Did you feel strange during the eclipse?

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    Hello, did feel some “heart pressure” at the height of the event, as soon as it passed I recovered just fine– I had a disoriented feeling seeing it…had to shift my attention on children and keeping them out of the viewing.

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    Neither, exactly. But sort of a sense of strangeness/unreality.

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    Yes I felt dizzy n had to sit down, got a lil clarity, felt really tired, drained no energy

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    PA Mom

    I am in PA and I felt like I had on sunglasses. I felt uneasy and strange. This lasted for several hours. The animals also were disoriented by the odd dimming and pressure. It didn’t bother the kids. They continued as if it were nothing.

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    Collette Fuhriman

    My husband, my son and I were traveling from Colorado to Utah the day of the eclipse. I felt strange like a heaviness within me. My eyes even felt heavy. My son had a full on anxiety attack. It seemed my husband was in affected by it. It got quite cold for a bit. The eclipse was very surreal. Dreamlike.

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    I did Black Mass and summoned the devil to curse the human race when the sun went dark. It worked! Lots of Cat 5 hurricanes and fires.

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    My friend and I drove Carbondale Illinois from Delaware to catch the longest totality duration. He didn’t seem affected but I got a headache almost instantly when the sun was partially blocked. I slept for seventeen hours almost straight through afterwards and during I had to sit down because I was disoriented anxious and nervous as if something terrible was going to happen. It was scary as hell and as I am not a timid person I found it very frightening. I have doubled down on caution ever since, and still feel like something happened to me that day. It changed my entire outlook on life and the world and I am glad to see I am not alone in that finally, as I have said nothing to anyone regarding it. #nervously aware of change

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