How did you feel during the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse?

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    Strange Sounds

    I wasn’t in the right region of the globe to witness this space phenomenon live…. But still I felt it like. First very excited, then almost sick, depressed. It was really weird. I was unable to sleep, thinking about life, my goals, my destiny! Powerful! What about you?

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Exactly the same! But a few days before this event and not only me. And during the event hmm… Nothing special, very ordinary day, just like today.

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    Carlos Carrillo

    I actually was very excited and stayed up to see most of it from the begging to the end and would have to say it was amazing seeing the different phases of the moon. I didn’t see anyone else out tracking the moon as I expected to see crowds witness it. I actually felt energetic and thrilled watching the moon but did noticed that a odd vibe out there as if something was going to go wrong or that we were being watch.

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    Pyra Gorgon

    No big deal. I’ve seen super moons before and I’ve seen blue moons before. Not only that, but also blood moons, new moons, crescent moons too! I’m holding out waiting to see the moons backside. Would that mean the moon will be mooning me? The flat earthers say that the moon is a flat disc, hence no backside. What do they know, though? Maybe it’s hollow and rings like a bell…

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