Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lightning strike kills 21 head of cattle in McCook County, South Dakota

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This is a very strong reminder of what lightning can do. 21 head of cattle were killed as a bolt of lightning hit this metal bale feeder in McCook County, South...

Pulsating blue jet fires up from the top of a thunderstorm over Darwin, Australia

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This picture shows pulsating blue jets firing up in the night sky of Darwin, Australia on March 28, 2016. But what are these mysterious and elusive transient luminous events? Blue jets are...

Rare thundersnow storm hits Montreal

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A rare weather event known as thundersnow hit Montreal, Canada on February 29, 2016 during a heavy storm. Thundersnow events are very rare as less than 1 percent of all...

Insane thunderstorm sweeps through Oklahoma

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The State of Oklahoma is the earthquake capital around the world. After looking at these pictures you will want to make it the capital of the thunderstorms. Nice Vine from Tornado Titans: So...

Amazing how much lightning can strike our planet in a short time

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This amazing timelapse video sure will satisfy storm watchers around the world. ESA astronaut Tim Peake just shared this stunning video of rapid lightning strikes from Space. The footage, taken from the International Space...

A terrifying thunderstorm video from Maroochydore, Australia

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That's one of the most terrifying thunderstorm timelapse I've ever seen. This impressive video from Blue Dog Films was captured off Maroochydore, Australia. This storm off of Maroochydore, Australia is terrifying and...

Apocalyptical lightning storm engulfs Brisbane, Australia

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A very strong thunderstorm is currently hitting Brisbane, Australia. Dangerous lightnings illuminate the night sky almost every second. #brisbane #qldsummer #summerstorm #lightshow #mothernature #timelapse Ein von Andrew Deane (@andrew__deane) gepostetes Video am...

Mysterious donut-shaped light appears in the glowing sky of Canberra

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What is this mysterious circle or donut-shaped light appearing in the sky of Canberra on January 3, 2016? A new video of ball lightning during auroras? Or simply the explosion...

Colima volcano erupts in lightning on December 13 2015

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The Mexican Colima volcano erupted once again on December 13, 2015. The eruption sent plumes of gas and dust at more then 3km in the air and created amazing volcanic...

Gigantic blue jet lights up the upper atmosphere during extreme thunderstorm over Darwin

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This giantic blue jet lit up the upper sky over Darwin during an intense thunderstorm on December 8, 2015. That is an amazing transient luminous event. As described by Frankie Lucena,...

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