Monday, June 26, 2017

Sun Eruption Noise: Solar Flare Sounds Like Raging Waves On The Beach

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Do you know how a solar storm sounds like? This solar eruption sounds like waves crashing on a beach during a thunderstorm. As already introduced in a previous post, a large solar...

Mysterious Light Pillars Transcend Green Aurora in Fairbanks, Alaska – Magic Nature

Phenomenal light show as light pillars transcend aurora in Fairbanks, Alaska on November 5 2014., Wow! Can you imagine the spectacle? Pillars of light and northern lights in one shot!, Multicolor light pillars transformed Fairbanks into an eerie Sci-fi landscape on November 5 2014., Light pillars and aurora, Light pillars and aurora fairbanks, Light pillars and aurora fairbanks alaska, Light pillars and aurora november 2014, Light pillars and aurora: A wonderful light show in the sky of Fairbanks, Alaska!
Wow! But what is that? A laser show? Or is it simply the gate to the final dimension? On November 5, 2014, Fairbanks was transformed into a magical place as mysterious...

And suddenly angel auroras lit up the sky before transforming into a fiery Phoenix in Russia

angel sky aurora, The angel aurora then transformed into a furious firebird northern lights, aurora looks like an angel, angel-shaped northern lights, angel-shaped auroras, angel shape aurora forms in russian sky, There is an auroral angel in the sky over Murmansk
First the auroras looked like a fiery angel. Then the amazing northern lights suddenly took the shape of the mythological firebird. Do you see the wings? This massive aurora show occurred the skies...

Very bright mysterious object discovered in the active galaxy Cygnus A

mysterious object cygnus a, cygnus a galaxy discovery, mystery object discovered in cygnus a galaxy, Mystery Object in Cygnus A Galaxy, Astronomers have discovered an object in the active galaxy Cygnus A that wasn’t there before
A very bright something has appeared in the well-known and active galaxy Cygnus A. Astronomers are baffled by this newly discovered mysterious object twice as bright as the brightest known supernova at these...

It’s amazing out there: If you are lucky, you will see this rare solar eclipse on April 29 2014

Yeah, it's too bad! But hey we cannot be lucky everyday and should be happy with the red moon eclipse we witnessed last week! This sun eclipse will be an...


space weather, solar flare, X1-CLASS SOLAR FLARE october 19 2014, solar storm, solar explosion, solar flare october 19 2014, space weather news, aurora photo
Space weather news and information for October 19, 2014: X1-CLASS SOLAR FLARE and EMERALD DYNAMITE AURORA. X1-CLASS SOLAR FLARE Sunspot AR2192 has unleashed an extreme X1-class solar flare recorded by NASA's...

Renewable Energy: This Map Shows How Much Room Is Needed To Supply The ENTIRE WORLD With Solar Energy

How Much Room Do We Need To Supply The Entire World With Solar Electricity, map of How Much Room Do We Need To Supply The Entire World With Solar Electricity, How Much Room Do We Need To Supply The Entire World With Solar Electricity map, place needed to supply the entire world with solar energy, what place is needed to supply entrie world with solar energy, solar energy size, the sun produces more energy in one hour than human use in a year, sun energy, amazing solar energy, renewable energy on the rise, this map shows the amount of land we would need to power the ENTIRE WORLD with solar electricity, How Much Room Do We Need To Supply The Entire World With Solar Electricity?, renewable energy: How Much Room Do We Need To Supply The Entire World With Solar Electricity, Renewable Energy: This map shows how much room we would need to cover to supply the ENTIRE WORLD with solar energy - And it is much smaller than what you think!,
How much area would need to be covered with solar panels in order to capture enough energy to meet global demand? Actually, the amount of land we would need to power the...

X-ray ‘Tsunami’ Wave Found in Perseus Galaxy Cluster (Video)

giant tsunami wave perseus galaxy cluster, Scientists find giant wave rolling through the Perseus galaxy cluster, Scientists find giant wave rolling through the Perseus galaxy clustervideo
Scientists have found a vast tsunami wave of hot gas in the nearby Perseus galaxy cluster. The wave is about twice the size of our own Milky Way galaxy, spanning...

