This magpie sounds like a little girl laughing! That is really creepy!

This is unreal! OMG! This magpie sounds like a little girl laughing! And I find it out-of-this-world! And this bird can also sing computer games! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Creepy animal sounds from the forest – Fox scream? Bird? Bobcat? Deer?

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Sometimes animals make creepy noises! Do you know what creatures are making these noises at night? The first video was recorded in Export, Pennsylvania on July 8, 2015: A bird? A bobcat?...

The Northern Grasshopper Mouse howls like a wolf (video)

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These nocturnal field mice stand on their hind legs, put their heads back and howl like wolves. This is not from a Sci-Fi horror movie. No, these critters are loud, carnivorous...

Is there a wolf in Scotland? These mysterious noises baffle Scottish Island and give me goose bumps (video)

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What could be roaming Scotland and northern England? These unexplained noises captured on August 31, 2017 give me goose bumps. Hotel night manager Paul Naylor was conducting his nightly rounds of...