The terrifying sound of Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma is currently devastating several caribbean islands one after the other. And the sound of destruction accompanying the Category 5 storm is terrifying, apocalyptic. Have a prayer for all those...

Mysterious sounds in the sky of Budapest, Hungary and over the Defence Housing Authority in Karachi, Pakistan

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August 2017 was full of weird sounds coming from the sky. The mysterious metallic noises were recorded over Budapest, Hungary and Karachi, Pakistan. On August 23, 2017 the vibrating strange sounds...

Listen to the ghostly reverb at Inchindown Oil Tanks

Listen to the world's longest reverbs at Inchindown Oil Tanks. They are so... chilling! More about this project here. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Mysterious noises in the sky of Iran terrifies residents of Astara (videos)

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What is this terrifying mysterious noise captured on August 28, 2017 in the coastal city of Astara in Iran? Is that an imam praying? A new kind of propaganda from...

The Buzzer: The mysterious and ghostly radio station that nobody seems to run

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This ghostly Russian radio station has 'buzzed' every day since the 1970s. But no one knows who or what it is broadcasting. In the middle of a Russian swampland, not far...

Earth’s Schumann Resonance, Mother Earth’s Natural Heartbeat Rhythm, Is Accelerating But Nobody Knows Why

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The Ancient Indian Rishis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It also happens to be Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm, known as the Schumann Resonance. For many years this...

Strange sounding noises of radio storm on Jupiter

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Soon after pointing his shortwave radio telescope at Jupiter, Thomas Ashcraft started hearing strange-sounding swooshes of static. A Jovian radio storm was underway. This is a one minute long audio recording...

The mystery behind the 40-year-old ‘WOW signal’ from outer space may finally be solved

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The source of the mysterious ‘Wow!’ space signal which has baffled astronomers for decades might finally have been found. A new study suggests that the signal could have been caused by...

Mystery booms echoing around Nottingham have no explanations

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What are these mystery booms heard over Nottingham two nights in a row? The loud booming noises echoe around Nottingham every few minutes, most nights after 2am. A loud "booming" noise...

5 mysterious sounds from outer space

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Here a compilation of mysterious sounds recorded in outer space. From the haunting sounds of Saturn and its rings to the dark heartbeat of a black hole. This video presents real...

Strange Sounds from the sky in April 2017: Noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE – but nobody has an explanation

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What IS this strange sound from the sky? Noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE - but nobody has an explanation. Here a compilation of the latest strange...

Strange sounds recorded from the sky over Roswell, New Mexico (video)

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Listen to these strange sounds coming from the sky?!? These new mysterious noises were captured over Roswell, New Mexico on April 2, 2017. And they are really similar to airplanes sounds....

Strange loud siren sound recorded in Monument, Colorado (video)

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What was this mysterious 'siren or vacuum' sound heard in Monument, Colorado end of March 2017? There was no weather happening at the time, but the recorder lives near the...

Terrifying sounds as hackers wake up Dallas with emergency sirens early Saturday (video) – Residents concerned and terrified

Hacking blamed for emergency sirens blaring across Dallas early Saturdayvideo
Dallas officials blame computer hacking for setting off emergency sirens throughout the city early Saturday, April 8, 2017, when all 156 of the city's sirens were activated more than...

Strange Sounds and mystery booms are happening around the world in 2017 (video)

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Strange Sounds and mystery booms are happening around the world in 2017. Watch this video compiling the main events since beginning of 2017. Get some more information about Strange Sounds and...

Loud unexplained noise from the sky in Nottingham, UK (video)

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What are these spooky, loud and unexplained noises that lasted 40 minutes in Nottingham on March 21, 2017? Listen to these new shocking trumpet-like sounds blaring across the night sky...

Strange sounds from the sky of Sweden recorded on video on March 8, 2017

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They are back! Listen to this record of strange sounds in the sky of Sweden recorded on video on March 8, 2017. Creepy phenomenon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Strange animal behavior: Turkeys circle around dead cat

Why are these turkeys circling around this dead cat in Massachusetts?, turkey circle dead cat video massachusettsvideo
Why are these turkeys circling around a dead cat? This bizarre scene featuring a group of wild turkeys marching in a circle around a dead cat was shot in Massachusetts...

Meteor noises somehow defy the laws of physics

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Bright, flaring meteors are sometimes accompanied by faint noises. What's strange about these popping, sizzling, rustling, and hissing sounds are that they reportedly occur almost instantly to earthly onlookers. This...

