This is AWFUL! Notre Dame de Paris is on FIRE and burns down!

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    Strange Sounds

    Yes, indeed! This is terrible! According to photos and videos from Paris, a huge fire is consuming the spire and roof of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedr
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    Space Traveler in Alabama

    The landmark of Satan Worshiping church has be burning down. I don’t know how many children have been sacrificed in this place for centuries. I am sure that Reptilian Secret Underground city just under this Satan church is also burning, now. There is a secret underground Paris just under Paris. The underground Paris has huge population of cannibal Reptilians eating human children for thousands of years.

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    Nothing terrible about that. It just signals the end of the christian/Roman era.

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    Space Traveler in Alabama

    Firefighters search for survivors after two illegally constructed buildings collapsed in Rio de Janeiro.

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    Djelari Ghana

    haha……..jupiter in gandanta……it’s not over for weeks. there will be floods and blood too.

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    Space Traveler in Alabama

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    Devils Tower

    12 Years After 9/11 came a CGI Cartoon on Youtube called I Pet Goat II….I Pet Goat was the book George Bush (As IN ON IT as any man could be ) the then president was reading to the elementary class on the day, the BIGGEST HOAX and attack on American soil commenced…So this video pops up, PREDICTING future events, and has ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM alllllll over it….ALL OVER IT…Saturated in it….So….12 years after 9/11, and 6 years before the day the Notre Dame Spire Collapses in France, making a grand total of 18 years after 9/11……So….We have a 18 year total…12 years the little ILLUMINATI video shows up on YT….and 6 years after it shows up, this amazing coincidence with Notre Dame….18 ~ 12 ~ 6…..MAN…..There are enough smart people out there to see this…..THE 6 ~ 6 ~ 6 is all over this….Number of Man and Number of the Beast…..Just thought I would share as it is STANDING OUT FLASHING GIGANTIC RED FLAGS TO ME……Anyway…God Bless and Much Love……
    Picture of I pet goat II prediction and Notre Dame Spire for comparison….

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