Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Colima volcano erupts in lightning on December 13 2015

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The Mexican Colima volcano erupted once again on December 13, 2015. The eruption sent plumes of gas and dust at more then 3km in the air and created amazing volcanic...

Gigantic blue jet lights up the upper atmosphere during extreme thunderstorm over Darwin

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This giantic blue jet lit up the upper sky over Darwin during an intense thunderstorm on December 8, 2015. That is an amazing transient luminous event. As described by Frankie Lucena,...

The sky is burning: Insane lightning storm engulfs Brisbane, Australia

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Just after the green clouds passed by... An mind-blowing lightning storm illuminated the sky of Brisbane, Australia on November 29, 2015. Here a first impressive video: Nature in all its power... And here a...

This spectacular electrical storm hanging over the city of Thessaloniki is surreal

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I don't know if these images are real or a compilation of many photos together, but the result is just amazing. Look by yourself. What a spectacular electrical storm, isn't it? Such...

Deadly lightning strikes are increasing around the world and nobody knows why

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Extreme lightning storms are increasing around our planet. So does the number of lightning fatalities around the world. Climate change? Well nobody knows actually. Yesterday, 19 people were killed in multiple...

Talk about fire in the sky! Massive red sprites bursts over Poland

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My first reaction, oh my God… My second, how amazing… My first reaction, oh my God… My second, how amazing… My third, what a great shot! Talk about fire in the sky! These massive fireworks...

Mysterious gigantic jets appear over unusual Hurricane Hilda

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Clearly, Hurricane Hilda is not a typical storm. Most hurricanes don't even have regular lightning because they lack vertical winds. But rarest gigantic jet lightnings appeared over Hurricane Hilda on August...

Mysterious ball lightning caught on video in Switzerland

Is this a ball lightning? Or just the moment the lightning touched the ground! Thanks to tell me! What is ball lightning? Ball lightning has been reported to appear during thunderstorms as...

Lightning bolt hits underground fuel tank and triggers giant crater in Fairfield, Ohio

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A bolt hit an underground fuel tank in Fairfield, Ohio on August 3, 2015. The diesel that burnt left a 40 foot wide, 8 foot deep hole in the ground......

Terrifying moment lightning strikes passenger plane in Singapore

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This is the terrifying moment a passenger catches on his GoPro camera a lightning striking the plane he is sitting in! Watch how scary it is when the wing of...

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