Awesome Fall Streaks (Virga) Photographed Over New Hampton Look Like Imminent Tornadoes

fall streak, virga, fall streak photo, virga photo, fall streak photo 2014, virga photo 2014, fall streak photo usa 2014, virga photo usa 2014, amazing fall steak clouds, Is an army of angel heading to earth? Virga over Iowa. Photo: Danny Murphy, This strange clouds look like a tornado that has touched down yet. Photo: Al & Chantal Papousek New Hampton, This strange Fall streak (Virga) looks like a tornado that has touched down yet over New Hampton, Iowa. Photo, The twister-like cloud (Virga) in sunset light! Nice! Photo: Darin Balk- Barrel‎ Lawler
The awesome fall streaks look like angels looking over us. Also called Virga, these fantastic clouds were photographed over New Hampton, Iowa on September 14, 2014. Did you also see these...

An intense storm is brewing! Scary bubbling shelf cloud swallows up the sky over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida

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An intense evening storm was brewing in the sky of Florida on April 7, 2018! Look at these scary pictures of a bubbling shelf cloud swallowing up the sky...

Noctilucent Clouds Are Behaving Strangely And Thus Perplexing Scientists

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The southern season for noctilucent clouds (NLCs) has come to an end. And something unexpected is perplexing scientists! NASA's AIM spacecraft observed the last wisps of electric-blue over Antarctica on Feb....

Monster supercell sweeps over Laplata in Maryland

This monster supercell swept across Laplata, Maryland on May 2, 2016. I'm sure you thought about the F4 tornado that hit the exact same place back in 2002. Look at this incredible...

Surreal Undulatus Asperatus Sunset Over North Dakota in Video

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Look at thee crazy undulatus asperatus clouds at sunset. They are rolling in the sky like waves from out-of-this-world. This video was filmed by Mike Olbinski, who explains: All spring I chase storms across...

Giant lenticular clouds amaze nature lovers in Spain – January 2016

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Giant lenticulars clouds are engulfing the sky of Spain since the beginning of January 2016. Here a compilation of the best pictures found on the social networks. Enjoy. Look at these...

Giant lenticular clouds over Tenerife, Spain

lenticular clouds tenerife, lenticular clouds march 2016, lenticular spain march 2016, lenticular clouds 2016, lenticular clouds march 2016
On March 5, 2016, giant lenticular clouds hovered over the mountains in Tenerife, Spain. Gigantic... The cloud is almost swallowing the 'small mountain sitting below... I love these strange clouds. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

The sky over Santiago de Chile got rainbowified

santiago de chile rainbownified, rainbonified, chile iridescent cloud
First I thought it's spectacular. Than I thought it might be dangerous. OMG! Santiago de Chile has been rainbowified, weaponized. All pictures by Roberto Antezana Follow us:  Facebook  und  Twitter

Sunrise roll cloud engulfs Virginia’s sky like a giant rolling pin on fire

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Roll clouds made for an astounding sunrise in Richmond on Monday, and worked their way eastward through the morning, rolling over Newport News around 8:30. This type of cloud...

Terrifying storm clouds engulf and swallow Caxias do Sul, Brazil within seconds

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This is the terrifying moment a violent storm front engulfs town of Caxias do Sul on September 16, 2015. Look at the speed... The city got suddenly covered by this wall...

Storm Survival: Discover Photos And Descriptions To Recognize Dangerous Clouds

Cumulonimbus cloud, Cumulonimbus clouds, Cumulonimbus clouds are a sign of a maturing thunderstorm, which may produce heavy rain, hail and dangerous lightning photo, best photo of Cumulonimbus clouds
During severe weather outbreaks, conditions can change rapidly and the weather can turn volatile quickly. The following is a breakdown of ominous-looking clouds and whether there is imminent danger...

That’s my first time: Undulatus asperatus clouds engulf Bern, Switzerland

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I believe those clouds rolling over the capital of Switzerland are Undulatus asperatus. If it is the case, it would be the first time I witness and photograph these strange...

Terrifying shelf cloud engulfs Florida and turns day into night

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This terrifying shelf cloud engulfed the Atlantic coast of Florida on May 4, 2017. Watching the pictures below you understand why people were running home in panic as the sky...

The next big earthquake is imminent in the USA

signs of earthquake over Kentucky: Circumzenital arc and sundogs, signs of earthquakes, earthquake cloudvideo
Signs of earthquakes appeared in the sky over Kentucky and Colorado on February 18, 2018. The next Big One is imminent! Kentucky circumhorizontal arcs and sundogs: Video of a #sundog #HatfieldKY...

