Psychotronic weapons in action? Possessions? Or something else?

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    Apocalypse Rider

    I have written somewhat about strange emotional attacks, negative feelings and strange behaviors from nowhere before like: depression, loneliness, feeling of nonsense, apathy, stagnation, lack of energy etc. From some time Im being attacked by these things suddenly in random moments but recently some uncontrolled thoughts are trying to urge me also that whole universe is nonsense, soulless, random and the whole life is just for eating and breeding. I also noticed prominent problems with memory and concentration in myself and other people, regardless of age or gender. These mental attacks and thoughts sometimes make horrible feelings of being lonely, obsolete, unwanted etc. Sometimes there are good moments without any mental disturbances where I feel good and motivated to do something but usually they arent long. I have read recently about psychotronic weapons and found that they are being developed to cause almost exactly the same effects I have described. I`ve also read about some possessions where alien souls or daemons are causing these thoughts to cause suicide and free from the body to afterlife. It is more bothering due to fact that it occurs even during great sunny weathers.

    I think that the problem is growing rapidly and has to be distinctly noticed, because too many people have some or all described symptoms. And how about you? Do you have similar problems? Do you observe these in other people? What it can be? Psychotronic weapon madness? Massive possessions? Earth change effects? Curses? Aliens? Or something else?

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    Strange Sounds

    That’s a cool post. Thank you! For me it’s cyclical. Every beginning of month I have a deep, I feel strange, like if I was out of power! I have kind of define my month, my goals, my thoughts…. Than after 2-3 days this nebula is going away, I have power, energy and feel just much better… until the beginning of next month. What’s behind my behavior is mysterious to me… probably psychic, psychologic.

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Thanks! Yes indeed it is mystery but maybe I have noticed cyclical features too! It was about 2014 or 2015 when I noticed worse fettles in beginnings of months, but they didnt appear always and werent so powerful.

    And some fighting psychic forces become more powerful too. One “force” “says” that normal state of whole nature is omnipresent life, creation, motion, energy, development in all meanings, happiness, wildness etc, while second mind-attacking force says totally opposed things, like it would want to destroy whole nature and normality.

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    Hi guys. I’ve recently has the same disease. Walking in the sun outside with my dog, positive energy. Coming home… suddenly…. depressed..without any reason. Sometimes I went crazy from myself. But I’m cured now.

    It’s caused by all the 4G/5G/Wifi/TV ElectroMagnetic field that is interfearing our EM-field and changing our DNA.
    Our EM-field:
    5G Danger;

    My cure: moved from appartment block (10 different wifi signals through my body) to a single home with a garden. Wifi signal off, using cable. Turning off Smartphone or change settings to 3G


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    Apocalypse Rider

    Insteresting observation! In articles about psychotronic weapons I have also read about these radio devices and systems that are being allegedly used to corrupt mind and body. It can easily be true because we live in a world so full of absurds where everything like that is possible.

    Cities and blocks have usually very bad aura quality, I couldn`t live in such conditions. But these strange emotional attacks are sometimes appearing even in deep wilderness, village areas and small towns. During long term attacks (which can last few days long) the only cure for this is a sleep.

    For now there are quite good conditions in my area, energy makes want to go and run in the field, but then time has accelerated just insanely!

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