At this point, it would be great to visualize where Strange Sounds were heard or have been heard around the world. I found this map on seektress. I will be editing and updating it each month. Each weird noise on the map is related to a youtube video if still online. What are believed to be fakes were not added to the map. Some videos also contain information about time, date, intensity, etc…

Strange Sounds Map

World Wide Reports From YouTube
Of Mysterious, Unidentified Events

Initiated January 21, 2012 with 82 Reports
Updated as time and reports allow.
Lorie Kramer


  1. Non riesco ad aggiungere la mia posizione. Abbiamo ascoltato un suono piuttosto strano il 24 settembre alla 1,30 e poi la mattina alle 10,25. Ho cercato si Internet e quello che gli somiglia di più è quello relativo al filmato di cui vi scrivo il link. Faccio il copia ed incolla di uno dei post che ci siamo scambiate io ed alcune amiche lo stesso giorno su FB.
    Anna Rita questo è perfetto… non ho visto tutto il filmato, ma il suono è quello dell’inizio!

    Strange sound in Kiev again Aug.11.11. Опять странный звук в Киеве 11.08.11
    ATTENTION: Many users have begun to make a fake video of a sounds Some of them u…
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    24 novembre alle ore 12.35 · Mi piace · Rimuovi anteprima
    Anna Rita
    24 novembre alle ore 11.30 ·
    E’ successa una cosa strana questa notte… verso luna e trenta, un rumore stranissimo, sordo, come una forte vibrazione (ma senza che si muovesse nulla) che veniva dall’esterno. Pochi minuti fa lo abbiamo sentito di nuovo… qualcuno di voi lo ha sentito?

  2. Booming sounds, like canon fire have been happening in and around Kingston New York now for about 4 months. I thought it was planes-sonic booms, but there are no planes. I have stood on my porch with binoculars looking. There is nothing. Last night, December 9 was the loudest. It rattled the windows, set off car alarms and every dog on the street howled. People were standing on the front porch looking, there was nothing to see. Also, the air raid sirens have been and are being, “tested,” 2×3 times a week. What is going on? What aren’t we being told?

  3. I have heard a hum in the morning now for 1 week. Stranger is I was at someone elses house this weekend and heard the same thing. Sounded like a vibrating phone but like morse code long sounds then break some short sounds break … I am thinking I should try to record it. Very subtle, I ask if the other person could hear it and mimicked it. She said no. Two different places now. hence why I am writing on is sight

    • my wife and I heard the same thing in the middle of the night, I believe it was this weekend, I thought it was electrical and I turned everything off so that was not it. I was asleep and i heard a loud noise that woke me up. It turned into a screeching like electrical humm that went to the core of my body and was really rattling. Almost sounded like a long wave of morse code. I had a thought that someone was putting that energy wave out there to make people feel insane, like mind control (first thing that came to my head after waking up). then I thought it was my hearing and something was wrong. it made me really panicked, I woke my wife up, she could hear it too and it was so intense. i frantically turned off her iphone, kept running around flipping light switches. i was glad she was hearing it too and it was not just me.we are in oakland, California .

  4. I live at Seinajoki in Finland and heard that same strange sound one morning at May 2012. It lasts about ten minutes. And i was wondering what it was.This week i saw a document from TV about Japan earthquakes and tsunami at 2011 amateur video footages. When tsunami was upcoming, some guy on video clip said: “What is that strange noise?” That was same strange metallic sound in video. Maybe these things linked to each others.

  5. I live in afton,TN and the boom shook our place. It has happened 2 times last night and on the sixth. The last time I heard booms like that it was in Elwood in. After a series of three booms we had an earthquake it was even mentioned in the next days paper.If the whole world is getting these,I would hate to witness an Quake that huge.

  6. I am from Utah and it has also been heard here. The sound was heard last night at about 9pm MT. It was not heard by a small group but was heard and felt by almost a 100 mile stretch of the most populated areas of Utah. Wyoming and Northern Hollywood also reported it.

  7. Check out the reports around Anchorage Alaska. Many nights of strange noises. Oddly too, more earthquakes. Don’t beleive AF…first stated not us and now stating…yeah it was us…..

  8. The strange rumble has been going on all morning here in western Washington it is pretty loud I can hear it inside of my home.

  9. A noise like a generator in the sky ran for a couple hours in Chesterfield, MI January, 2013. At first I thought it was the nearby base, but then traveled to the other side of town and heard it there, as well. Most probably thought it was sounds of traffic or dismissed it like did. That is, until a few weeks later when I searched the net for strange sky noises on a whim, after a troubling feeling like something weird is going on with the sky or earth. Trying to tell friends and family about the sky noise made me feel like a lunatic until I found so many other similar stories in other parts of the state. Can hardly believe how many weird stories I found on the net regarding sky noises, and found the exact noise I heard that someone had loaded to utube. Feel like I’ve been blessed with awareness that most are probably too busy to notice or simply dismiss the sounds as I did for a few weeks. Don’t know what to do, except keep myself informed. Feel like something big is going to happen to our earth, but can’t focus in on any one particular thing. One thing I’ve realized since searching for answers, is how fragile our earth is and how vulnerable we humans really are. Time to stop taking things for granted and have faith in The Lord. Be good to one another!. Keep up this informative site, as I have a feeling many more will stumble across it in their quest for answers like I did.

  10. I have noticed on the west coast of Florida, near St. Petersburg, a
    very strange rumble. The first time I just thought it was military
    scrambling going on because of the close proximity to Centcom.
    It is hard to describe the noise, other than it sounds a little bit
    like distant thunder. I don’t believe now that it has anything to do
    with thunder. The most recent time I heard it was a couple days
    ago, and that would be around the date of 3/7/13…I have talked
    about it with other people in my area, and apparently they are
    not noticing it at all.

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    i live in brooklyn and in the past 4hrs iv’e heard the “humming” sound and same MO ( car alarm dogs and cats looking for it…) i hope its not like what happened in california humming on sunday and earthquake yesterday

  12. In Oklahoma city I keep hearing a loud grumbling jet sound but it doesn’t fade away like a normal plane does its llastsfor 10-25 min then abrubtly stops like if turned off by a switch or something.

  13. I do not have any recording. I have been in bed, but have heard “jet” sounds about three times. Though I live on the water (Connecticut coastline) near a small airport and at first just thought to myself “jet”… we don’t have planes that big or loud come in. The aiport is mostly self owned planes, smaller puddle jumpers. It probably only lasted not even 5 minutes but this was only about a week after the meteor fell in Russia, and I though to myseltf, great…. another meteor… but I was saying it to myself with humor. The next morning I woke up to friends on face book posting about seeing an exploding, moving bright light across the sky (towns from 10 – 30/40 miles apart). Then last night I heard the boom along the CT coast that everyone else has, found this sight and about the jet sounds… and crap… this is just weird… but I knew in my commen sense and my soul it wasn’t a jet I heard those three times.

  14. I don’t have a youtube video, unfortunately, as of yet, but last night (09/17/13) at 3am till 5.30am, my girlfriend and I have heard a series of pulsing humming noises. They were very regular, lasting for 5:03 minutes, separated by exactly 2 minutes of silence. They couldn’t be attributed to any home appliance, any noises made by sewers or piping, or the chimney. We’re still don’t know what it was, but it’s a new phenomenon, as I’ve been staying up till 3-4am in the past and it wasn’t to be heard then. Please, add Gdynia,Poland to the map. I’m wondering, if anyone else from this vicinity has heard it too.

  15. omg guys I’m soooooooo confused I’m hearing noises sounding like cows but there’s no cows were I live I live in Barnwell South Carolina

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