Friday, October 20, 2017

These eerie cloud formations are signs of weather modification

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Look at these eerie cloud formations. And then don't tell me they are natural. Geoengineering is real and modify our weather. Or is it the nature going crazy?

Bloody sunset lenticular clouds over Nairn, Scotland, UK

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These blood red lenticular clouds appeared over Nairn, Scotland at sunset on September 4, 2016. Signs of the times coming in... Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Pink Cloud Baffles Residents Of Arizona from Tucson to Phoenix and Flagstaff (Photo And Video)

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This eerie pink cloud was observed by many from Phoenix to Tucson and Flagstaff, Arizona. So what's behind this mysterious sky phenomenon? // Did you also see this alien pink cloud...

Fireball lenticular cloud swallows up Madeira, Portugal

madeira strange cloud, madeira strange lenticular cloud, madeira strange cloud looks like fireball, fireball lenticular cloud madeira, This strange lenticular cloud appeared on January 24 2016. Photo: Meteo Madeira
The island of Madeira was struck by a lenticular cloud that looked like a giant fireball on January 24, 2016. Yes this cloud really looks like a red ball of...

A Giant Eagle Cloud Engulfs Grand Teton Mountain

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A bizarre sheet of wispy clouds undulating over the Teton Range enchanted tourists and even veteran employees of Grand Teton National Park. To me, this strange cloud formation ressembles a...

Lenticular clouds appear over the Ionian Sea near Etna

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Extravaganza! Look at these amazing lenticular clouds over the Ionian Sea just east of Mount Etna! According to witnesses the show lasted for almost 10 hours! I love beautiful standing...

Mysterious rainbow clouds appear over Antioquia, Colombia

On October 17, 2015, mysterious rainbow clouds appeared in the sky of Antioquia, Colombia. Here a nice footage of this strange sky phenomenon. Within last month such iridescent clouds were reported in...

This mysterious cloud looks like a woman body rising up to heaven over Costa Rica

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Some clouds look like buildings and others like animals. But this amazing cloud formation captured by painter Rolando on December 12, 2015, at Barva de Heredia, Costa Rica really looks like...

Mysterious V-shaped cloud hovers Carson, California during Harvest fullmoon lunar eclipse

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What is this strange V-shaped cloud hovering Carson, California on September 27, 2015? I have never spotted something like this before... Have you ever? And here a video compiling more pictures...

Just Rockets Create Such Strange Cloud In the Sky of Siberia

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You probably wonder what these strange glowing clouds spotted above Siberia on December 15, 2014 are! This is rocket art! The mysterious cloud formation appeared just minutes after a Proton-M...

What is this mysterious flashing orange sky over North Vancouver?

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Why did the clouds over the northern area of Vancouver started glowing bright orange late on November 6, 2015? Fires? Explosions? Anyone know what was happening near the Chevron refinery in Burnaby? Strong winds hit on...

Strange Sky Phenomenon: Giant Cumulonimbus Engulfs Zacatlán, Mexico

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This is a really strange sky phenomenon. Do you know what kind of massive cloud this could be? A giant cumulonimbus? On October 6, 2014, giant storm clouds engulfed the...

The crazy consequences of weather modification

giant cloud, weather manipulation, weather modification
When most people look up they see clouds. Some others see the crazy effects of weather modification. Do you have any other proofs of weather modification? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Weather modification: Scientists redirect lightning and create clouds and rain

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Scientists are now playing the Weather Wizzard. They are able to redirect lightning and create clouds and rain just with a single laser beam! Laser weather modification! You probably know the...

Well that’s another totally crazy rainbow cloud in the sky of Brazil

crazy rainbow cloud brazil, cloud iridescence brazil, brazil crazy cloud, rainbow cloud brazil, A crazy iridescent cloud appeared over the city of Caxias, Brazil on December 6, 2016video
If you’ve been reading Strange Sounds for a long time, you had probably already seen all kind of amazing cloud formations looking like dragons, dogs and fluffy balls. However, this...

Mysterious cloud appears in the sky of 6 US States baffling stargazers

strange cloud, This mysterious cloud in the sky of New Mexico was shot by Glen Wurden on November 24 2015, ufo cloud, japan rocket cloud usa, ufo cloud november 24 2015, mysterious clouds us sky november 24 2015, mystery cloud japanese rocket, japanese rocket surprises skywatchers, Japanese H-IIA successfully lofts Telstar 12V
A mysterious cloud suddenly appeared in the sky on November 24, 2015. And it baffled a whole lot of stargazers over at least 6 US states. Do you know what...

Strange rotating clouds looking like a galaxy engulf the sky of Chile

strange rotating cloud chile, rotating cloud chile, mysterious clouds chile, strange cloud chile, rotating clouds chile, A series of strange rotating clouds engulfed the sky of Chile on December 6, 2016
What are these strange rotating clouds, which passed by during over four hours in the sky of Curicó and Maule, Chile? These impressive cloud formations are dense in the middle...

Project blue beam: Mysterious mirage city appears in the clouds over Foshan

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Can you please explain how these skycrapers appeared behind the clouds in the sky of Foshan, China? The project blue beam? Yes look at this mysterious city appearing in the...

Monster shelf cloud engulfs Florida on Good Friday

Look at this insane shelf cloud engulfing the sky of Florida, right now. Cool anticipating pictures of the monster storm coming ahead. Here a first video from Orlando: // Orlando Florida Posted by...

Mysterious elongated object shoots into storm cloud in Spain – Geoengineering?

What is this mysterious elongated object shooting into a storm cloud in Spain? Is this another proof of geoengineering? Or is it a suspicious UFO jetting into a large storm cloud...

Wild mammatus clouds announce freak hailstorm in Colorado

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Check out these omnious mammatus clouds. They swallowed up the sky over Colorado prior an intense hailtorm that covered the Denver Metro Area in hail. A freakish hailstorm pounded enormous hail...

Gigantic cloud looks like a volcano exploding over Ljubljana, Slovenia

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This gigantic cloud looks like a volcano exploding in the sky of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The majestic cloud formation formed on May 12, 2016 in the mountain over the capital city. Awesome. Or does...

The sky of Paris is on fire! Fiery mammatus clouds engulfs sunset

The sky was on fire tonight on November 21, 2016! Look at these fiery mammatus clouds engulfing the sunset sky of Paris and the entire Île de France! Enjoy! And here...

Mysterious ring cloud rises in the sky over Baglan, UK

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This mysterious ring cloud suddenly appeared in front of baffled drivers in the sky of Baglan, South Wales on September 20, 2016. Do you know what it could be? Could it...

Incredible sunset thunderstorm over Prince Edward Island, Canada

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An incredible sunset thunderstorm engulfed the skies over Prince Edward Island, Canada on August 18, 2016. Look at these epic pictures from around the island. Impressive. Heavenly beautiful.

Terrifying Storm Front Over Sydney (Photo and Videos) – March 2014

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Here some other pictures and a video of the apocalytic storm that rip through Sydney, yesterday. Cloud are amazing! As forecasters warned of flash flooding, the internet became awash with...