Welp… It’s the end of the world in Hinesville, Georgia

end of world cloud georgia, end of world georgia, end of world georgia picture, end of world georgia videovideo
First I thought they were experimenting with photoshop. Then as I found more and more pictures on Instagram and started feeling terrified. It was the end of the world in Hinesville,...

Mysterious cloud looking like a giant fireball crashing to Earth appeared in the sky of Teixeira, Brazil (video)

mysterious cloud brazil, This cloud formation reall looks like a fireball crashing onto Earth fireball cloud brazil, mysterious cloud brazil august 2017video
A mysterious cloud looking like a giant fireball crashing to Earth appeared in the sky of Teixeira, Brazil on August 18, 2017. Wow! an elongated and spectacular lenticular cloud formation...

Gigantic atomic bomb cloud looms over Split, Croatia remembering people the next large thunderstorm is close

atomic bomb cloud split, atomic bomb cloud split pictures, atomic bomb cloud split croatia jul 2017, atomic bomb cloud split croatia video
An incredible cloud formation has appeared in the skies over Split as thunderstorms rolled across Croatia on July 26, 2017. The huge disc-shaped cloud resembles a mushroom cloud or alien...

Biological Weapons: ‘One of the largest human experiments in history’ was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco

san francisco fog, san francisco fog video, san francisco fog picture, 'One of the largest human experiments in history' was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco, biological test san francisco, biological tests USA, us army test biological weapons on san franciscovideo
This is a crazy story; one that seems like it must be a conspiracy theory. But the core of this incredible tale is documented and true. One fact many may...

Furious Independence Day thunderstorm swallows up Saratov

Independence Day thunderstorm, Independence Day thunderstorm cloud, Independence Day thunderstorm cloud photo, Independence Day thunderstorm cloud videovideo
Sometimes thunderstorms look as if they were coming out of a movie! Watch this furious Independence Day thunderstorm swallowing up Saratov in Russia on June 21, 2017. And last but not...

Hypnotizing mothership supercell grows in Nebraska (video)

supercell nebraska, Supercell Nebraska June 16 2017, Supercell Nebraska June 16 2017 video, Supercell Nebraska June 16 2017 picturesvideo
The Great Plains of the United States is place of some of the most incredible thunderstorms and supercells in the world. This hypnotizing time-lapse video filmed in Nebraska on June...

Monstrous electroactive storm cell near Chelyabinsk (Pictures)

monstrous storm cell chelyabinsk, monstrous cell storm chelyabinsk, monstrous cell storm chelyabins pictures, monstrous cell storm chelyabins june 2017
This dark thunderstorm really looks like a monster! This apocalyptical electroactive cell strom engulfed the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia on June 16, 2017. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Unusually late start to the summer season for Noctilucent Clouds, and no one knows for sure what will happen next

noctilucent clouds june 2017, noctilucent clouds june 2017 pictures, noctilucent clouds june 2017 video, noctilucent clouds june 2017 russia, noctilucent clouds june 2017 scotlandvideo
This is an unusually late start to the summer season for Noctilucent clouds (NLCs), and no one can say for sure what will happen next. However, researchers believe the electric...

Weaponized sky drops 4.7 inches hail on Kansas

giant hailstones kansas, Gigantic hail up to 11 cm (4.7 inches) in diameter fell in Kiowa, Kansas on June 15 2017video
It's when such huge hail falls from the sky... That you think about weather war. Now look at this weaponized sky over Kansas before and during the storms: Weather weapons across the...

200 miles long shelf cloud stretching from US border to Davidson, Canada engulfs Regina in strong morning storm

shelf cloud regina, gigantic shelf cloud regina, This 200 miles long shelf cloud engulfed Regina on June 9 2017, giant shelf cloud reginavideo
There are many storms out there, all of them perfect in their own way. If you caught sight of this 200 miles long shelf cloud before the storm that hit...

Massive rotating roll cloud over the Sea of ​​Azov – Why are they so rare?

roll cloud russia, roll cloud russia video, roll cloud russia pictures, roll cloud russia june 2 2017video
It's not something you see every day: a rotating, horizontal cloud that's taken over the sky. But that's just what people got to see online in Russia after several people...

Surreal Undulatus Asperatus Sunset Over North Dakota in Video

undulatus asperatus sunset, undulatus asperatus sunset north dakota, undulatus asperatus sunset video, undulatus asperatus sunset june 2017, undulatus asperatus sunset june 2017 timelape videovideo
Look at thee crazy undulatus asperatus clouds at sunset. They are rolling in the sky like waves from out-of-this-world. This video was filmed by Mike Olbinski, who explains: All spring I chase storms across...

NASA Releases Artificial Clouds Into The Sky of Maryland

nasa artificial clouds maryland, NASA To Release Artificial Clouds Above Maryland Coast, NASA To Release Artificial Clouds Above Maryland Coast video, video NASA To Release Artificial Clouds Above Maryland Coast, NASA To Release Artificial Clouds Above Maryland Coast on May 30 2017video
NASA will begin testing a new system on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, that entails the release of artificial clouds, along with a sounding rocket launch. The luminescent clouds will be...

