Why is the moon not where it should be ?

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    Liz Meade

    I thought the moon wasn’t where it used to be last summer. The full moon always rose between two large trees behind my back fence, and then I started seeing it a lot further south from my sitting point. No one else noticed, so I assumed it was just me.

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    Theres to many gays now days!

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    TY wakeywakey – i have a small pond on the north side of the house that i have not been able to put waterplants in for the last 17 years and Lo and Behold this year it is getting SUN in the late afternoon. It is a little unnerving.

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    I too have noticed that the moon is not where it should be. I live in Michigan, and the moon is normally in the east at night, but late July to now it has been in the western sky and very large, like a full moon rising in the eastern sky, wether it is a crescent, waning or full moon. It just feels odd and unnatural.

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    Ray Sumler

    The sun is setting to the MW and rises in the NE. The moon is SE and SW…NOT NORMAL…I have the earth is wobbling…Could be why the oceans in the southern hemisphere is “sloshing”…Interesting times..I think the man in the moon is driving drunk!!!

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    Ray Sumler

    OOOPS Talk to text

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    Nelson Toondrawer35

    Yes. I’ve been noticing the Moon’s lit half is facing Northward. You are not alone. Check the path of the eclipse! From South Carolina to Oregon. Northward. Not true East to West! The Inuit in 2016 claimed the Sun rose two days earlier than before. Plus, they say the snow bank tips are facing Eastward not Northward like they use to in order to navigate. Tampa airport had to realign their headings by repainting them on their tarmac. Magnetic North is now in the middle of Siberia. Can’t blame mankind for these changes! I blame Al Gore’s hot air. Just kidding.

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    Sacha Chtuka

    the moon IS actually really way off. Remarks like ‘the world’s media would be all over it’ are assumptions for dummies

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