Chemtrails are not a Conspiracy Theory

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Storm Season in Sydney: Apocalyptic Shelf Clouds Roll In Over Sydney (Videos And Photos)

Stunning shelf cloud in Sydney. Photo by Nicholas Moir, storm sydney october 2014, storm sydney october 2014 photo, apocalyptic storm cloud sydney, apocalyptic storm cloud sydney photo, picture of apocalyptic storm cloud sydney october 2014, october 13 2014 storm sydney, apocalyptic cloud sydney october 2014 photo, terrifying cloud engulfs sydney photo, photo of storm clouds engulfing sydney october 2014video
Apocalyptic shelf clouds roll in across Sydney! The mega-storm left 8,000 homes without power. But the pictures and videos of this terrifying storm engulfing Sydney are stunning! Watch these mesmerizing pictures...

Rare Cloud Phenomenon During Massive Week-End Storms In England: Undulatus Asperatus Hovers Midlands on June 9 2014

undulatus asperatus clouds over midlands june 9 2014, undulatus asperatus june 2014, undulatus asperatus uk june 2014, undulatus asperatus uk june 2014 lightning storms, massive storm uk june 2014, massive june storm uk june 2014 undulatus asperatus june 2014, undulatus asperatus picture uk june 2014, undulatus asperatus cloud june 2014, weird weather phenomenon: undulatus asperatus june 2014, strange cloud formation during uk stomrs: undulatus asperatus over midlands june 9 2014, undulatus asperatus clouds over midlands june 9 2014, Undulatus asperatus clouds were spotted over the Midlands during massive lightning storms on June 9 2014. Photo by @AGJMills
People around Bridgnorth were lucky enough to see a rare cloud formation named “Undulatus Asperatus” over their heads on June 8, 2014 just before massive storms hit the region. According...

Watch: Hypnotizing Wavy Undulatus Asperatus Clouds Sweeping Over Nebraska – July 7 2014

timelapse strange clouds undulatus uncatus, video strange clouds undulatus uncatus, Wavy undulatus uncatus caught on camera over Lincoln NE on July 7 2014, nebraska undulatus uncatus video july 2014, undulatus uncatus july 2014 nebraska, This is why weather is so cool! Wavy undulatus uncatus caught on camera over Lincoln NE on July 7 2014, undulatus uncatus, undulatus uncatus video, undulatus uncatus timelapse, undulatus uncatus timelapse video, undulatus uncatus july 7 2014 nebraska video, video undulatus uncatus july 2014 nebraska, nebraska undulatus uncatus july 2014 video, undulatus uncatus july 2014video
This is why weather is so cool! Look at these terrifying and beautiful wavy undulatus asperatus clouds transforming the sky in a raging ocean over Lincoln, Nebraska on July 7, 2014. These...

Strange Weather Phenomenon: “Gravity waves” To Predict Severe Tornado Storms

gravity waves video, gravity waves GIF, strange cloud phenomenon: gravity waves' clouds roll over IOwa, strange sky phenomenon: gravity waves in Iowa's sky, strange gravity waves clouds video, weird sky phenomenon: gravity waves, gravity waves help forecasting severe storm, gravity waves help predicting tornado, tornado prediction: mystery gravity waves cloud, mysterious gravity waves tama iowa, These amazing gravity waves were spotted over Iowa on May 7 2006 by Iowa Environmental Mesonet Webcam.
Four days ago, I discovered an amazing GIF featuring some weird clouds rolling like waves in the ocean, with the exception that there's grass and cattles instead of sharks. These...

