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    Devils Tower

    CERN is producing magnetic fields from these collisions, 100,000 times stronger than the Earth’s natural magnetic field. These magnetic fields extend through our planet and out to our magnetosphere, causing major interruptions to our shields. Our magnetosphere is what protects us from gamma rays, particles from our sun and the cosmos.
    Telluric currents or Earth currents are generated because of the geomagnetic field (Magnetosphere) and are conducted back to the surface of the Earth and back into the mantle, and they induce Gravimetric waves. Gravimetric waves are gravity waves (a physical wave) that travel along the crust and through the mantle of the Earth. Telluric Waves are also audible, ***which is why we have heard sounds in the atmosphere as these currents are conducted from the Magnetosphere back to the Earth, which people refer to as apocalyptic sounds.*** But the Earth also has naturally occurring Telluric Currents called infrasound.
    Low-frequency acoustic emissions are waves that range from 20Hz to 100Hz, which are below the threshold of normal human hearing. Animals can hear at the lower frequencies. Infrasonic waves modulated that range from about 0 to 15 Hz, like radio transmissions occurring both naturally through Telluric Currents and from CERN. If you look at the Egyptian paintings and carvings from ancient times, you will see the figures of gods and deities holding tuning forks.
    ***The tuning forks and the sound that is being generated that we have heard from around the planet do have a relationship to one of the agenda items of the LHC.*** Through their admissions, **they are seeking interdimensional portals or gateways**. One of the ways is by using sound as one of their tools in addition to electricity and the magnetic fields. **They do this by using sound and vibration to augment their high-tech instruments to open the portals as done in the ancient times.**
    ****So people are hearing sounds being produced both from CERN and also by the Earth*** NASA has recorded these sounds coming from Saturn, and one of Saturn’s moons, and this is what it is. We are recording the Birkeland currents that are moving through the Electric Plasma. The Earth is a conductor as well as a battery. As it’s receiving these currents, it’s charging similar to a battery. So we hear that movement of electrons in the form of currents as these sounds.
    **Gravimetric waves appear to be creating earthquakes and reactivating volcanoes.*** ***There is a direct correlation between the superconducting magnets in the LHC and the magnetic fields being generated by the accelerated particles. The magnetic fields being generated are changing our Magnetosphere and the gravity.***

    So…If I am reading this right, and I THINK I AM…These sounds we are ALL hearing are being caused BY CERN!! AND THE OPENING OF THE DIMENSIONAL PORTALS..!!!

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    Strange Sounds

    Thanks. I am just trying to understand why people don’t report these noises in Geneva or in France near Geneva…

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    Devils Tower

    That is weird…Have you come up with a map pinning all the various reports…?
    It might be interesting too compare these reports against the BATSRUS Y – Cut Magnetic Field Lines Map (( https://iswa.ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov/IswaSystemWebApp/ ))
    or the Ionosphere Map (( http://wdc.nict.go.jp/x-ray/now/now-12-M.gif ))
    or the Heliplots Chart (( https://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplot.php ))
    I am sure there are others too check these noises against, but these are just a few that come right into mind…It might be interesting if any thing lines up…Maybe nothing…Just a thought…

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    Found a really interesting article on the core of the earth slowing down at an accelerated rate. Please look into it

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