Deadly lightning strikes are increasing around the world and nobody knows why

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Extreme lightning storms are increasing around our planet. So does the number of lightning fatalities around the world. Climate change? Well nobody knows actually. Yesterday, 19 people were killed in multiple...

Talk about fire in the sky! Massive red sprites bursts over Poland

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My first reaction, oh my God… My second, how amazing… My first reaction, oh my God… My second, how amazing… My third, what a great shot! Talk about fire in the sky! These massive fireworks...

Mysterious gigantic jets appear over unusual Hurricane Hilda

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Clearly, Hurricane Hilda is not a typical storm. Most hurricanes don't even have regular lightning because they lack vertical winds. But rarest gigantic jet lightnings appeared over Hurricane Hilda on August...

Mysterious ball lightning caught on video in Switzerland

Is this a ball lightning? Or just the moment the lightning touched the ground! Thanks to tell me! What is ball lightning? Ball lightning has been reported to appear during thunderstorms as...

Lightning bolt hits underground fuel tank and triggers giant crater in Fairfield, Ohio

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A bolt hit an underground fuel tank in Fairfield, Ohio on August 3, 2015. The diesel that burnt left a 40 foot wide, 8 foot deep hole in the ground......

Terrifying moment lightning strikes passenger plane in Singapore

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This is the terrifying moment a passenger catches on his GoPro camera a lightning striking the plane he is sitting in! Watch how scary it is when the wing of...

Watch a lightning strike a transformer in Florida! Apocalyptic!

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Watch the amazing moment a lightning strikes a transformer along a highway! This apocalyptic event took place in Martin County, Florida on June 11, 2015. Creepy lightning video! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

The very low frequency radio crackles from individual Sprites

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Listen to the very low frequency radio crackles from individual Sprites! They were recorded on May 23, 2015, when strong thunderstorms raked Texas and Oklahoma, producing torrential rains and deadly...

Awesome lightning slow motion video

Parts of the US experienced extreme storms during the week-end! This slow-motion video features the severe weather over Norman, Oklahoma! Awesome! The lightning video was recorded by Matthew Skuta at 120...

Apocalyptic thunderstorm cloud engulfs San Luis Potosi

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This apocalyptic thunderstorm cloud suddenly appeared in the sky of San Luis Potosi surpising its residents! That's really a giant cumulonimbus! Wow! This type of giant and angry clouds are more...

Amazing timelapse video of thunderstorm off Darwin, Australia

Wow - There's somebody out there that really knows how to put on an awesome light show! Check out this timelapse of a thunderstorm off the coast of Darwin, Australia. Awesome! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

What is this unidentified object appearing out of a lightning storm in Nebraska?

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And suddenly, an UFO appeared out of a lightning storm in Nebraska on April 2, 2015! Please tell me what this unidentified object spotted while driving between Alma and Republican City...

Strange Flashes In Arctic Sky May Be Thundersnow (Video)

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What were the strange flashes illuminating the sky over Kotzebue and other areas of the Arctic? This still unexplained sky phenomenon was accompanied by booms. A meteor disintegration? Some children pulling a...

Insane Timelapse Video Of Lightning Storm Over Barcelona

This timelapse video of a lightning storm NE of Barcelona is insane! It is composed of over 1756 images. Do you think it was man-made? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Apocalyptic Lightning Lighting Up The Eye Of Tropical Cyclone Bansi In The Indian Ocean

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There is not much to say about this amazing photo captured by an astronaut onboard of ISS. Watch that apocalyptical lightning lighting up the eye of Tropical Cyclone Bansi in the...

Mysterious Upward Bolt Captured At Top Of Storm In Puerto Rico (VIDEO)

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It has long been assumed that lightning bolts either leap from a cloud to the earth or flash from cloud to cloud. However, it now appears that on rare occasions...

Just a Lightning Strike Destroying a Tree Over a Street in Sydney

This amazing dash cam video features a tree being cut in half by a lightning strike and the resulting traffic jam during a storm in Sydney, Australia. According to the...

Spectacular Lightning Storm Strikes Adelaide in Southern Australia on October 26 2014

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An incredible lightning storm swept across South Australia on October 26, 2014. According to officials, incredible 80,000 lightning strikes lit up the skies overnight. The storm had built up...

Incredible Lightning Show Over Austin Texas – October 2 2014 (VIDEOS)

A crazy and incredible lightning show was witnessed on October 2, 2014 over Austin, Texas. It's really a strange natural phenomenon as there are no sounds! Both videos are from...

Lightning Strikes: Two Hours of Lightning Bolts Compressed For Thunderstruck Audiotrack

This amazing lightning strikes video compiles lightning bolts flashes of a 2 hour lightning storm. It is now used as graphic equaliser elements for the audiotrack "Thunderstruck" by 2Cellos. I find it...