Wow that’s apocalyptic! Incredible lightning storm off Adelaide, Australia

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Wow that's apocalyptic! Adelaide was totally electric tonight! It's been a stunning lightning show, South Australia have a good night! WOW! That's the apocalypse! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Lightning strike injures 77 soldiers in Colombia

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A lightning strike injured 77 soldiers on December 23, 2017 after it struck in a field in the city of Popayán, southwestern Colombia, during military training for the Christmas...

Spider lightning colors Adelaide sky in PINK (video)

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I have never seen something like this! This lightning stretches all across the dark and stormy seaside of Adelaide, Australia, when suddenly the sky color changes to PINK! Was...

In pictures: Impressive lightning storm cancels flights in Sydney, Australia

sydney storm december 20 2017, sydney storm december 20 2017 pictures, sydney storm december 20 2017 photos, Extreme lightning storm in Sydney Australia cancels flights at Sydney Airport, sydney lightning storm cancels flight
An impressive storm engulfed Sydney, Australia on December 20, 2017 afternoon following a scorching 40C day. Within minutes, the temperature dropped in Sydney by 10C as the storm swept...

Natural CERN? Lightning storms generate antimatter in Earth’s atmosphere acting like natural particule accelerators

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Lightning and thunderclouds are natural particle accelerators as reported by Japanese scientists, who detected a γ-ray flash with a duration of less than one millisecond after lightning, during a...

God doesn’t like you keeping your explosives in his house

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It's real easy to make lightning as lethal as any blizzard, sinkhole, or gas-filled lake. You simply have to add a pinch of gunpowder. In 1769, the town of Brescia,...

250-mile-long lightning strike captured on video

The new GOES 16 satellite captured a flash that started from a thunderstorm in southeastern Kansas and propagated about 250 miles across parts of Oklahoma and Missouri on October 22 2017, 250 miles long lightning usavideo
Lightning can strike dozens of miles away from the actual thunderstorm itself. This lightning started in southeastern Kansas and propagated about 250 miles across parts of Oklahoma and Missouri in...

Incredible lightning storm in Arkansas: Several bolts touchdown digging holes in the ground

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Last night into early this morning was a pretty incredible lightning storm in Arkansas. Some of these anvil crawler bolts made it to the ground several miles well behind the...

Anomalous storm complex creates 50,000 lightning strikes and record rains in Western Australia

50000 bolts struck Western Australia, 50000 bolts struck Western Australia map, 50000 bolts struck Western Australia video, Lightning strikes in Australia over the last days: 50000 bolts struck Western Australia
A complex and anomalous low pressure system has brought widespread showers and thunderstorms to south-west Western Australia, with storms producing more than 50,000 lightning strikes. Wandering, in the Great Southern...

Mysterious glowing object struck by lightning discharge in Delaware, USA (video)

ufo struck by lightning delaware video, Mysterious glowing orb hit by lightning in Delaware USAvideo
An unidentified glowing object is being struck by lightning during a strong thunderstorm in Delaware, USA in the video below. The video description reads: 'During a fierce lightning storm in...

Volatile storm ignites 40,000 lightning strikes in southwest California sky

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Nearly 40,000 lightning struck Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura counties, between Sept. 10-11. The electric volatile storm was most active on Sunday with an amazing 5,000...

Anomalous lightning display: 5,100+ lightning discharges per hour strike Northern Rivers, Australia

5100 lightning per hour in northern rivers, lightning anomaly northern rivers, lightning strike northern rivers, Lightning strike anomal in Northern Rivers: More than 5100 lightnings per hour were recorded during a thunderstorm along the coast of Australia on August 24
That is just too much! More than 5100 lightning strikes hit Northern Rivers, Australia as a coastal storm engulfed the region on August 24, 2017. Anomaly: At the height of the...

3 children struck by lightning near Lily Lake, Utah – 2 other girls 5 days ago

3 children struck by lightning near Lily Lake, 3 children struck by lightning near Lily Lake utah, 3 children struck by lightning near Lily Lake august 2017, 3 children were struck by lightning near Lily Lake, Utah on August 4 2017
A lightning struck three girls near Lily Lake in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest on August 4, 2017. The three girls, ages 2, 7 and 8 years old, from Evanston, Wyo.,...