Insane asperatus clouds engulf the sky over western Oklahoma

asperatus, undulatus asperatus oklahoma, asperatus undulatus, strange clouds, oklahoma, may 2017
Looking at the pictures below you will probably understand why Undulatus asperatus certainly one of the most out-of-this-world cloud formation is! These pictures are indeed more than insane! Now, do ou understand...

Rare weather phenomenon at Grand Canyon creates a sea of clouds

clouds in grand canyon, grand canyon covered in clouds, fog grand canyon, temperature inversion grand canyonvideo
This isn’t an ocean! It’s the Grand Canyon in very rare form. In rare circumstances, the atmosphere flips over and all of a sudden the clouds are at your feet....

Haarp weather manipulated lenticular clouds seen over Syktyvkar, Russia

proof of geoengineering haarp, lenticular clouds russia, lenticular clouds russia video, lenticular clouds russia pictures, lenticular clouds russia may 18 2017
Is Russia testing a new weapon? Because we have here a clear signature of weather manipulation. Photos posted online on May 18, 2017 show rare lenticular clouds seen over the city of...

Menacing ‘Gate to Hell’ supercell swallows up Oklahoma

supercell oklahoma gate to hell, supercell oklahoma gate to hell picture, supercell oklahoma may 11 2017 photo
Nice one, nature. Could there have been a better spot for this whirling, swirling supercell to form into a wild in-air vortex than over Oklahoma? As exposed yesterday, intense storms swept...

Wild mammatus clouds announce freak hailstorm in Colorado

mammatus clouds colorado, mammatus clouds colorado may 2017, mammatus clouds colorado photo, mammatus clouds colorado pictures
Check out these omnious mammatus clouds. They swallowed up the sky over Colorado prior an intense hailtorm that covered the Denver Metro Area in hail. A freakish hailstorm pounded enormous hail...

The sky over Santiago de Chile got rainbowified

santiago de chile rainbownified, rainbonified, chile iridescent cloud
First I thought it's spectacular. Than I thought it might be dangerous. OMG! Santiago de Chile has been rainbowified, weaponized. All pictures by Roberto Antezana Follow us:  Facebook  und  Twitter

Terrifying shelf cloud engulfs Florida and turns day into night

shelf cloud florida, shelf cloud florida pictures, shelf cloud florida video, shelf cloud florida may 2017video
This terrifying shelf cloud engulfed the Atlantic coast of Florida on May 4, 2017. Watching the pictures below you understand why people were running home in panic as the sky...

Oh! Some mammatus clouds!

mammatus clouds
These amazing mammatus clouds appeared in the sky of Pskov, Rusia on April 21, 2017. Too incredible to be true. Not onl our food is being manipulated... Our skies too. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Watch: A wall cloud is slowly swallowing up the Detroit River

wall cloud, wall cloud video, wall cloud video detroit rivervideo
Look at this awesome weather phenomenon! A gigantic wall cloud is slowly swallowing up the Detroit River. According to Wikipedia: A wall cloud is a large, localized, persistent, and often abrupt lowering...

Iridescent cumulonimbus cloud appears over Singapore

iridescent cloud singapore, iridescent cloud singapore video, iridescent cloud singapore pictures, iridescent cloud singapore april 17 2017 photo
Have you ever seen something like that? The top of this giant cumulonimbus cloud suddenly became iridescent as individual water droplets refracted sun light at high altitude. Crazy pictures shot today over...

Gigantic wall of clouds engulfs Milan, Italy before a storm

They look like bird feathers... But they engulfed the sky over Milan on April 11, 2017, announcing an imminent powerful superstorm. Do you know the name of this strange loud in...

This unusual lenticular cloud reflected in a rainbow looks like a spaceship taking off over Scotland

lenticular cloud rainbow scotland, lenticular cloud rainbow scotland ufo space, lenticular cloud rainbow scotland ufo space picture, lenticular cloud rainbow scotland ufo space photo
Look at these insane pictures of an unusual lenticular cloud above a rainbow captured in Scotland a few days ago. It looks like a UFO spaceship taking off back into...

Wavy undulatus asperatus clouds engulf the sky of Kentucky

undulatus asperatus kentucky, undulatus asperatus kentucky video, undulatus asperatus kentucky march 2017 video, undulatus asperatus kentucky march 2017 picture, undulatus asperatus kentucky picture and video march 2017video
These awesome pictures showing eerie-looking undulatus asperatus clouds were taken across Kentucky on March 20, 2017. It almost appears as if the sky turned into the sea. These mid-level wave clouds...

Enormous supercell thunderstorm damages parts of Uruguay

supercell thunderstorm uruguay, supercell thunderstorm uruguay pictures, supercell thunderstorm uruguay video, supercell thunderstorm uruguay march 2017video
If ever you felt uncertain about the sheer power of thunderstorms, these images and the impressive video of a gigantic forming supercell over Nuevo Berlín in Uruguay should convince...

