Thursday, April 27, 2017

Whales Sound and Dolphins Song Records: Sounds in the Seas

whales and dolphins sounds, A vision for the Dolphins and Whales
Whales and dolphins are acoustic by nature and map out their world through sound. Listen to their diverse repertoire of sounds and song as you travel out to sea. The following...

This magpie sounds like a little girl laughing! That is really creepy!

This is unreal! OMG! This magpie sounds like a little girl laughing! And I find it out-of-this-world! And this bird can also sing computer games! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Strange screams and howls triggers sasquatch’s hunt in BC

Is that the scream of Bigfoot? Residents of Alert Bay on Cormorant Islands, BC say these loud howling noises coming from the forest at night could be those of the...

Creepy animal sounds from the forest – Fox scream? Bird? Bobcat? Deer?

animal scream, strange animal scream, strange sounds from forest, strange sound from animal in forestvideo
Sometimes animals make creepy noises! Do you know what creatures are making these noises at night? The first video was recorded in Export, Pennsylvania on July 8, 2015: A bird? A bobcat?...

How does sound look like? Psychedelic sound patterns of whales, birds, and insects

psychedelic animal sound, psychedelic sound pattern, color image of animal scream, vizualize sound, animal sound vizualisation, sounds of animals, psychedelic animal sound, Ever wondered how animal screams look like? Watch these amazing and pyschedelic sound patterns!
Are you wondering how sound looks like? Look at these psychedelic sound patterns of whales, birds, and insects! An image of White beaked dolphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris) sounds You might wonder what these...

How Do Cheetahs Sound Like? They Talk, Chirp and Meow to Each Other

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You probably wonder how the fastest animal on Earth sounds like! Listen to these cheetahs! They have an unexpected way of communication! How do a cheetah sound like? What kind of...

Incredible nature: How Whales Keep the Ocean Noise Down?

whales, killer whales, underwater noises, underwater sound, drilling noises, boat sounds, ocean soundsvideo
Whales plug their ears to block ocean noise! What? About 250,000 sea mammals each year suffer from hearing loss and even deafness just from the loud booms emitted by the...

52-hertz Whale: Strange Murmurs from the World’s Loneliest Whale

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Ever heard of the poor and lonely 52-hertz whale? Well, discover what's behing the mysterious weird noise! In 1989, William Watkins from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution noticed something unusual while sorting...

Seal Sounds: The Cute Help Me Screams Of A Baby Seal In Distress

baby seal, seal pup, baby seal photo, seal pup photo, best baby seal photo, seal photo, A smiling baby seal or pup photo, photo of A smiling baby seal or pup, A smiling baby seal or pup!video
Listen to the cute baby seal sounds in distress! Although you would believe the baby seal is far away from its relative and friends, don't worry! They are not so...

Howler Monkey Sound: Listen to the Terrifying Howler Monkey Noises at Night in Mexico

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Howler monkey sound ressembles loud howls. Well, their roars are terrifying when experienced at night under a thin tent. My girlfriend and I were visiting the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico during...

Animal Sounds: Discover The Funny Noise Of The Stressed Pacman Frog (Ceratophrys)

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Animal Sounds: The funny noise of the Pacman Frog (Ceratophrys) will make your day! Ceratophrys is a genus of frogs. They are also known as South American horned frogs and...

Firefly Communication: The Flashy And Unknown Language Of Lightning Bugs (VIDEO)

Firefly communication: Lightning bugs communicate with their language of light. Photo: Yume Cyan, firefly communication, firefly, firefly language, what is a firefly, firefly communication, firefly language of light, how do firefly communicate, why are firefly glowing, meaning of firefly lights, firefly glowing colors, why do firefly glow?, firefly communication video, this is how firefly communicate, firefly use lights to communicate, better understand fireflies, Discover the still unknown language of light spoken by fireflies in this amazing
This is a wonderful video about fireflies and their still unknown ways of communication. In a dark summer night, the only thing females can assess about males is their flash. Once,...