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Posts on new Strange Sounds and Mysterious Booms, Explosion Sounds, Sonic Booms, Earthquake Sounds, Mystery Booms, Hum Sounds, Rumbling Sounds. HAARP Noises, Skyquakes and Strange Sounds reported accross the world.

Mysterious Strange Sounds in Ljubljana, Slovenia – 1 March 2012

Did you also hear these mysterious strange sounds coming from the dark sky over Ljubljana, Slovenia? According to the video recorder, these mystifying weird noises from the sky occured on...

Kiev again, 19 February, 2012

A new video from Kiev, Ukraine. The sound is quite similar to the one from the original August 2011 Kiev record. The sound lasted about one hour. Captured in Vinogradar...

Strange Humming Noise in Pikeville, North Carolina – February 27 2012

This strange humming noise in Pikeville SOUNDS LIKE A SPACESHIP HOVERING OVER THE HOUSE, describes the video uploader. She was able to capture some of the noise but for some reason...

Humming Sound in Rosario, Argentina, 26 February, 2012

Do you have an idea about what could be these humming sounds heard in Rosario, Argentina? There weird and high-pitched noises from the sky are baffling! They sound like a...

Strange sound in Kiev, Ukraine, August 2011

This was one of the earliest records of weird sound all over the world. The sound from this clip was used in numerous fake videos later. This sound was recorded at...