Storm Season in Sydney: Apocalyptic Shelf Clouds Roll In Over Sydney (Videos And Photos)

Stunning shelf cloud in Sydney. Photo by Nicholas Moir, storm sydney october 2014, storm sydney october 2014 photo, apocalyptic storm cloud sydney, apocalyptic storm cloud sydney photo, picture of apocalyptic storm cloud sydney october 2014, october 13 2014 storm sydney, apocalyptic cloud sydney october 2014 photo, terrifying cloud engulfs sydney photo, photo of storm clouds engulfing sydney october 2014video
Apocalyptic shelf clouds roll in across Sydney! The mega-storm left 8,000 homes without power. But the pictures and videos of this terrifying storm engulfing Sydney are stunning! Watch these mesmerizing pictures...

The hand of God! These two pictures capture God’s presence in Moore perfectly!

the hand of god cloud, The hand of God appeared in the sky of Moore just after the terrifying tornado on March25, 2015. Photo: Twitter, the hand of god moore, the hand of god cloud formation, god is with moore tornado people, god is with moore, the hand of god moore tornado, The hand of God appeared in the sky of Moore just after the terrifying tornado on March25, 2015. Photo: Twitter
These two pictures capture God's presence in Moore perfectly! A hand and a crucifix! But who do you think sent the Tornado? Prior to the tornado, there were mammatus clouds. After the...

Glowing iridescent clouds at night over Trinidad, Colorado

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These glowing iridescent clouds were photographed by SkywatchTam over Trinidad, Colorado in the night of the December 12, 2016. Yes, it's actually the rays of the growing Supermoon that created these amazing...

This spectacular anvil cloud looks like a giant volcanic eruption in Argentina

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Look at this spectacular anvil cloud in Fraga, San Luis, Argentina. It looks like a giant volcanic eruption. The surreal video was captured by Daniel Gatica on October 23, 2016. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

This lenticular cloud is surreal

lenticular cloud, strange lenticular cloud, strange lenticular cloud picture, strange lenticular cloud lakewood colorado january 2016, lenticular cloud builds tower in Lakewood colorado
This lenticular clouds is surreal. The tower-like strange cloud formation was photographed by Mike Herrman at Lakewood, Colorado, USA on January 18, 2016. Clouds are so unexplainably beautiful, big, and powerful. I love their different...

Heart-shaped fallstreak hole surprises residents of Houston, Texas

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This beautiful heart-shaped fallstreak hole appeared in the sky of Houston, Texas on January 17, 2016... And baffled many skywatchers. One day after tubular clouds rolled across Texas, a heart-shaped hole...

Inverted Chicago beneath clouds

Inverted Chicago beneath clouds, Inverted Chicago clouds, city inverted in clouds, chicago inverted, chicago inverted in cloud, why is chicago inverted beneath cloud, mysterious city appears in cloud over lake michicgan, lake michigan mysterious city clouds
How can Chicago be upside-down? This puzzling image is the result of another amazing play of Mother Nature! The city, Chicago, was actually perfectly right-side up. But, the long shadows it projected...

That’s a freaky fallstreak hole floating over San Antonio, Texas! End of times on Friday the 13th?

Fallstreak hole san antonia texas, Hole Punch cloud san antonia texas march 2015, Fallstreak hole - Hole Punch cloud, Fallstreak hole - Hole Punch cloud pictures, weird fallstreak hole, elongated fallstreak hole SA march 13 2015
Well that's really a freaky fallstreak hole floating in San Antonio's sky in Texas! A snake cloud? A sign of the nearby apocalypse?And they will tell us it is all natural!...

Extremely rare horseshoe clouds over Spain

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Rare horseshoe clouds appeared over Madrid and Algeciras in Spain, on April 19, 2018. Extremely rare “horseshoe clouds” were spotted over the Spanish towns of Madrid and Algeciras on...

HazMat Event: Mysterious White Cloud Sickens Students at Elementary School in Walnut Grove

us hazmat events october 2013
A construction project is being blamed for sending a mysterious white cloud into an elementary school that sickened students. "Some of them had to get oxygen, and a lot...

Clouds on Fire: Amazing Fire Rainbow Picture Caught in Florida

fire rainbow photo, Amazing Fire Rainbow Phenomenon, Fire Rainbow Phenomenon, fire rainbow photo florida 2014, fire rainbow 2014, fire rainbow september 2014, amazing sky phenomenon
Look at this fire rainbow picture! Also known as circumhorizontal arcs, these strange clouds are neither fire, nor rainbows, but are so called because of their brilliant pastel colors and...

A terrifying bloody shelf cloud over Rochester, Minnesota! WOW!

Apocalyptic shelf cloud freaks out Rochester, Minnesota on May 25 2018, Apocalyptic shelf cloud freaks out Rochester, Minnesota on May 25 2018 pictures, Apocalyptic shelf cloud freaks out Rochester, Minnesota on May 25 2018 video, Apocalyptic shelf cloud freaks out Rochester, Minnesota on May 25 2018 pictures and videosvideo
It’s not the apocalypse, but don’t tell that to residents of Rochester, Minnesota, who freaked out after this eerie shelf cloud engulfed their sky. The low-hanging clouds score full...

