Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wild mammatus clouds announce freak hailstorm in Colorado

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Check out these omnious mammatus clouds. They swallowed up the sky over Colorado prior an intense hailtorm that covered the Denver Metro Area in hail. A freakish hailstorm pounded enormous hail...

Discovery of one of the biggest impact craters in the world near the Falkland Islands

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Scientists have discovered what they believe is one of the biggest impact craters in the world near the Falkland Islands. First investigations estimate the age of the crater between 270...

The sky over Santiago de Chile got rainbowified

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First I thought it's spectacular. Than I thought it might be dangerous. OMG! Santiago de Chile has been rainbowified, weaponized. All pictures by Roberto Antezana Follow us:  Facebook  und  Twitter

Cassini beams back the closest EVER images of Saturn – And nobody knows what the are

saturn beams, saturn beams videovideo
NASA’s Cassini spacecraft continues making history. NASA notes that the first few images sent back to Earth from Cassini are unprocessed, and it is unclear what they show. As Cassini is...

Terrifying shelf cloud engulfs Florida and turns day into night

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This terrifying shelf cloud engulfed the Atlantic coast of Florida on May 4, 2017. Watching the pictures below you understand why people were running home in panic as the sky...

X-ray ‘Tsunami’ Wave Found in Perseus Galaxy Cluster (Video)

giant tsunami wave perseus galaxy cluster, Scientists find giant wave rolling through the Perseus galaxy cluster, Scientists find giant wave rolling through the Perseus galaxy clustervideo
Scientists have found a vast tsunami wave of hot gas in the nearby Perseus galaxy cluster. The wave is about twice the size of our own Milky Way galaxy, spanning...

Lightning kills 32 cows in Missouri – Farmer finds them ‘piled on top of each other’

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After milking his cows, just as Texas County dairy farmer Jared Blackweld wanted to lock the gate, a lightning struck hard and close. Later in the day, he returned to the field...

Meteorite hunters find 14 kilos of space rocks in Iran desert

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Iranian deserts are not onl rich in oil and gas, but also in extraterrestrial matter. In January 2017, four UrFU researchers spent 10 days in the Lut desert, Iran and...

Tropical storms produce Gamma-Ray Radiation Bursts (TGF), the highest energy light naturally found on Earth

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About a thousand times a day, thunderstorms fire off fleeting bursts of some of the highest-energy light naturally found on Earth, called terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs). These TGFs last less...

Unusual quadruple rainbows appear on the isle of Terschelling, Netherlands

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It’s a treat to see a rainbow painting the sky, and seeing a double rainbow always gets our attention, but how many of us have seen four bows at...

‘figure of Jesus’ appears above Colombian city wiped out by giant landslide that killed 17 people

jesus appears over colombian city landslide, jesus appears over colombian city landslide video, jesus appears over colombian city landslide pictures, Colombian landslide survivors cheer as ‘figure of Jesus’ appears above their town after disaster killed 17video
This is the amazing moment the 'Figure of Jesus' appeared in front of a crowd gathered to film the sunset over the city of Manizales which was ravaged by...

Oh! Some mammatus clouds!

mammatus clouds
These amazing mammatus clouds appeared in the sky of Pskov, Rusia on April 21, 2017. Too incredible to be true. Not onl our food is being manipulated... Our skies too. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Steve: New mysterious phenomenon discovered in the night sky

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A new mysterious phenomenon has been discovered recently thanks to social media and the power of citizen scientists chasing the northern lights. Nobody knew what this strange giant purple streak...

Watch: A wall cloud is slowly swallowing up the Detroit River

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Look at this awesome weather phenomenon! A gigantic wall cloud is slowly swallowing up the Detroit River. According to Wikipedia: A wall cloud is a large, localized, persistent, and often abrupt lowering...

What would an asteroid impact be like: 1,000-mph winds and powerful shock waves deadliest effects

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The end of the world wouldn't be pretty if a big asteroid slammed into the Earth. The deadliest effects would be ferocious winds of up to 1,000 mph and intense...

Iridescent cumulonimbus cloud appears over Singapore

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Have you ever seen something like that? The top of this giant cumulonimbus cloud suddenly became iridescent as individual water droplets refracted sun light at high altitude. Crazy pictures shot today over...

Mysterious boom and shaking as bright fireball explodes over Queensland, Australia

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A bright fireball exploded in the sunset sky over Queensland, Australia around 18:00 local time (08:00 UTC) on April 16, 2017. The disintegration was accompanied by loud, explosion-like booms in...

Strong winds reverse a waterfall in Chile (video)

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Sometimes in April 2017, the wind was so strong that it reversed a waterfall in Maule, Chile. There is something crazy going on ... OMG! That was awesome! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Like a gate to another dimension: Eerie sundogs baffle skywatchers in northern Russia

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As if they were driving into another dimension. Incredible pictures of eerie sundogs photographed throughout northern Russia today, April 13, 2017. According to one of the photographers, this is already the...

Solar filament explodes hurling a CME into space – G1-class geomagnetic storms possible this weekend

solar filament explosion cme, geomagnetic storm april 15 2017, On April 9th, a dark filament of magnetism on the sun rose up and hurled a portion of itself into space. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the eruptionvideo
On April 9, 2017, a dark solar filament exploded hurling a powerful CME into space. At first it appeared that the CME would miss Earth, but a new analysis by...