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Video Compilation of Strange Sounds: USA and Argentina – January 21 – 23 2013

Here I present a compilation of strange sound videos that were caught within the last few days. You will see, some are very scary! Strange Sounds in Georgia - January...

Explosions in the sky in Mexico City

These explosions were recordered in the north-west of Mexico City on April 7, 2012. This might be explained by fireworks. The author's comments: My location was in the northwest of México City. The...

Humming Sound in Rosario, Argentina, 26 February, 2012

Do you have an idea about what could be these humming sounds heard in Rosario, Argentina? There weird and high-pitched noises from the sky are baffling! They sound like a...

Strange sounds in Mexico, April 18, 2012

This "singing Earth" sound has been recordered in Mexico on April 18, 2012 Author's comments: The sounds of Apocalypse.

Apocalyptic Strange Sounds from Fortaleza, Brazil – January

These Strange Sounds were recorded in Fortaleza, Northeastern Brazil. Is it fake? I have a strange feeling (listen at the end of the video, the image stops and we...