Lenticular Clouds: The Spectacular Clouds that Look Like UFOs

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The next time you spot something resembling an alien craft looming overhead, check to make sure it's not hovering beside a mountain. If it is, there's a good chance...

Amazing Fire Rainbow Clouds – Circumhorizontal Arc – Pictures From Around The World – Rainbow Cloud Phenomenon

Fire rainbow over nepal
What are these multicolor clouds in the sky? These eerie cloud formations are called fire rainbows. Discover some of my preferate circumhorizontal arcs captured around the world. Sometimes clouds take on...

And Suddenly An Angel Cloud Appeared in the Sky of Florida

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Look at this amazing angel appearing in the sky over South Florida on March 2013! Awesome! And the cloud angel actually appeared just hours after the new Pope Francis was selected. Amazing...

Chemtrails are not a Conspiracy Theory

chemtrails. clouds, conspiracy theory
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Strange Sky Phenomenon: Amazing dancing and twisting cloud, Mexico

storm, clouds, storm clouds
Strange Sky Phenomenon: Amazing dancing and twisting cloud This video shows you an extremely bizarre dancing cumulonimbus cloud in the sky of Mexico. Such Phenomenon is extremely rare and is...

Rare Phenomenon in the Sky: Anticrepuscular Rays, Brazil, December 2012

rare sky phenomenon, ske phenomenon, antcrepuscular rays, Boulder Colorado, pictures of anticrepuscular rays
December 17 2012 - Rare Phenomenon in the Sky: Anticrepuscular Rays I found information of this video on the radioactivechat blogspot. This amazing light phenomenon was recorded in Brazil on...

Sun dog, chemtrails & strange sounds in Craig, Nebraska, USA

These strange sounds and strange weather were recorded on the 27th of september in Craig, a little village of less than hundred people in Nebraska, USA. There is a...