Thursday, April 27, 2017

Howling Coyotes: Hunter Howls and Coyotes Answer

Have you already heard howling coyotes? Well, listen to these! A hunter uses a coyote call in the woods and gets a blood-chilling response. I got goosebumps. What about you? Follow us...

Alligators growl like a dragon in a science-fiction movie

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I did not know that alligators emit strange noises! Listen to the growl of a horny gator! Male gators can produce a loud and somehow scary growl called the bellow during...

This magpie sounds like a little girl laughing! That is really creepy!

This is unreal! OMG! This magpie sounds like a little girl laughing! And I find it out-of-this-world! And this bird can also sing computer games! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Creepy animal sounds from the forest – Fox scream? Bird? Bobcat? Deer?

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Sometimes animals make creepy noises! Do you know what creatures are making these noises at night? The first video was recorded in Export, Pennsylvania on July 8, 2015: A bird? A bobcat?...

The Northern Grasshopper Mouse howls like a wolf (video)

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These nocturnal field mice stand on their hind legs, put their heads back and howl like wolves. This is not from a Sci-Fi horror movie. No, these critters are loud, carnivorous...