Apocalyptic lenticular clouds over Robertson and Leon Counties in Texas

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These lenticular clouds over Texas look like coming right out from an apocalyptic movie! Watch these amazing pictures of lenticular clouds floating in the sky of Robertson and Leon Counties in...

Tornado signs: Sky turns green during tornado event

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Why does the sky turn green before a tornado? This still unexplained phenomenon baffles scientists... And is local specific! Weird! So why does the sky turn green before a tornado? Scientists haven't...

Apocalyptic thunderstorm cloud engulfs San Luis Potosi

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This apocalyptic thunderstorm cloud suddenly appeared in the sky of San Luis Potosi surpising its residents! That's really a giant cumulonimbus! Wow! This type of giant and angry clouds are more...

Lenticular clouds appear over the Ionian Sea near Etna

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Extravaganza! Look at these amazing lenticular clouds over the Ionian Sea just east of Mount Etna! According to witnesses the show lasted for almost 10 hours! I love beautiful standing...

Sulfur dioxide plume blasted by Calbuco volcano creates spectacular sunsets from Chile to Brazil

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Chile's Calbuco volcano blasted a gigantic plume of sulfur dioxide spreading east from Chile to Brazil into the atmosphere. The result are spectacular space weather phenomena! European MetOp satellites have been monitoring aerosols...

Just another Titan? Human-shaped ash cloud appears over Calbuco volcano

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Is this the Calbuco's titan coming out of his home sweet home? Look at this amazing human-shaped cloud emerging from the ash of the fiery volcano!   Stuff like this gives me a...

Strange tornado-like light phenomenon over clouds captured on videos baffle scientists

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Look at the top of the clouds in these videos! They show a funnel-like shape moving above thunderstorm clouds as if the cloud was being fed or something was drawn...

Wavy Undulatus Asperatus clouds engulf Wichita, Kansas (photos and video)

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Spectacular undulatus asperatus clouds engulfed Wichita, Kansas on April 23, 2015! Discover amazing pictures and a video of this incredible sky phenomenon! Wave clouds appear at 0:40 in the video below: Do...

UFO clouds in the sky over Ullapool in Scotland

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Are these UFOs in the skies over Ullapool? … Or just clouds? Amazing lenticular UFO clouds amaze residents of the west coast of Scotland and alarm conspiracy theorists. In this special...

The story of artificial clouds

The story of artificial clouds is a documentary by Dave Dahl. This docu presents facts about ongoing global practices about weather modification and its consequences. Visit their webpage Artificial Clouds Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

That’s a glorious alpine cloud shadow

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This phenomenon doesn't have a name. But this pointy shadow is glorious!   The sky phenomenon is created by the sun below the horizon casting a shadow onto the clouds. The central peak casting...

Awesome supercell storm over Lubbock, Texas

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This awesome supercell cloud over Lubbock, Texas looks like a nuclear explosion! Fascinating! This cloud is not fake. The picture has been of course a bit retouched to adjust levels of light...

Incredible undulatus asperatus and roll clouds engulf Augusta and South Carolina (photos and video)

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Two rare cloud formations spread over Augusta and South Carolina on March 30, 3015. Look at these amazing wavy, chaotic canopy of clouds (undulatus asperatus) punctuated by clouds resembling large...

Strange rippled clouds roll over Alabama and baffle residents

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A rare striped or wave-like cloud formation has been spotted in the skies over Russellville, Florence, and other areas in the Shoals, Alabama. These strange rippled clouds are known as...

The hand of God! These two pictures capture God’s presence in Moore perfectly!

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These two pictures capture God's presence in Moore perfectly! A hand and a crucifix! But who do you think sent the Tornado? Prior to the tornado, there were mammatus clouds. After the...

Mammatus clouds spotted just before killer tornado hits Moore

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These mammatus clouds have been spotted just before the killer tornado hit Moore on March 25, 2015! Yes, they were a sign of the upcoming apocalypse! These clouds were taken from Norman,...

Did you see the mystery face in the sky during the solar eclipse?

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During March 20, 2015 solar eclipse, a British woman captured a mystery face in the cloudy sky! Did you also see it? And who is the mystery face in the...

This double punch hole cloud looks like a pair of eyes peering down on us!

Yes it almost look like alien eyes looking down to us! Awesome! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter  

Eerie lenticular clouds spotted over Wirral and Ellesmere Port, UK

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I think I would also have been amazed in front of these incredible clouds! Look at these eerie lenticular clouds dancing over Wirral and Ellesmere Port. Awesome! Awesome strange clouds. Here...

That’s a freaky fallstreak hole floating over San Antonio, Texas! End of times on Friday the 13th?

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Well that's really a freaky fallstreak hole floating in San Antonio's sky in Texas! A snake cloud? A sign of the nearby apocalypse?And they will tell us it is all natural!...