Friday, October 20, 2017

Strange sound, humming sound, weird sound in Montreal – 22 August 2012

Some weird noises were also recorded in Montreal this august. Are the strange sounds increasing again? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Strange booms experienced in McAdam and New Brunswick, Canada

This is the CBC News report about a series of small earthquackes (this type of event is often called "Earthquake Swarm") which caused underground booms (or explosions) in McAdam...

High-Pitch Noises in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – March 7, 2012

These continuous "trumpet" sounds recorderd in Regina, Saskatchewan on March 7, 2012 are really weird! And I cannot figure out where these high-pitch noises are coming from... The sky? Could be a...

Our Earth Is Groaning In Edmonton Alberta – March 6, 2012

Is our earth groaning or is this simply the sound of background traffic? Sorry but I can't really differentiate both in this very short video! What do you think this...