Strange Space Sounds: Weird Noises Created By Ganymede’s Magnetosphere (Jupiter’s Moon)

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The above recording was made on 27 June 1996. It was made by the Galileo spacecraft as it passed Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter. At about 8 seconds in, Galileo...

5 creepy unexplained broadcast signals recorded around the world

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As we speak, broadcast signals are moving invisibly through the air all around you, from millions of sources. And some of them are really, really freaking weird. We know this because...

Is this the new Alien “WOW!” Signal? SETI has Recently Detected a New Unexplained Strange Sound

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Have you ever heard about the WOW! signal? The "Wow!" Signal picked up by a SETI experiment at Ohio State University in 1977 often gets mentioned, as it was the...

Meteor noises somehow defy the laws of physics

meteor, meteor sound, meteor noisevideo
Bright, flaring meteors are sometimes accompanied by faint noises. What's strange about these popping, sizzling, rustling, and hissing sounds are that they reportedly occur almost instantly to earthly onlookers. This...

Mysterious space signals could come from hidden galaxies

source mysterious space signals hidden galaxiesvideo
Scientists recently studied 21 mysterious space signals from revised Third Cambridge Catalogue. Researchers detected significant X-ray emissions for 9 radio sources, but none of these were found to have optical...

Ambient Noise Of The International Space Station (ISS)

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We always get stunning images taken from the International Space Station! Well listen now to the ambient noise in the ISS. I think I could not stand more than a few hours...

Cosmic Tsunami Waves Hit Voyager 1 – Listen To Their Weird Noises!

The Voyager 1 spacecraft has experienced three  cosmic tsunami waves in interstellar space. This kind of wave occurs as a result of a coronal mass ejection erupting from the sun. Listen...

Mysterious space signal traced to distant galaxy for the first time

Mysterious radio burst pinpointed in distant galaxy, Mysterious radio burst from distant galaxy, source of mysterious radio burst discovered, scientist discover for first time source of mysterious space signals, Mysterious Radio Flash Traced To Distant Galaxy, For the first time astronomers have traced an enigmatic blast of radio waves to its source.
Since 2007, astronomers have detected curious bright blasts of radio waves from the cosmos, without knowing where they were coming from. But now, for the first time ever, astronomers have...

Weird Noises From Solar System and Beyond

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A Soundcloud compilation of weird noises from our solar system and beyond. There are really strange sounds in outer space! Discover other space sounds! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Sounds of Space: New Earth Chorus Pulse Produced by Earth’s Magnetosphere (VIDEO)

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Did you know that our Earth's magnetosphere produces weird and eerie sounds? This so-called Chorus and has been recently been recorded, but with new, more sophisticated instruments. Listen to the...

Listen to the Spooky Noises of Northern Lights Caught by Scientists in Finland

aurora picture, aurora pics, aurora sound, sound of northern lights, noises of northern lights, northern lights noise, Amazing photo of northern lights over Abisko, Sweden on December 23, 2014video
Listen to the spooky noises of Northern Lights! Although still unexplained, these weird clapping noises are probably caused by the geomagnetic disturbance produced by the energetic particles responsible for the wonderful...

The Conet Project – Unravelling Secret Shortwave Numbers Stations Records

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For more than 30 years, the Shortwave radio spectrum has been used by the worlds intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages. These messages are transmitted by hundreds of Numbers Stations. Shortwave...

Did aliens just try to contact us? Mysterious signal comes from distant constellation that just may have intelligent life

star HD 164595, mysterious signal star HD 164595, mysterious space signal september 2016, mysterious space signal august 2016video
Did aliens just try to contact us? An unexplained blip picked up by a Russian telescope last year could be a message from a distant civilization, sent nearly a century...

A plea from a desperate phantom cosmonaut – Russian lost cosmonauts

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There are those who believe that hurtling through the void of space are the remains of several preserved human astronauts, former collaborators of a secret Soviet space program from...

The eerie sounds of Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft has been detecting intense radio emissions from the planet Saturn. They come from the planet's aurorae, where magnetic field lines thread the polar regions. Saturn is a source...

The first crazy alien sound of Mars

sound of mars, mars sound, first sound of mars record, sound of mass video, first recording of sound of mars, first sounds of mars recorded, The first alien sounds of Mars are so freaky, This video tracks the entire trip of the Mars Opportunity Rover on the red planet including a creepy sound!video
Have you ever wondered what Planet Mars sounds like? This new video by NASA features the entire trip of the Mars Opportunity Rover including real sound from the Red Planet....

Mysterious Space Signal: Unknown X-ray Signal Detected By NASA Intrigues Astronomers – Dark Matter?

mysterious signal perseus, perseus mysterious signal june 2014, mystery x-ray signal from perseus june 2014, nasa detects mysterious signal from perseus cluster june 2014, unknown x-ray space signal recorded by nasa june 2014, nasa records mysterious space signal from perseus cluster june 2014, unknown space signal: perseus cluster X-ray signal could be dark matter, dark matter discovered? nasa scientists record mysterious signal from perseus cluster, Astronomers from NASA and ESA recorded a mysterious signal coming from the Perseus galaxy cluster. Photo: Chandra X-ray Observatory (NASA)video
It is not the first unknown and mysterious space signal captured from outer space, but it is the latest to date! NASA and ESA scientists have detected an intriguing X-ray signal...

Jupiter’s aurora sound video

Juno recorded the sound of Jupiter's aurora. Now it's time to listen to them for you. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

M2-class Solar Explosion Noises Captured On Earth: Sunspot Eruption Creates Radio Bursts

m2 solar flares august 2014, sun explosion august 1 2014, solar burst august 2014, solar activity august 1 2014, solar explosion creates solar burst recorded on earth on August 1 2014, solar burst on August 1 2014, Record of solar burst on August 1 2014. These mysterious signals were created by a M2-solar explosion. Photo: Kevin Palivec at Hawley, Texas
On August 1st, Kevin Palivec of Hawley, Texas recorded radio bursts from the M2-class solar explosion. The mysterious shortwave bursts detected in Texas had been created by a M2-class solar explosion....

The roar of Jupiter captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft

NASA's Juno spacecraft has crossed the boundary of Jupiter's immense magnetic field. Juno's Waves instrument recorded the encounter with the bow shock over the course of about two hours on...