Strange Sky Phenomenon: Electric-Blue Sunrise Over Russia

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This photo is not that of a sunset but actually of a SUNRISE! Weird, no? How come is the sky blue and not colored in different shades of orange,...

Rare weather phenomenon at Grand Canyon creates a sea of clouds

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This isn’t an ocean! It’s the Grand Canyon in very rare form. In rare circumstances, the atmosphere flips over and all of a sudden the clouds are at your feet....

Cloud Seeding: Weather Modification Used by NASA to Battle California Drought

cloud seeding, cloudseeding, weather modification, chemtrails, drone cloud seeding, drought cloud seeding, This image explaining cloud seeding shows the chemical either silver iodide or dry ice being dumped onto the cloud, which then becomes a rain shower. The process shown in the upper-right is what is happening in the cloud and the process of condensation to the introduced
Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification! And it is being used by NASA and officials in drought prone areas (nowadays California) to get more rain. The usual intent of...

Mysterious ring cloud rises in the sky over Baglan, UK

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This mysterious ring cloud suddenly appeared in front of baffled drivers in the sky of Baglan, South Wales on September 20, 2016. Do you know what it could be? Could it...

Mysterious UFO-shaped cloud baffles skiers over Sweden

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A mysterious UFO-shaped cloud baffled skiers when it appeared in the sky over Sweden on January 25, 2017. The bizarre cloud floated in the sky over ski resorts Åre and...

Cap Cloud: Just A Cloud Engulfing Another Cloud

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This eerie cap cloud was captured at 22'000 feet over Australia. Wow! I've never had the impression that a cloud could engulf another cloud! These were taken from 22000ft between Cairns...

Project blue beam: Mysterious mirage city appears in the clouds over Foshan

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Can you please explain how these skycrapers appeared behind the clouds in the sky of Foshan, China? The project blue beam? Yes look at this mysterious city appearing in the...

Crazy giant cloud engulfs Moscow at sunset

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This crazy giant coud engulfed Moscow at sunset on March 19, 2016. This cloud is so unusual that it baffled many officials and skywatchers. Insane indeed. These giant cumulonimbus clouds swallowed ths sky...

Noctilucent clouds over Florida? But what’s going on?

man-made noctilucent clouds, man-made clouds, man-made noctilucent clouds florida august 2014, noctilucent clouds orlando florida august 2014, rocket launch creates noctilucent clouds over florida august 2014, man-made noctilucent clouds over florida after rocket launch, rocket launch preoduces noctilucent clouds over Orlando Florida august 2 2014, man-made noctilucent clouds orlando august 5 2014, These man-made noctilucent clouds were photographed over Orlando (Florida) just after a rocket Launch. Photo: Mike Bartils
Can you please tell me what created these glowing-blue noctilucent clouds Florida? They curiously appeared just after a rocket launch over Orlando. Is that the missing link? on August 3,...

Apocalyptical storm cell engulfs the sunset sky near Toowoomba, Australia

Toowoomba storm clouds, Toowoomba anvil clouds, Toowoomba storm, Toowoomba storm clouds january 23 2016, Toowoomba storm clouds pictures january 23 2016
Toowoomba was in the firing line of severe thunderstorms on January 23, 2016. Here some amazing pictures of an apocalyptical storm cell swallowing the sunset sky of 'The Garden City' and its surroundings. All...

The hand of God! These two pictures capture God’s presence in Moore perfectly!

the hand of god cloud, The hand of God appeared in the sky of Moore just after the terrifying tornado on March25, 2015. Photo: Twitter, the hand of god moore, the hand of god cloud formation, god is with moore tornado people, god is with moore, the hand of god moore tornado, The hand of God appeared in the sky of Moore just after the terrifying tornado on March25, 2015. Photo: Twitter
These two pictures capture God's presence in Moore perfectly! A hand and a crucifix! But who do you think sent the Tornado? Prior to the tornado, there were mammatus clouds. After the...