Anomalous lightning kills 35 people in 48 hours in Odisha, India

Lightning kills 35 people in 48 hours in Odisha India, Lightning kills 35 people in 48 hours in Odisha India video, Lightning kills 35 people in 48 hours in Odisha India august 2017video
At least 17 persons were killed by lightning strikes across Odisha on Monday taking the toll to 35 in the last 48 hours. Such severe lightning is normally recorded during...

Gigantic Jet Lightning Erupts From The Top Of Severe Thunderstorm Off Hawaii (Video)

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This extremely rare lightning phenomena is known as Gigantic Jet Lightning. They are more powerful than sprites and are easier to see with the naked eye... If you are fast...

Fire in the sky! Spectacular burst of red sprites over the English Channel

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Talk about fire in the sky! A spectacular burst of red sprites engulfed the sky over the English Channel on May 29, 2017. I have already reported about the powerful storm...

More than 120,000 lightnings in 12 hours over England and France as superstorm crosses The Channel

superstorm lightning UK france video, superstorm the size of wahles ma 2017, giant superstorm lightning may 2017 video, More than 120,000 flashes of lightning were recorded in 12 hours over southeast England and northern France early yesterday as a superstorm "the size of Wales" swept across the
More than 120,000 lightning strikes were recorded in 12 hours over southeast England and northern France on May 28, 2017, as a superstorm “the size of Wales” swept across...

Multi-branched lightning rises in the sky of Oklahoma City (video)

Lightning rising from ground to sky of Oklahoma City on May 18 2017, oklahoma city lightning oklahoma city lightning video, oklahoma city lightning picturesvideo
First comes the glow, then it erupts! This amazing lightning blazed from the ground to the clouds during severe weather in Oklahoma City on May 18, 2017. WOW this video from...

Lightning kills 32 cows in Missouri – Farmer finds them ‘piled on top of each other’

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After milking his cows, just as Texas County dairy farmer Jared Blackweld wanted to lock the gate, a lightning struck hard and close. Later in the day, he returned to the field...

Tropical storms produce Gamma-Ray Radiation Bursts (TGF), the highest energy light naturally found on Earth

tropical storms produce gamma ray bursts TGF, Terrestrial gamma ray flashes due to particle acceleration in tropical storm systems., , NASA Fermi Catches Gamma-ray Flashes from Tropical Storms, Terrestrial gamma ray flashes due to particle acceleration in tropical storm systems, Gamma-ray Flashes from Tropical Storms video, Gamma-ray Flashes from Tropical Stormsvideo
About a thousand times a day, thunderstorms fire off fleeting bursts of some of the highest-energy light naturally found on Earth, called terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs). These TGFs last less...

That was close: Lightning strikes cable in Omsk (video)

This is a pretty old video. But look how close that was. That's the amazing moment when a lightning strikes a cable in the city of Omsk, located in southwestern...

Mysterious satellite blackouts linked to powerful ionospheric thunderstorms

Different types of lightning during thunderstorms in the ionosphere - blue jets, sprites and ELVES, satellite blackouts, satellite blackout, esa satellite blackout, mysterious satellite blackouts linked to ionospheric thunderstorms, A group of three satellites have been baffling scientists after regularly suffering GPS blackouts as they passed over the equator. this may be linked to ionospheric
These SWARM satellites were sent into orbit to measure the Earth's invisible magnetic field. But the scientific instruments have been suffering mysterious blackouts as they circle the planet leaving specialists puzzled. Now,...

Entire state of South Australia loses power during apocalyptical thunderstorms

Entire state of South Australia loses power, south australia power outage, south australia storm,video
More than 21,000 lightning strikes have been recorded over a 12-hour period from midday yesterday on the West Coast. Consequently, power was knocked out to the entire state of South...

Record 199.5 miles lightning bolt measured in Oklahoma and 7.74 seconds in France

The longest lightning bolt measured 199.5 miles in Oklahoma,longest lightning, longest lightning bolt, longest lightning oklahoma, longest lightning bolt oklahoma
The WMO (World Meteorological Organizatinion) has declared 2 new weather world records. The longest lightning bolt (199.5miles) in Oklahoma, USA and the longest duration lightning flash (7.74seconds) in France. The World...

Tornadic waterspout during strong lightning storm in Italy

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While seeking Perseid meteors, Olivier Staiger found tornadic waterspout! This incredible night thunderstorm was captured east of Cattolica, Italy off the Adriatic Sea on August 10, 2016. Olivier Staiger explains: Wednesday, August...