Mystery radio bursts traced to distant galaxy – A precise source for the first time

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A mysterious type of radio wave from deep space, discovered only a decade ago, has been traced to a precise source for the first time. So-called fast radio bursts (FRBs)...

Strange sounds in the sky over Spokane, Washington at night

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These strange sounds in the sky were heard at night in Spokane Valley, Washington in the last few days? What are these loud trumpet noises? As reported by Amanda Rhoads on...

Mysterious knocking sound reported by spooked astronauts in space

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Spooked astronauts in space are reporting mysterious knocking sound that no one can explain. One astronaut explains the unexplained noises left him feeling very nervous and he couldn't see anything...

Mysterious sound pinging from the sea floor baffles Military in Canada

A mysterious pinging sound from sea floor baffles Igloolik and Military investigating the unexplained phenomenon. Sometimes called a beep, a ping, or a hum, the sound is blamed for scaring...

Signals probably from Extraterrestrial Intelligence discovered by Canadian astronomers

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We may have just received our first communication from extraterrestrials. This is what two canadian astronomers searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence affirm. Anomalous signals from deep space often evoke a quick pulse...

Apocalyptic sounds heard again in Slovakia. What is it?

These apocalyptical sounds were heard again in Slovakia on October 15, 2016. Something very strange is going on in recent years in the atmosphere on the planet. Are they linked...

Strange sounds and weird sky in Jerusalem

What is that again? The trumpets of the apocalypse are playing again. Fake or real? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Mysterious space signals could come from hidden galaxies

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Scientists recently studied 21 mysterious space signals from revised Third Cambridge Catalogue. Researchers detected significant X-ray emissions for 9 radio sources, but none of these were found to have optical...

Strange lights and a loud whirring noise baffle Hinckley, UK

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Reports of strange lights and a loud whirring noise have been shared across Facebook and Twitter having occurred at around 5am today, Monday September 12 in Hinckley, UK. But what...

Jupiter’s aurora sound video

Juno recorded the sound of Jupiter's aurora. Now it's time to listen to them for you. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Did aliens just try to contact us? Mysterious signal comes from distant constellation that just may have intelligent life

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Did aliens just try to contact us? An unexplained blip picked up by a Russian telescope last year could be a message from a distant civilization, sent nearly a century...

Humpback whale songs

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Humpback whale songs are passed down over generations. This language evolves in a similar fashion to the verbally transmitted tribal lore of Australian Aboriginal Culture from where the term Songlines...

The eerie sounds of Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft has been detecting intense radio emissions from the planet Saturn. They come from the planet's aurorae, where magnetic field lines thread the polar regions. Saturn is a source...

Mystery behind eerie noises associated with powerful auroras debunked

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Eerie noises associated with especially powerful auroras have been reported since centuries. Now a team of scientists think they know why. Witnesses compare the sounds to radio static, like a faint...

The roar of Jupiter captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft

NASA's Juno spacecraft has crossed the boundary of Jupiter's immense magnetic field. Juno's Waves instrument recorded the encounter with the bow shock over the course of about two hours on...

Understanding The Hum mystery

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In the spring of 2012, when Glen MacPherson, lecturer at UBC, was living near the coastal village of Sechelt, along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, he began hearing...

Mysterious noise emitted by Caribbean Sea can be detected from space

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Baffled scientists have discovered a mysterious noise that is emanating from the Caribbean Sea. This low pitched sound cannot be heard by humans but can be detected from space. Scientists have...

2.5 hertz frequency causes earthquakes – Sonic booms and Earth rumbling noises since June 15th 2011

strange noise
Your site has made me rethink moving. Seems there is no escaping. Since June 14th 2011 I've heard earth groaning sounds on and off in spurts. I believe I heard earth...

That’s the sound of some of the oldest stars in our Galaxy

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Astrophysicists from the University of Birmingham have captured the sounds of some of the oldest stars in our galaxy. The researchers were able to use acoustic oscillations recorded of some...

New Strange Sounds in the sky recorded in the US, Finland and Poland in may 2016

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The Strange Sounds phenomenon is back again in May 2016. Here a compilation of the latest videos... And some are really creepy! Strange sounds from the sky in Los Angeles 5/9/2016...

Giant geyser erupts after water main break in Peoria, Illinois

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A giant geyser started erupting after a water main break in Peoria, Illinois on May 2, 2016. The wide plume of water that shot upward of five stories could be...