Incredible Lightning Show Over Austin Texas – October 2 2014 (VIDEOS)

A crazy and incredible lightning show was witnessed on October 2, 2014 over Austin, Texas. It's really a strange natural phenomenon as there are no sounds! Both videos are from...

Lightning strikes Vatican just hours after the pope’s resignation announcement – February 12 2013

Aurora Borealis Saltfjellet Nordland Norway
God punishes immediately - or in this case only a few hours later. As you will see in the following video, a lightning struck and touched the dome of...

Lightning strikes storm chaser who is still alive

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During a storm near Fairburn, South Dakota, storm chaser Scott Sheppard was hit by lightning. And you can follow the entire scene on this video! According to The Huffington Post,...

Transformer Explosion during Ligthning Storm in Gijón, Spain

This is a video of an impressive transformer explosion during a lightning storm in Gijón, Spain I don't know where the lightning struck... on an electric pole? Anyway the bolt was so...

Spectacular Video of an Electric Train Beeing Struck by a Lightning in Tokyo

This video shows that travelling by trains is safe, even during a lightning storm. No one was hurt! Did you enjoy it? I did! Follow us:  Facebook  und  Twitter

Watch: Storm Watcher Hit By Lightning During Thunderstorm In Arvada

Chad Greenlees, from ARVADA, Colorado, will not forget the latest thunderstorms that rolled over Denver last Monday, July 7, 2014. He was indeed struck by a lightning while filming the...

Lightning hits a car

Lightning hits a car It is well known that cars are the best to sit in during ligthning storms. Indeed, the metal shell of a car provides a pathway for...

Lightning Storm Timelapse: This Furious And Apocalyptic Storm in Koszalin (Northern Poland) Will Blow Your Mind

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This timelapse of a lightning storm in Northern Poland that occurred during the night between the 8th and 9th of June 2014 is magic and scary! Do you fell...

Amazing Lightning Strikes Saint-Petersburg Television Tower (Video) – May 2013

Lightning strikes Saint Petersburg television tower on Monday 13 May 2013. The tower is the highest point in St. Petersburg, standing at 310 metres (1,020 ft) tall and making it...




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