And now mysterious clouds falling from the sky to ground

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Look at these mysterious clouds that fell from sky to ground on February 4, 2016 in the region of Doukkala, Morocco? The reason behind this weird phenomenon is unsure, but...

Terrifying green storm clouds engulf Brisbane, Australia in apocalyptical scenery

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Look at these terrifying green storm clouds engulfing Brisbane, Queensland on November 29, 2015. And I am pretty surprised that no tornadoes have been reported. Green clouds are often associated with...

Eerie fire rainbow appears in the sky over Rio de Janeiro

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A fire rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky of Rio de Janeiro on May 28, 2015. Look at the eerie pictures of this iridescent cirrostratus cloud. Awesome! According to Helio de...

Scary clouds and hailstones the size of tennis balls hit south-east Queensland

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Just the beginning of wild weather in Queensland. 6000 lightning strikes, heavy hail and strong winds cut power to 7,000 as more storms are predicted for today. If you are in...

Apocalyptical tornado-like lenticular cloud engulfs the sunset sky of Inegol, Turkey

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This spectacular tornado-like lenticular cloud swept through the sunset sky of Inegol in Turkey. This amazing cloud formation occurred on January 12, 2016. The twitterer and blogger El Turco captured these...

Menacing ‘Gate to Hell’ supercell swallows up Oklahoma

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Nice one, nature. Could there have been a better spot for this whirling, swirling supercell to form into a wild in-air vortex than over Oklahoma? As exposed yesterday, intense storms swept...

The sky over Santiago de Chile got rainbowified

santiago de chile rainbownified, rainbonified, chile iridescent cloud
First I thought it's spectacular. Than I thought it might be dangerous. OMG! Santiago de Chile has been rainbowified, weaponized. All pictures by Roberto Antezana Follow us:  Facebook  und  Twitter

Giant fire rainbow cloud irradiates Singapore for at least 15 minutes

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Singapore was treated to a rare weather phenomenon as a giant "fire rainbow" appeared in the sky on February 20, 2017. The light show lasted for 15 minutes and could reportedly be...

Did you see the mystery face in the sky during the solar eclipse?

mystery face cloud, face in cloud during solar eclipse march 2015, face in cloud video, march 2015 solar eclipse face in cloud, face in clouds video, face in clouds photo, Solar Eclipse: Woman captures mystery face in cloud after taking picture of phenomenonvideo
During March 20, 2015 solar eclipse, a British woman captured a mystery face in the cloudy sky! Did you also see it? And who is the mystery face in the...

Mysterious Fallstreak Punches A Hole In the Sky Of Perth (Photos)

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This fallstreak hole has created a spectacular cloud formation over Perth on Ocotober 8, 2014. The mysterious cloud was spotted at around 8a.m. by many baffled residents... Did you see...

Undulatus asperatus and Mammatus clouds photographed in the skies of Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois

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Wavy undulatus asperatus engulfed the sky over Kentucky and southern Ohio on August 3, 2015. A day before the sky of Chicago was full of mammatus clouds Both strange cloud formations...

Face of Satan appears in massive anvil cloud over Greece

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And suddenly a satanic anvil cloud formed in the skies over Thessaloniki, Greece on September 14, 2016. Yes! Do you see the evil spirit living inside the cloud? This picture of...

UFO visits Flagstaff, Arizona

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UFOs visited Flagstaff, Arizona on December 20, 2017: Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Is this Odin in the sky? freaky face appears in some cloud

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Freaky! Check out this half face in the clouds! He has one eye, 2 nostrils and a mouth... Do you recognize Odin too? This face in the clouds really looks like...

And suddenly a blood red sky appeared after Typhoon Dujuan swept through Taitung, Taiwan

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And suddenly the sky turned blood red. And that weird phenomenon just occurred after the Typhoon Dujuan hit Taitung, Taiwan. On the evening of September 28, 2015 the sky turned blood...

Hypnotizing mothership supercell grows in Nebraska (video)

supercell nebraska, Supercell Nebraska June 16 2017, Supercell Nebraska June 16 2017 video, Supercell Nebraska June 16 2017 picturesvideo
The Great Plains of the United States is place of some of the most incredible thunderstorms and supercells in the world. This hypnotizing time-lapse video filmed in Nebraska on June...