Expect red rain over Europe as Sahara sand is swept away by extreme cyclone Gaby

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Expect red rain over Europe! The deep low over the Tyyrhenian sea is producing intense Scirroco winds over the S Mediterranian, which are advecting large amounts of Saharan dust. The first...

I have no words to describe these very strange clouds in the sky over Nebraska

nebraska crazy clouds, bizarre clouds nebraska, amazing clouds nebraskavideo
These very bizarre clouds were captured rolling over Nebraska on June 13, 2018 in the afternoon (around 3pm). And they are just amazing! and finally a video of this unbelievable...

Have you ever seen a roller coaster cloud? That’s crazy!

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Hey guys, have you ever seen a roller coaster cloud? These two giant waves appeared over the ocean off Macaé, Brazil on January 12, 2017. That's crazy! I am wondering how...

A glimpse into HELL in Hawaii

strange sky over Hawaii, glimpse into hell hawaii
This photo was taken by Nathan Province from a C-17 at about 40 minutes from Oahu, Hawaii in July 2018. The unusual glow is from a sun...

Just another Titan? Human-shaped ash cloud appears over Calbuco volcano

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Is this the Calbuco's titan coming out of his home sweet home? Look at this amazing human-shaped cloud emerging from the ash of the fiery volcano!   Stuff like this gives me a...

Upside-Down Rainbow: Smiling Circumzenithal Arc Spotted Over Blackpool – Rarity!

upside-down rainbow, upside-down rainbows, circumzenithal arc, circumzenithal arcs, upside-down rainbow photo, upside-down rainbows photo, circumzenithal arc photo, circumzenithal arcs photo, circumzenithal arcs or upside-down rainbow, circumzenithal arcs or upside-down rainbow photo, This extremely rare atmospheric phenomenon called circumzenithal arcs or upside-down rainbow was spotted over Blackpool, UK, What a cool sight! Upside-down rainbow in the UK. Photo: Ian Brooksvideo
An upside-down rainbow is an extremely rare phenomena normally only occuring near the poles. But this lucky English guy spotted one just over Blackpool, UK. Have you also seen it? Yes,...

Biological Weapons: ‘One of the largest human experiments in history’ was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco

san francisco fog, san francisco fog video, san francisco fog picture, 'One of the largest human experiments in history' was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco, biological test san francisco, biological tests USA, us army test biological weapons on san franciscovideo
This is a crazy story; one that seems like it must be a conspiracy theory. But the core of this incredible tale is documented and true. One fact many may...

Insane roll cloud engulfs the sky of Odessa, Texas

Roll cloud, roll clouds, odessa roll clouds, clouds roll over odessa, insane cloud engulfs odessavideo
Watch this insane roll cloud sweeping through Odessa's sky... Very impressive. Pictures and videos found on Cbs7 News website and Facebook fanpage. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Roll cloud awes New South Wales residents in Australia

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A roll cloud appeared in the sky off the coast of New South Wales on October 7, 2015... Just watch the amazing pictures and video. And here a nice time lapse...

What is this strange and mysterious light in the sky over Hawaii? – May 20 2014

Missile launch creates mysterious light in the sky over Hawaii on May 21 2014. Photo: Rod Castro Jr., mystery light over Hawaii may 2014, strange light in the sky honolulu may 2014, hawaii strange light my 2014, strange light phenomenon over Hawaii may 2014, strange zigzaging light over Hawaii may 2014, mysterious zigzag clouds over hawaii may 2014
A weird light has been reported by plenty of Hawaiians and photographed by at least two of them. Officials haven't published a known source yet. But I have my...

Oh! Some mammatus clouds!

mammatus clouds
These amazing mammatus clouds appeared in the sky of Pskov, Rusia on April 21, 2017. Too incredible to be true. Not onl our food is being manipulated... Our skies too. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Don’t panic! Bloody lenticular cloud engulfs the sky over Gallup, New Mexico

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OMG! That's scary... Awesome! This giant lenticular cloud floated over Gallup, New Mexico on July 17, 2018 at sunset... And then started glowing bright red! Lenticular clouds are more or...

Scary clouds and hailstones the size of tennis balls hit south-east Queensland

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Just the beginning of wild weather in Queensland. 6000 lightning strikes, heavy hail and strong winds cut power to 7,000 as more storms are predicted for today. If you are in...

200 miles long shelf cloud stretching from US border to Davidson, Canada engulfs Regina in strong morning storm

shelf cloud regina, gigantic shelf cloud regina, This 200 miles long shelf cloud engulfed Regina on June 9 2017, giant shelf cloud reginavideo
There are many storms out there, all of them perfect in their own way. If you caught sight of this 200 miles long shelf cloud before the storm that hit...