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Strange Sounds In The Sky Over South Philly Baffle Residents (Videos)

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What are these mysterious sounds coming from the sky over South Philadelphia? Is this the Philly Hum? David C. lives in South Philly and has reported today on the Strange Sounds' blog that he's...

Mysterious Booms And Strange Sounds Are Increasing Again And Remain Unexplained – February 2015

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This post features some of the most interesting notes and comments left on this blog. If you recognize your text I really thank you for your reports! And if you have...

The Strange Sounds Phenomenon Chronological Compilation

This is a comprehensive chronological compilation of the strange sounds in the sky phenomenon! Hope you will learn something from it. The compilation was made by E. Mehringer from the videos...

Strange Unexplained Sound Baffles And Terrifies Residents of South Shields, UK

mystery noise, strange unexplained sound jarrow february 2015, mysterious noise uk 2015,
A loud noise heard over South Shields has caused mystery and worry among residents. The strange unexplained sound heard in Jarrow has been likened to a jet aeroplane flying over...

Mystery Booms Won’t Stop! Increasing Unexplained Bangs Reported Across The World

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The unexplained bangs that have started increasing in the US at the beginning of 2015 won't stop! They are now reported daily on newspapers and on this blog. Here a...

Are Temperatures Colder Than Mars Responsible For Booms And Shakings? Explosive Frost Quakes Reported In Canada And The US

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The last few days were colder than Mars Curiosity’s location in Gale Crater throughout much the northern US and Canada. Could these extreme low temperatures and resulting frost quakes explain...

Unexplained Loud Booms Are Escalating Across The USA in January 2015 And Nobody Knows Why!

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Loud booms are actually usual on New Year's Eve. However, I think that all the rockets and fireworks have already exploded two or three days after! So what are these...

Unexplained Loud Booms Heard Around the World Video Update 2014

A video update about some of the unexplained loud booms and mystery noises reported and recorded around the world in 2014. Enjoy! Want some more strange sounds and weird rumblings? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

The Creepy Strange Noises in the Sky Phenomenon from 2001 to 2013

Here a video reporting about the creepy strange noises in the sky phenomenon! Enjoy! Some are very odd! Listen to more strange sounds around the world on the weird noises Youtube...

The Best Strange Sounds Of 2014 – A video Compilation

This video of Mister Enigma was posted on the Strange Sounds Facebook page by Thony Du Six Quatre. It features the best strange sounds in the sky reported in 2014. A pretty good...

Are You Hearing The Hum?

A simple video about the hum. Learn more about the Taos hum! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Unexplained Booms and Rumblings: Sonic Booms or Loud Explosions Heard Across UK on November 29, 2014?

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Unexplained booms and rumblings shooking windows and houses have been experienced from London to Glasgow on November 29, 2014. Were these loud bangs firework explosions or jet sonic booms? Several loud...

Loud Bang in Manchester Baffle Officials and Residents

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Did you hear a loud band and/or mysterious explosion across parts of Manchester and Salford, yesterday night? Hundreds reported the booming noise but its source remains unexplained and baffles officials! Hundreds of...

White Noise: A Sound Masking Solution for the Hum Noise?

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White noise is a random signal with a constant power spectral density. It is sometimes used to improve the mood and performance of workers by masking background office noise. So...

Weird Noise Plagues NW Atlanta Neighborhoods – November 2014

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Since about six weeks, there is a mysterious weird noise plaguing residents of NW Atlanta. People describe it as sounding like a tornado siren roughly. So What's the heck? The noise...

Sonic Boom Near Clearwater, Florida? But Where is the plane?

Pinellas Park Florida, city of Pinellas Park Florida, welcome to Pinellas Park Florida
Hi everybody, I just received this message from someone living at Pinellas Park, Florida and asking about what could be the cause of this loud, roaring and booming noise that...

Did You Also Hear Jet-Like Noises Around Lufkin, Texas?

Aspen Power plant, Aspen Power plant loud booms, texas loud booms, strange sounds in Texas,video
What were the jet-like noises heard around Lufkin, Texas on October 13, 2014? It wasn't a tornado, an explosion or a gas leak but maintenance work being done at the Aspen...

Haunting Polyphonic Overtone Singing by Anna-Maria Hefele

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Listen to polyphonic overtone singing by Anna-Maria Hefele! Literally breathtaking! It's an almost inhuman ability to create two tones at a time in a single breath. It's mind-blowing! Humans are incredible...

Humming Sounds: Earth Breathing Sounds

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What causes the humming sounds heard around the world? Could it be the sounds resulting from the Earth breathing in and out, murmuring gently to itself as it does so? This...

Sleep Sound: Listen To the Strange Sounds of Sleep (REM and NREM Phases)

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Sleep sound: This audio file is an ~8h EEG recording of a patient sleeping. The rescaling of the waveforms into an audible range resulted in a 6m37 audio file. REM sleep...

Freaky Experiment: Can Silence Drive You Crazy?

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Is silence a torture? Can it drive you crazy? Is 45 minutes really the longest anyone can stay in a perfectly silent, pitch-black room? Well this guy from Veritasium tried...

Humming Sounds And Loud Booms Reports: September 2014

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Humming Sounds And Loud Booms Reports for September 2014 and from all over the world! Thank you for your help! Flash and booms in Acworth/Kennesaw Georgia - September 28, 2014 There was...

The Taos Hum – What is the Elusive Hum in Taos New Mexico?

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The Taos Hum is an elusive low-frequency humming noise heard in Taos New Mexico! But its source remains a mystery! Attention is focussing on individuals in and around Taos, New...

MH370 Mystery: Geological Event Created Unusual Underwater Sounds – No Airplane Crash

MH370, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 mystery, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappearance, mysterious Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, malaysian airlines crash MH 370, underwater signals during The unusual underwater sounds recorded by Australian scientists was recently related to geological activity instead of MH 370 airplane crash sound. Map by Nature
MH370 mystery: Last June, scientists reported the detection of a low frequency noise just prior the MH370 vanished. Speculations said it could have been the sound of the crash. But...

Frightening Strange Sounds In The Sky Over Queens, New York – August 2014

strange sounds, the hum, weird noise, strange sounds queens, strange sounds new york, strange sounds is a still unexplained worldwide phenomenon. The last records were caught in Queens, New York end of August 2014video
The Youtube uploader calls them UFO sounds, I call them strange sounds. But they may have the same source. The following videos uploaded by Youtuber Mister UFO feature a weird metallic...

WTC Strange Sounds: Listen To One World Trade Center Eerie Sounds (Video)

1 wtc, world trade center, one world trade center wtc new york, wtc strange sounds, wtc eerie sound, wtc haunting sounds, loud noise new york wtc, new york one wtc noise, One WTC in NY, One WTC in NY. On windy days, the structure of the new World Trade Center in New York creates strange sounds. Amazing!video
WTC Strange Sounds: What is the eerie noise coming from One World Trade Center? New Yorkers report 'eerie sound' from WTC. Watch this video in which the chilling One World...