Highway to Heaven? Two Mysterious Pink Stripe Chemtrails in Swiss Sky Horizon

sunrise zurich, sunrise cloud, sunrise chemtrail zurich, The sky of Zurich is marvelous at 7am. Amazing chemtrails!, chemtrail, chemtrail photo, chemtrail photo switzerland september 2014, chemtrail switzerland, chemtrail CH 2014, chemtrail september 2014 switzerland, swiss chemtrail 2014, chemtrail switzerland september 2014 photo, Chemtrail conspiracy theory: Mysterious stripes in the sky over Hinwil. Photo: 20 min
Is this the highway to heaven? These two eerie pink stripes appeared last Wednesday, September 24, 2014 in the sky over Switzerland. Very cool! Early Wednesday morning, two lines forming a...

Aliens are watching you! Rare double hole punch cloud (Fallstreak Holes) over Chicago

Rare double hole punch cloud (Fallstreak Holes) over Chicago, Rare double hole punch cloud (Fallstreak Holes) over Chicago,Aliens are watching us: These double hole punch clouds in the sky over Chicago on May 9 2014 look like alien eyes watching down to earth.
This amazing photo, shot by Lauren Seeley, features a double punch hole cloud taken from her back porch about 25 miles south of Chicago on March 9, 2014. Last week,...

Amazing Sky Phenomenon: Noctilucent Clouds Over Gateshead in England

These very bright noctilucent clouds were spotted and photographed by Mark Savage on July 7 2014 over Gateshead UK, noctilucent clouds, noctilucent clouds england 2014, noctilucent clouds england july 7 2014, noctilucent clouds sighting july 2014, noctilucent clouds sighting england 2014, noctilucent clouds england photo, noctilucent clouds england gif, noctilucent clouds Gateshead, noctilucent clouds UK 2014 photo and gif, england noctilucent clouds england july 2014video
This  display of noctilucent clouds over Gateshead, UK, is one of the best I've seen for a number of years. Similar reports have been received from Poland, Scotland, Russia and other...

Tsunami on Lake Michigan? Well it certainly looks like one!

It was probably a good fishing day! I find the video amazing! What about you?  Follow us: Facebook and Twitter  

Strange Weather Phenomenon: Photos of Fire Rainbow Clouds In The Sky Of Bern, Switzerland

photo of rainbow clouds in Switzerland april 7 2014, april 2014 rainbow cloud image april 2014, rainbow cloud image april 7 2014, rainbow cloud, Cloud iridescence, strange sky phenomenon: rainbow cloud in Switzerland april 2014, rainbow cloud in Switzerland april 2014, Rainbow cloud in the sky of Bern in Switzerland on April 7 2014
We were eating on our balcony in Bern, Switzerland, when my girlfriend suddenly told me: Look at the sky, there is a rainbow in the clouds! I looked up and...

Storm Timelapse: Amazing Video of Furious Thunderstorm Developing Over Bexhill (UK)

This is a two-minute time-lapse of a storm developing over the sea off Bexhill. Look at the clouds appearing after 0:30 seconds of video, they are scary amazing! I love such unexpected cloud...

Strange Clouds in the Sky Over Bern Switzerland – HAARP?

strange clouds, weird clouds, strange clouds picture, strange clouds image, strange filament-like clouds, strange clouds in the sky. Photo: Strange Sounds
This morning, the sky over Bern was covered by strange, fine filament-like clouds. Does anybody know how they form? Actually, they forecast rain for tomorrow. Are these clouds appearing in...

Rare Phenomenon in the Sky: Anticrepuscular Rays, Brazil, December 2012

rare sky phenomenon, ske phenomenon, antcrepuscular rays, Boulder Colorado, pictures of anticrepuscular rays
December 17 2012 - Rare Phenomenon in the Sky: Anticrepuscular Rays I found information of this video on the radioactivechat blogspot. This amazing light phenomenon was recorded in Brazil on...

And Suddenly An Angel Cloud Appeared in the Sky of Florida

"Cloud Angel", "Cloud Angel" Over Royal Palm Beach Florida USA, Royal Palm Beach, Florida, USA,cloud angel Royal Palm Beach, cloud angel Florida,cloud angel USA, cloud angel Pope Francis, cloud angel Pope Francis 2013, cloud angel Pope Francis picture, cloud angel Pope Francis florida 2013
Look at this amazing angel appearing in the sky over South Florida on March 2013! Awesome! And the cloud angel actually appeared just hours after the new Pope Francis was selected. Amazing...