Apocalypse now? This powerful cumulonimbus cloud terrifies residents in Adelaide fearing a nearby atomic explosion

mushroom cloud adelaide australia, mushroom cloud adelaide australia pictures, mushroom cloud adelaide australia video, cumulonimbus cloud march 2017 pictures
This powerful convective cell formed over the suburbs of Adelaide, Australia on March 2, 2017. And it looks like a giant atomic explosion mushroom cloud! Was there a nuclear attack near...

Apocalyptical anvil cloud at sunset swallows up Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia

anvil cloud chinchilla australia, anvil cloud chinchilla australia february 27 2017, anvil cloud chinchilla australia pictures, anvil cloud chinchilla australia video
This apocalyptical anvil cloud swallowed up Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia on February 27, 2017 at sunset. I am just happy looking at the pictures and glad not to have experienced the following...

Independence Day clouds swallow up Buenos Aires, Argentina and Medellin, Colombia

independance day cloud buenos aires argentina, independance day cloud buenos aires argentina pictures, independance day cloud buenos aires argentina video, anvil cloud, anvil cloud buenos aires argentina pictures, anvil cloud buenos aires argentina videovideo
In scenes remembering an alien invasion film, giant clouds gathered above Buenos Aires, Argentina and Medellin, Colombia on February 22. Did atomic bombs just exploded in those south american metropoles?Both cities...

Giant fire rainbow cloud irradiates Singapore for at least 15 minutes

fire rainbow, fire rainbow singapore, singapore fire rainbow, singapore fire rainbow picture, singapore fire rainbow video, cloud iridescencevideo
Singapore was treated to a rare weather phenomenon as a giant "fire rainbow" appeared in the sky on February 20, 2017. The light show lasted for 15 minutes and could reportedly be...

Again, four mysterious humanoid shapes form above the cloud cover during a flight between Warsaw to London

This strange humanoid clouds were observed during a flight Warsaw-London, humanoid cloud, strange cloud warsaw london, strange cloud poland
A series of strange photographs shot during a flight between Warsaw to London show mysterious figures above the clouds. What are these weird shapes standing above the clouds? You probably remember 'The Giant...

Creepy shelf cloud darkens the sunset sky of Virginia (pictures)

shelf cloud, shelf cloud picture, shelf cloud video, shelf cloud virginia pictures
Before the skies opened up over Virginia on Wednesday evening, thunder and ominous black clouds gave a solid warning of the looming storm, with unbelievable images capturing the impending...

Mysterious funnel cloud swallows up the sky of Rio, Brazil

strange cloud, mysterious funnel cloud rio, mysterious funnel cloud rio pictures, mysterious funnel cloud rio brazil, mysterious funnel cloud rio brazil pictures,
Look at this mysterious funnel cloud seen around sunset on February 7, 2017, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And this even no tornado, storm or even rain was reported. Helio C....

Menacing mammatus clouds swallow up the sky over Pensacola, Florida

Mammatus clouds swallow up the sky over Pensacola, Florida
Mamma, Mamma, Mammatus clouds! Look at these apocalyptical bulbous clouds that engulfed the sky over Pensacola, Florida on February 7, 2017. Just as terrifying tornadoes devastated New Orleans and its surroundings,...

Mysterious UFO-shaped cloud baffles skiers over Sweden

ufo cloud sweden, lenticular, lenticular clouds, lenticular clouds 2017, lenticular clouds january 2017, lenticular clouds sweden 2017
A mysterious UFO-shaped cloud baffled skiers when it appeared in the sky over Sweden on January 25, 2017. The bizarre cloud floated in the sky over ski resorts Åre and...

Mysterious giant cloud bubble captured by satellite over the Island of Meanguera, El Salvador

mysterious cloud bubble, mysterious bubble cloud el salvador, What is theis mysterious cloud bubble that appeared near an Island in El Salvador january strange sky phenomenon, mysterious sky, strange sky phenomenon january 2017
Can you explain that mysterious cloud bubble? Look at this strange atmospheric phenomenon captured in the Gulf of Fonseca, just in the vicinity of the island of Meanguera, department of...

It’s like an invasion

cumulonimbus, ufo invasion, strange clouds
Look at these amazing evening cumulusnimbus over Entre Rios, Argentina. There was like an invasion on January 13, 2017. What is that on the horizon? A UFO invasion? Or a gigantic strange cloud? Probably...

Have you ever seen a roller coaster cloud? That’s crazy!

roller coaster cloud, roller coaster cloud brazil, roller coaster cloud brazil video, roller coaster cloud brazil january 2017, roller coaster cloud brazil picture, roller coaster cloud brazil january 2017 videovideo
Hey guys, have you ever seen a roller coaster cloud? These two giant waves appeared over the ocean off Macaé, Brazil on January 12, 2017. That's crazy! I am wondering how...

Bright rainbow pileus cloud forms over cumulonimbus cloud in Zimbabwe, Africa

iridescent cloud africa, rainbow cloud zimbabwe, iridescent rainbow cloud mutare africa, iridescent cloud zimbabwe, iridescent cloud pictures, iridescent cloud january 2017
A quarter of an hour before sunset, a beautiful rainbow pileus developed on top of a cumulonimbus cloud over Chikanga Township, Mutare. The four pictures, taken over a period of...




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