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Sky Noise Europe

Posts on Strange Sounds reported in different countries of Europe. Strange sounds in Europe, strange sounds in France, strange sounds in the UK, Strange sounds in Spain, STrange sounds in Eastern Europe, strange sounds in Sweden, Strange soounds in Ukraine

Creepy noise at night in Drogheda, Ireland

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Well did you also hear this strange and creepy noise in Drogheda, Ireland on March 13, 2016? The sounds were called “UFOs and Aliens” – but they are still and will probably...

Mysterious sounds in Bern, Switzerland

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This strange sound was recorded in Bern on March 4, 2016 in the city of Bern, Switzerland. The metallic noise started at around 1:30 am and lasted to around 4:00 am....

Mysterious strange sounds in Belgrade

This mysterious strange sound rang from the sky of Belgrade, Serbia on September 2, 2011 at 2:30 AM. Have you already heard something similar? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Unexplained strange sounds in the sky over Cluj, Romania

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Over the last few days, an unexplained strange sounds in the sky is annoying residents of several districts in Cluj, Romania. Here a recording of these weird noises from the...

The Bristol Hum is back in January 2016

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The Bristol Hum is back as reported by residents on Twitter. This weird noise has been annoying Bristol for more than three decades and has been blamed on various causes,...

Strange Sounds are back in Singapore, Budapest and California – January 2016

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These three videos of strange sounds from the sky were captured in January 2016 around the world. The strange sky trumpets were recorded in Singapore, Budapest and California. What's going...

Terrifying strange sounds in the sky of Gouda, Netherlands

These terrifying strange sounds in the sky were recorded on January 6, 2016 in Gouda, Netherlands at around 7:45am. Do you know what they are? Here the largest list of these uneplained...

The annoying Beetham Tower humming noise in Manchester (video)

A howl? A hum? A scream? In any cases, The Beetham Tower in Manchester makes an eerie noise that annoys residents living around. The above video was captured as the...

Terrifying strange noise from the sky in Slovakia – Fake?

A few months ago, some real terrifying strange sounds from the sky were recorded in Slovakia. After hearing that furious dragon you will probably not sleep tonight. :-) Real or fake? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Strange unexplained sounds in the sky of Borås, Sweden

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The night of July 1 2015 wasn't as quiet as usual for lots of residents in Borås, Sweden. Many reported mysterious noises from the sky, but nobody knows what they...

Latest unexplained strange sounds from the sky in June 2015: Romania, USA, New Zealand

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Here the last reports of unexplained strange sounds from the sky heard around the world! What do you think they are? For an updated list visit our strange noise page! June 24...

Latest strange humming sounds in the sky – May to June 2015

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Here the latest video reports of the strange sounds in the sky for end of May to June 2015 Thank you for your help! And continue reporting your sound anomalies! June...

Latest Strange Sounds in the Sky May 2015

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The loud humming noises are increasing again! Here the latest strange sounds recordings from Poland to Finland and USA to Canada for May 2015! Let start this compilation with a video...

Creepy noise in the sky over Belfast, Northern Ireland

What is this weird ringing noise in the sky of Belfast? As if an alarm was going on and on... But what kind of alarm? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Strange Unexplained Sound Baffles And Terrifies Residents of South Shields, UK

mystery noise, strange unexplained sound jarrow february 2015, mysterious noise uk 2015,
A loud noise heard over South Shields has caused mystery and worry among residents. The strange unexplained sound heard in Jarrow has been likened to a jet aeroplane flying over...

These Clouds Announce The Nearby Apocalypse In Turkey

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These amazing clouds have been photographed in the city of Tokat, Turkey! Well it seems that the apocalypse is pretty near over there! The sky of Tokat, Turkey had just decided to become...

Unexplained Booms and Rumblings: Sonic Booms or Loud Explosions Heard Across UK on November 29, 2014?

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Unexplained booms and rumblings shooking windows and houses have been experienced from London to Glasgow on November 29, 2014. Were these loud bangs firework explosions or jet sonic booms? Several loud...

Humming Sounds And Loud Booms Reports: September 2014

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Humming Sounds And Loud Booms Reports for September 2014 and from all over the world! Thank you for your help! Flash and booms in Acworth/Kennesaw Georgia - September 28, 2014 There was...

Mystery Booms And Strange Sounds Around The World – August 2014

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Here some reports of Mystery Booms And Strange Sounds Around The World - August 2014 from my blog comments. Strange Sounds in Los Angeles, California On 8/7/14 at 4am my husband &...

Mystery Hum: Plymouth Strange Sounds Baffle And Annoy Residents

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Plymouth residents are struggling to cope with ‘the hum’ – whatever it may be – and want to source its origins. People hearing it say they suffer and the high-pitched...