Why is the moon not where it should be ?

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    Nik Cartmill

    I’ve been watching the different moon phases for about 17 years now and this week I’ve noticed it much further in the northern sky than I’ve ever seen before , has anyone else seen this or is it just me getting it wrong ?

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Everything is ok with moon, if it would be something wrong there would be great rumour on whole world and in all media. This “movement” of moon is due to fact that its orbit is very close to ecliptic surface, it is nor orbiting in equator surface.

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    Darren Thackray

    Hi i live in west yorkshire, lets say ive seen the moon at 10:30am in the west quadrant of our sky a couple of times now. Then a few times its looked really dark thru the night so looking up there were afew stars out but no moon and these were clear night skies lol.

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    Darren Thackray

    It could be that the FACTUAL independent evidence recently presented about our north pole has shifted 550 miles south east of its normal position of 2001. Since then the solar system has been magneticly weakend thru the 2012 galactic solar alignment and countless mini solar alignments since that, all corresponding to recent relevant geological and volcanic activaty thats all documented. Now add to that our weakend magnitospheres solarwide which lets thru more cosmic rays which create serious weather imbalance, which inturn make the northern pole rotation spin wider and wider until an ice age puts it all back in balance, at present our north poles magnetic center is spreadover a 1500 mile cirle instead of its pre galactic solar alignment magnetic center of just 30miles

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    Darren Thackray

    Oh and dont forget that since we looked last the earths axis had tipped nearly 6 degrees off normal axis due to the aforementioned exertion on our solar system, thats besides the threat of herclobos and its system of planets.

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Some of things you explained is right, but I won`t belive in so radical axis change. However I will try to check angular altitude of sun at the noon time in search of such thing. One thing is sure: since 2nd half of 2011 there is strong psionic radiation going from space which totally changed many things in the world, from weather and geology to spirit world and human actions.

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    Nik Cartmill

    Thank you to you all for responding , there’s a lot for me to research

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    Darren Thackray

    Heres an honest heads up, be living over 700ft elevation by sept lol,thats when weather may turn to shit

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    The above is A Classic TROLL There is NO WAY MAINSTREAM MEDIA WOULD TELL US WHATS REALLY GOING ON go to YouTube and see the proof of what’s really going on in this sick world you will see how much the media and the world is lying to us you think terrorist attacks are actually terrorist attacks think again they are police and governments killing innocent people where’s the blood there is none u see blood in Iraq and Iran real terrorist attacks but in others u see nothing NOTHING wake up people your retarded governments are lying to you want the truth research YouTube videos not mainstream media they don’t know CRAP!!!!!

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    @Apocolypse Raider IS THE TROLL not anyone else

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    DING DING DING! YOU ARE CORRECT! It seems everything has shifted about 20-30 degrees north. My apt. faces north, and I have noticed that the sun is setting much further north much sooner. As well, I’ve noticed that the wind seems to now come from the NE, when it used to come mostly from the SW, another anomaly I’ve noticed while in my north-facing apt. home. Coinkidink? I think not.

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    Nik Cartmill

    Thanks wakeywakey there doesn’t seem too any of us that actually look up and remember what and where we have seen stuff

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    Apocalypse Rider

    @george idiot or something? Well I find quite funny when such paranoidal people like you are screaming with capslock to catch some attention, I suggest you just go sleep, for recharge some brain cells 🙂

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    Ben Dover

    This is so sad.

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    Project Blue Beam.

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