This double punch hole cloud looks like a pair of eyes peering down on us!

Yes it almost look like alien eyes looking down to us! Awesome! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter  

Giant tornadic supercell engulfs Stillwater, Oklahoma – Several deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma

Supercell Stillwater Oklahoma, giant Supercell Stillwater Oklahoma, tornadic Supercell Stillwater Oklahoma, tornado Stillwater Oklahoma, tornado oklahoma may 9 2016, tornado oklahoma may 9 2016 video, tornado oklahoma pictures, tornado oklahoma may 9 2016 photo videovideo
Have you ever seen a giant tornadic supercell? Probably! But nothing like that below, I bet! Multiple tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma Monday, May 9, 2016. At least two died in...

This spectacular anvil cloud looks like a giant volcanic eruption in Argentina

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Look at this spectacular anvil cloud in Fraga, San Luis, Argentina. It looks like a giant volcanic eruption. The surreal video was captured by Daniel Gatica on October 23, 2016. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Have you ever seen a roller coaster cloud? That’s crazy!

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Hey guys, have you ever seen a roller coaster cloud? These two giant waves appeared over the ocean off Macaé, Brazil on January 12, 2017. That's crazy! I am wondering how...

Giant fire rainbow colors the sky over Bangkok and baffles residents

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A giant fire rainbow appeared in the sky over Bangkok on June 9, 2015. Many users of social networks say this iridescent cloud could presage an anomalous natural event, like...

Tornado signs: Sky turns green during tornado event

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Why does the sky turn green before a tornado? This still unexplained phenomenon baffles scientists... And is local specific! Weird! So why does the sky turn green before a tornado? Scientists haven't...

So much beauty: Amazing crepuscular rays at Gabicce Mare, Italy

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There is so much beauty in this picture... in nature. Just some other amazing crepuscular rays illuminating Gabicce Mare in Italy. As described by the University of Illinois: Crepuscular rays occur when...

Enormous atomic storm cloud engulfs Phoenix, Arizona (video)

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An enormous atomic storm cloud engulfed the sky above Phoenix, Arizona on August 2, 2016. The once in a 100-year torrential rainstorm pummeled the city and turned roads into rivers. Today's...

Mysterious cloud looking like Goku appears over China

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What is this mysterious cloud in the sky of Rizhao on May 22, 2016? This strange cloud looking like Goku flying in the sky appeared between the clouds over the...

This rare fire rainbow cloud over Rio de Janeiro looks like a fireball striking through the Brazilian sky – May 16 2014

Fire rainbow Rio may 2014, Fire rainbow cloud photographed during flight over Rio (Brazil) in May 16 2014, fire rainbow brazil may 2014, fire rainbow cloud over brazil amy 16 2014, fire rainbow clouds may 2014, fire rainbowfireball rio may 2014, Arco circum-horizontal, Arco circum-horizontal, Arco circum-horizontal rio brazil may
Followers of this blog know that I was in Brazil (Iguazu Falls) for business the last ten days or so. During my spare time I was able to visit...

Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds over Zimbabwe, Africa

Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds, Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds pictures, Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds zimbabwe, Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds africa, Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds march 2016 mutare
On Friday March 11, 2016, just before sunset a thin band of Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds developed above a cumulonimbus anvil. They then became iridescent for three minutes before dispersing over Mutare, Zimbabwe. These...

The sky of Paris is on fire! Fiery mammatus clouds engulfs sunset

The sky was on fire tonight on November 21, 2016! Look at these fiery mammatus clouds engulfing the sunset sky of Paris and the entire Île de France! Enjoy! And here...

Watch the terrifying video of a rotating supercell hanging over Texas like an alien spacecraft

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That's a rotating supercell! And not just a rotating supercell, but one with insane structure and amazing movement that looks like alien spacecraft hanging over the Earth. It took photographer Mike...