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    Devils Tower

    This looks like some kind of moon…It goes from FULL to either being eclipsed or going to a crescent shape…I have NO idea what it is, where it is from, or what we are seeing here…But with the recent closings of Solar Observatories….I think we are all going to be finding out the truth very soon…I feel like they will no longer be able too hide this for much longer…

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    Devils Tower

    More strangeness here…And again…Over Antarctica…I watch several live stream webcams from a whole bunch of scientific observatories, and lately, there have been a very HIGH amount of these cameras being shut down, going offline, or “supposed” maintenance and at strange times…I find all this too be very very very suspect…But I know as much as you all do, maybe there is a reason all these live streams cams are being shutdown or going offline…Cannot say for sure, but I know we must consider all sides before coming too any certain conclusions…

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    Sorta like putting an infrared cam in your bed room to monitor nightly events.
    As for me I would not want to view it…………………….ever.

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    Devils Tower

    I hear you James…I have wondered the same thing, and thought about doing this…But could you EVER EVER EVERRRRRR watch the footage playback…? I am not sure I could…I know there are many things we know nothing about in this world…There are times I wake up more tired than I went too bed, or wake up sore I find a bruise or gash on my arms or legs and cannot for the life of me figure out where it came from…Could have just forgot where I ran into something, but could be other answers too…Every time I thought about recording my bedroom at night in IR though, like you, do not think I could bring myself too watching the footage…I mean…If you catch something on the playback….Would you EVER be able too sleep….EVER AGAIN…………

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    Devils Tower

    Captured some more anomalies may wanna see..!!!

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    Devils Tower

    And here again over the ESO in Chile…

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