Sign of heaven: Heart-shaped lightning caught during a thunderstorm in France

heart-shaped lightning strike, heart-shaped lightning picture, heart-shaped lightning, heart-shaped lightning strike
Is this a sign from heaven? A heart-shaped lightning formed during a thunderstorm over France. The gorgeous image was shot by Jean-Yves Villa over the city of Sorgues near Avignon on July 31, 2016. There is still hope! Follow...

Incredible lightning show electrifies Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida

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Look at these incredible lightning pictures from Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida a few nights ago. What a spectacular show shot by Justin Battles! Powerful! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Most amazing lightning video caught in Houston, Texas

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I've never seen lightning do this before! Look at this incredible electric moment captured by Cain Garcia last Friday evening in Houston, Texas. Amazing! Yes, it is like a spider crawling across the...

Lightning bolt strikes woman in tram in Donetsk, Ukraine

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A lightning bolt struck a woman in tram number 8 in Donetsk, Ukraine on June 1, 2016. Her hair is scorched, but she is alive! Earlier this week, a lightning sent...

35 people taken to hospital after mysterious lightning strikes from blue sky in Germany

35 Hurt After Lightning Strikes Children's Soccer Match in Germany, lightning strikes 35 people germany, ligthning strikes soccer game germany, 35 people have been taken to the hospital after lightning struck a children soccer match
35 people were taken to the hospital after lightning struck a children's soccer match on May 28, 2016 in Hoppstaetten, Germany. Three adults - including the referee - were seriously...

Lightning strike kills 21 head of cattle in McCook County, South Dakota

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This is a very strong reminder of what lightning can do. 21 head of cattle were killed as a bolt of lightning hit this metal bale feeder in McCook County, South...

Pulsating blue jet fires up from the top of a thunderstorm over Darwin, Australia

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This picture shows pulsating blue jets firing up in the night sky of Darwin, Australia on March 28, 2016. But what are these mysterious and elusive transient luminous events? Blue jets are...

Rare thundersnow storm hits Montreal

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A rare weather event known as thundersnow hit Montreal, Canada on February 29, 2016 during a heavy storm. Thundersnow events are very rare as less than 1 percent of all...

Insane thunderstorm sweeps through Oklahoma

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The State of Oklahoma is the earthquake capital around the world. After looking at these pictures you will want to make it the capital of the thunderstorms. Nice Vine from Tornado Titans: So...

Amazing how much lightning can strike our planet in a short time

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This amazing timelapse video sure will satisfy storm watchers around the world. ESA astronaut Tim Peake just shared this stunning video of rapid lightning strikes from Space. The footage, taken from the International Space...

A terrifying thunderstorm video from Maroochydore, Australia

terrifying storm video, terrifying storm video Maroochydore, terrifying storm video Australia, terrifying storm video Maroochydore Australiavideo
That's one of the most terrifying thunderstorm timelapse I've ever seen. This impressive video from Blue Dog Films was captured off Maroochydore, Australia. This storm off of Maroochydore, Australia is terrifying and...

Apocalyptical lightning storm engulfs Brisbane, Australia

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A very strong thunderstorm is currently hitting Brisbane, Australia. Dangerous lightnings illuminate the night sky almost every second. #brisbane #qldsummer #summerstorm #lightshow #mothernature #timelapse Ein von Andrew Deane (@andrew__deane) gepostetes Video am...

Mysterious donut-shaped light appears in the glowing sky of Canberra

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What is this mysterious circle or donut-shaped light appearing in the sky of Canberra on January 3, 2016? A new video of ball lightning during auroras? Or simply the explosion...

Colima volcano erupts in lightning on December 13 2015

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The Mexican Colima volcano erupted once again on December 13, 2015. The eruption sent plumes of gas and dust at more then 3km in the air and created amazing volcanic...

Gigantic blue jet lights up the upper atmosphere during extreme thunderstorm over Darwin

blue jet, gigantic jet, gigantic blue jet, Amazing Transient Luminous Event darwin 2015, amazing blue jet darwin 2015, blue jet video darwin thunderstorm december 2015, This insane blue jet or Upper Atmospheric Lightning lit up the sky over Darwing during an insane thunderstorm on December 8 2015. Phot Video Captionvideo
This giantic blue jet lit up the upper sky over Darwin during an intense thunderstorm on December 8, 2015. That is an amazing transient luminous event. As described by Frankie Lucena,...




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