Loud booms rattle Ranui, Massey, Henderson and Te Atatu, Auckland, New Zealand

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    West Auckland residents are not sure what hit the area last night.

    People living in Ranui, Massey, Henderson and Te Atatu said they heard a bizarre explosion around midnight.

    A Massey resident who did not wish to be named said a loud noise rattled through her house waking up the family. Some of the neighbours also stepped out to check what had happened.

    The police and fire service have no information regarding the explosion.

    A Trade Me forums user said the noise was quite different to sound heard during Defence Force exercises.

    A spokesperson confirmed the sound had nothing to do with NZDF.

    Did you hear the mystery boom last night?

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Hmm… probably a meteor or a sign from Earth powers – I noticed some time ago that Pacific Ring of Fire isn`t creating only earthquakes and volcanic activity, but also many other things like strange booms, strange/colorful clouds, sky flashes and other anomalies… I think that Earth spirit is waking up and shows us its magic/Psi/Chi/Ki/Prana energy blasts, because volcanoes are also big power places.

    In Masuria in my area there are also little power places which seem to also wake up, I saw here strange streams of clouds like some force pulled them like a wind, in Olsztyn I saw a purple flash one time and it wasn`t a lightning, it was longer and without sound, and in Jaroty district there is some power or magnetic anomaly because I always confuse world directions here, north seems to be in other direction than it is. Activity of UFOs was also here, whats more in one area there are geothermal waters (80*C) and over this area sometimes are appearing sounds like whispering from sky. Thunderstorms started to appear here also in winter (it never happened before). I think that Masuria is not only power place but there was or is still a hidden caldera. I remind that there were some earthquakes in Kaliningrad and scientists are expecting another ones.

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