Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lunar halo appears with green aurora

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It’s wonderful to see a halo around the moon... And also a colorful aurora. But how about seeing the two together? Anatoly Hlopotnyuk captured the view. This unique image of a...

Jupiter and moon convergence pictures – March 21, 2016

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Jupiter lords over the March nighttime sky. And tonight it converges with the Moon. Here the first picture of this awesome sky phenomenon. Jupiter is the only planet to light up...

Notable celestial events of March 2016: Jupiter at opposition, solar eclipse, spring equinox, lunar eclipse

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This astronomy calendar of celestial events contains dates for notable celestial events. In March 2016, you (hopefully) will be able to follow a total solar eclipse, a penumbral lunar eclipse...

Snow Moon halos surprise residents around the world

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Monday night's full Moon was the "Snow Moon" named after the heavy snows of February. There weren't any extreme snow storms in the sky of Stockholm, Sweden and around the...

Signs in the sky: Sundogs and iridescent clouds announce Winter Storm Jonas

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Sometimes there are signs in the sky... Sundogs on steroids! Iridescent clouds explosion! And haunting Moon halos! Look at these amazing sky phenomena that appeared in the sky of the eastern...

Monstrous tidal waves flood coastal Chile

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Waves of more than 5 meters are currently crashing on the coast of Chile, particularly hitting the city of Vina del Mar. Due to the full moon, swells will intensify on...

This eerie moon stratospheric cloud looks like a space nebula

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Lately, Arctic sky watchers have been seeing a lot of Polar stratospheric clouds. And this time, Andy Skinner captured an eerie moon stratospheric cloud in the sky over Abisko, Sweden. These...

There will be a rare full moon on Christmas Day this year – The first since 1977

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There will be a rare full moon on Christmas Day this year. This is first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977. And the next extraordinary sky event will only...

Haunting Moon and Venus conjunction pictures – And occultation on December 7 2015 in North America

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Venus is the brightest object in the east before sunrise. And beginning of this month the Planet is conjuncting with the Moon. If you’re in North America on December 7, 2015, you...

Extremely rare lunar cloud shadow appears in the night sky of Puerto Rico

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Sometimes, when you look at the sky, you will capture an extremely rare atmospheric phenomenon. On November 24, 2015, Frankie Lucena witnessed an amazing lunar cloud shadow over Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Actually, cloud...

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