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    In the background behind the bugs you can hear what is a robotic groaning type of gurgling. It’s hard to make out but listen close. I have no clue how to describe it otherwise and never heard anything like it in my life. This was roughly 2:30am in a rural country area. Nothing man made here would make the noise. Immediately walking out my backdoor it was noticeable and startling to say the least. This is unfortunately the only clip I recorded of it due to me simply being too freaked out to stay outside any longer and sincerely in awe/disbelief to logically think outside of recording that for my snapchat. It didn’t have a pattern to it as it would start/stop at random intervals of every few seconds. It made me feel extremely uncomfortable and uneasy. I was outside for about five minutes until I went back in and do not know when it stopped. It really opened my eyes (or ears really) and has stuck in the forefront of my mind since.

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    Haarp is back on

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    Strange Sounds

    Yep this is really strange. Where exactly did it happen? Did others around also notice the noise?


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