A plane under mammatus clouds over Arlington, Texas

Mammatus clouds,Mammatus clouds photo, scary Mammatus clouds, scary Mammatus clouds photo, images of Mammatus clouds, Mammatus clouds and plane photo, Mammatus clouds texas, Mammatus clouds usa, Mammatus clouds picture 2014, best Mammatus clouds photo, amazing photo of Mammatus clouds usa, amazing pictures of Mammatus clouds, Mammatus clouds and airplane - Arlington, Texas, A plane flies just under scary mammatus clouds over Arlington, Texas. Photo: Fred Wasmer
As Fred Wasmer took this stormy photograph, it was about 7:00 pm on May 26, 2009. The image features a spectacular display of menacing mammatus — pouch-shaped clouds that often...

Noctilucent clouds over Florida? But what’s going on?

man-made noctilucent clouds, man-made clouds, man-made noctilucent clouds florida august 2014, noctilucent clouds orlando florida august 2014, rocket launch creates noctilucent clouds over florida august 2014, man-made noctilucent clouds over florida after rocket launch, rocket launch preoduces noctilucent clouds over Orlando Florida august 2 2014, man-made noctilucent clouds orlando august 5 2014, These man-made noctilucent clouds were photographed over Orlando (Florida) just after a rocket Launch. Photo: Mike Bartils
Can you please tell me what created these glowing-blue noctilucent clouds Florida? They curiously appeared just after a rocket launch over Orlando. Is that the missing link? on August 3,...

Strange Sky Phenomenon: Amazing dancing and twisting cloud, Mexico

storm, clouds, storm clouds
Strange Sky Phenomenon: Amazing dancing and twisting cloud This video shows you an extremely bizarre dancing cumulonimbus cloud in the sky of Mexico. Such Phenomenon is extremely rare and is...

Weather Anomaly: Three Dragon-like Low Pressure Systems Over North America

strange weather phenomena: three large low pressure systems looking like dragons over north america, Weather Anomaly: three dragons low pressure system over USA, tornado season: unusual atmospheric phenomenon, unusual atmospheric phenomenon: three low pressure systems over north america, north america dragon in the sky, dragon in the sky low pressure system usa, Weather Anomaly: Three low pressure systems over north america
This is how the tornado season started last year! Look at these three amazing low pressure systems sweeping through North America... They are really similar to three huge and terrifying atmospheric...

Strange Sky Phenomenon: Electric-Blue Sunrise Over Russia

strange blue sunrise, blue sunrise, strange sunrise, weird blue sunrise, strange blue sunrise russia july 2014, blue sunrise july 2014 photo, russia blue sunrise july 2014, photo of blue sunrise july 2014, noctilucent clouds create blue sunrise russia, russia noctilucent clouds blue sunrise july 2014, photo blue sunrise noctilucent clouds july 2014 russia, Electric-blue sunrise: This unexpected sky phenomenon was spotted by Michael Zavyalov over Yaroslavl in Russia on July 8 2014. Itis due to bright noctilucent clouds!
This photo is not that of a sunset but actually of a SUNRISE! Weird, no? How come is the sky blue and not colored in different shades of orange,...

Strange Cloud Phenomenon: Holepunch Cloud Over UK – August 2014

holepunch cloud, fallstreak cloud, strange cloud phenomenon: holepunch cloud, weird cloud formation: fallstreak cloud, Rare cloud phenomenon spotted in the UK: Holepunch cloud, holepunch cloud uk august 4 2014
A punch hole in the clouds? This weird and rare phenomenon was photographed over Britain in the last days. WOW! This fallstreak cloud spotted over Britain this week looks like someone...