Sun magnetic flip anomaly: What are the implications of a field reversal?

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The north magnetic pole is moving 60km a year toward Russia, which means they’re stealing it. Maybe... Or the Earth’s core is fluxing. Actually, nobody really knows what’s happening. I just hope...

The first sunrise of 2016 over Mount Fuji is awesome… Happy New Year

The first sunrise of 2016 over Mount Fuji in Japan is just awesome. Happy New Year 2016. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

High-altitude nuclear weapons testing impacted space weather during Cold War

atmospheric nuclear test space weather, space weather Cold War Nuclear Explosions Freakishly Impacted space weather, Space Weather Events Linked to Human Activity, human activity space weathervideo
The Cold War lasted about 45 years and some are saying it has never finished. While neither superpower ever deployed nukes on each others’ soil, high-altitude bomb testing caused a...

Rainbow Milky Way colors the night sky

multicolor milky way, milky way pictures, best milky way photos, milky way image
Look at these beautiful pictures of the Milky Way. As if the colors were spreading over the night sky. All pictures were taken by polish astrophotographer Dariusz Lakomy. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

The parade of the planets seen from around the world

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The parade of the planets is currently taking place in our solar system with five planets lining up for a cosmic dance that will dazzle skywatchers all over the...

NASA cut live broadcast from the ISS after the passage of two unknown objects

However, the censorship did not work as well as liked since Youtube's user Streetcap1 captured these two objects just before NASA cut the transmission. This video captures the moment and...

This magnetic storm could disrupt power grids, radio navigation systems and satellites causing problems with phone and internet networks

geomatic storm, geomatic storm october 2016, geomagnetic storm october 26 2016video
A giant coronal hole in the sun recently sent charged particles hurtling toward Earth. These solar winds triggered a geomagnetic storm that could disrupt power grids, radio navigation systems and...

ISS Plankton: Microorganisms Discovered on the International Space Station (ISS)

iss plankton, planton found on iss, iss plankton photo, plankton discovered on iss, iss algae, iss plankton discovered on ISS, Plankton has been found on the windows of the Russian side of the International Space Station by Russian astronauts. Amazing!video
ISS plankton? Wait a second!?! So, scientists have found protists, archaea, algae, and bacteria living in seas on the International Space Station (ISS)? This is incredible! Baffling is that these organisms have resisted...

Two new moons discovered orbiting around Jupiter during search for Planet X

jupiter new moons june 2017, 2 New moons discovered around Jupiter on June 2017, The great majority of Jupiter's 69 known moons travel in retrograde orbits, meaning they travel in the direction opposite the planet's spin, 2 new moons jupiter, Two new moons have been discovered around Jupiter, jupiter 2 new moonsvideo
New monster telescopes equipped with the latest super-sensitive, wide-field technology detectors has been a boon for astronomical discoveries. Astronomer Scott Sheppard has discovered two new moons around Jupiter bringing the...

Planet Killer Comet “Siding Springs” Targets Mars – Comet ISON Conspiracy

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The newly discovered comet "Siding Spring" is a planet killer and has Mars in its sight. The Mars-bound Comet Siding Spring was spotted by Rob McNaught on 3 January at...

Mystery Space Cloud Observed From the International Space Station (ISS)

space cloud, strange space cloud, space cloud mystery, Mysterious Space Cloud Observed from ISS, international space station ISS, ISS mysterious cloud, ISS weird cloud, astronauts observed strange space cloud october 10 2013
What was this strange jellyfish astronauts on board the International Space Station saw? An alien? A rocket launch? A missile launch? One thing is sure, the cloud it left...

Powerful and Somewhat Terrifying Solar Eruption – September 30 2013

This video shows you the intensity and power of the amazing solar eruption that occurred on September 30 2013. This video is truely scary! This amazing video shows you the...