,...

Mothership supercell over Cartagena, Colombia

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This mothership supercell cloud swallowed up the sky of Cartagena, Colombia on June 30, 2016. The pictures and video are just insane! The powerful cumulonimbus cloud engulfed the sky over Cartagena,...

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