Terrifying Storm Front Over Sydney (Photo and Videos) – March 2014

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Here some other pictures and a video of the apocalytic storm that rip through Sydney, yesterday. Cloud are amazing! As forecasters warned of flash flooding, the internet became awash with...

This unusual lenticular cloud reflected in a rainbow looks like a spaceship taking off over Scotland

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Look at these insane pictures of an unusual lenticular cloud above a rainbow captured in Scotland a few days ago. It looks like a UFO spaceship taking off back into...

Anybody got sucked up into this mothership supercell in Oklahoma last night?

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Anybody got sucked up into this mothership supercell last night in Oklahoma? At least many of you saw this at sunset on May 13, 2016. Are you still there or...

Apocalyptical cloud looking like a nuclear explosion mushroom engulfs Tel Aviv

strange cloud tel aviv, massive Cumulonimbus cloud tel aviv, giant cumulonimbus photo, best Cumulonimbus cloud picture, tel aviv giant cloud, omnious cloud tel aviv, giant cloud engulfs tel An amazing cumulonimbus cloud looking like a mushroom nuclear explosion formed in the sky over Tel Aviv, Israel on September 30, 2015. Any signs from heaven?aviv israel,
This giant cumulonimbus cloud was photographed in the sky over Tel Aviv... And it looks like a huge nuclear explosion mushroom... What do you think? An amazing cumulonimbus cloud looking like...

Incredible sunset thunderstorm over Prince Edward Island, Canada

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An incredible sunset thunderstorm engulfed the skies over Prince Edward Island, Canada on August 18, 2016. Look at these epic pictures from around the island. Impressive. Heavenly beautiful.

The craziest nacreous clouds ever photographed!

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That's totally out of this world. The irridescence, the form, the brightness, all look unnatural! These surreal polar stratospheric 'clouds' were captured by David Alvarado over Lamas, in the region...

Insane lenticular cloud over Lake Tahoe

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This insane lenticular cloud formed over Lake Tahoe, a beautiful Lake where California and Nevada meet. Sometimes Summer Solstices are really out-of-this-world. And what about a timelapse video? Here it is: Happy Solstice... Delayed... Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Mysterious UFO baffles sky watchers in Asia

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On October 8, 2015, a mysterious UFO flew across the night sky over Asia. Sky watchers witnessed a number of point-like objects, some with a luminous nebula. So what? The strange lights...

Just another Titan? Human-shaped ash cloud appears over Calbuco volcano

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Is this the Calbuco's titan coming out of his home sweet home? Look at this amazing human-shaped cloud emerging from the ash of the fiery volcano!   Stuff like this gives me a...

That’s my first time: Undulatus asperatus clouds engulf Bern, Switzerland

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I believe those clouds rolling over the capital of Switzerland are Undulatus asperatus. If it is the case, it would be the first time I witness and photograph these strange...

These Clouds Announce The Nearby Apocalypse In Turkey

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These amazing clouds have been photographed in the city of Tokat, Turkey! Well it seems that the apocalypse is pretty near over there! The sky of Tokat, Turkey had just decided to become...

Strange Cloud Phenomenon: Holepunch Cloud Over UK – August 2014

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A punch hole in the clouds? This weird and rare phenomenon was photographed over Britain in the last days. WOW! This fallstreak cloud spotted over Britain this week looks like someone...

Upside-Down Rainbow: Smiling Circumzenithal Arc Spotted Over Blackpool – Rarity!

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An upside-down rainbow is an extremely rare phenomena normally only occuring near the poles. But this lucky English guy spotted one just over Blackpool, UK. Have you also seen it? Yes,...

Strange Halo Cloud Forms In Nicaragua’s Sky

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What is this strange halo cloud in the sky over Nicaragua? There are no descriptions accompanying the videos. What do you think this is? A giant halo cloud illuminated from above? I thought I would...

Cloud Seeding: Weather Modification Used by NASA to Battle California Drought

cloud seeding, cloudseeding, weather modification, chemtrails, drone cloud seeding, drought cloud seeding, This image explaining cloud seeding shows the chemical either silver iodide or dry ice being dumped onto the cloud, which then becomes a rain shower. The process shown in the upper-right is what is happening in the cloud and the process of condensation to the introduced chemicals.video
Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification! And it is being used by NASA and officials in drought prone areas (nowadays California) to get more rain. The usual intent of...

An army of colorful alien spaceships is currently hovering Tromsø in Norway

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There is currently an army of colorful alien spaceships floating above Tromsø in Norway. The insane polar stratospheric cloud may be associated with the destruction of ozone over the city. Two days...

Spectacular mammatus clouds over York, UK

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These spectacular mammatus clouds swept across the sky over York on March 27, 2016 transforming the city into a post-apocalyptical scenery. The distinctive Mammatus clouds are believed to have been...

Noctilucent Clouds Are Behaving Strangely And Thus Perplexing Scientists

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The southern season for noctilucent clouds (NLCs) has come to an end. And something unexpected is perplexing scientists! NASA's AIM spacecraft observed the last wisps of electric-blue over Antarctica on Feb....

Amazing Cloud Phenomenon: Mysterious Highway in the Sky Caught in China

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Have you ever witnessed such a strange cloud phenomenon? Look at this highway forming in the sky of China! What a strange sight! Is this the stairway to heaven? At...

Waiting for a thunderstorm apocalypse

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Have you ever been totally fried by clouds when seeing them approaching? If I had seen these clouds coming at me like this, I would have dropped everything, turned around,...