Hurricanes trigger earthquake: Three hurricanes churning in the Atlantic produce M8.2 earthquake on Pacific coast of Mexico

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Can hurricanes produce earthquakes? Since a few days, there are several hurricanes sweeping in the Atlantic and yesterday, a M8.2 earthquake on Pacific coast of Mexico. Are these events related? Scientists...

May God protect us all: Irma becomes most powerful hurricane ever recorded in Atlantic

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The most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history bore down on the islands of the north-east Caribbean. Leeward Islands of Antigua and Barbuda braced for category 5 storm, which...

Neapolis discovery in Tunisia: Huge ‘Tsunami-Sunk’ Roman ruins found underwater in Tunisia

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Twenty hectares of the remains of Roman ruins under the sea have been discovered in Nabeul, Tunisia. This is a major archeological discovery which confirms ancient stories that a tsunami...

After 8 years of calm, La Cumbre volcano erupts at the Fernandina Island in Galapagos

eruption galapagos, Eruption of Fernandina La Cumbre volcano in Galapagos on September 4 2017, volcanic eruption La Cumbre volcano galapagos, volcanic eruption galapagos september 4 2017video
After 8 years of calm, La Cumbre volcano sitting on the Fernandina Island in Galapagos erupted on September 4, 2017. The newly active volcano began generating a column of water...

Katla watching: Icelanders plan for next catastrophic volcanic eruption

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Katla last erupted in 1918. Never before in recorded history have 99 years passed without an eruption from the volcano. And eight out of the last 10 eruptions at Katla...

The biggest wildfire in Los Angeles history looks like a giant volcanic eruption

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The La Tuna Fire has now became the largest blaze by acreage in Los Angeles city history. And the apocalyptic fire looks like a giant volcanic ash cloud. Fueled by hot...

M5.3 earthquake followed by 51 aftershocks hit Idaho close to Yellowstone National Park

M5.3 earthquake idaho, M5.3 earthquake idaho september 2017
Idaho is currently being rocked by a series of earthquake since September 2, 2017. The most powerful quake in the swarm is a M5.3 earthquake hit about 17 miles east...

The Yellowstone earthquake swarm becomes one of the biggest on record with 2,300 quakes since June 2017

yellowstone earthquake swarm september 2017, yellowstone earthquake swarm september 2017 updatevideo
The ongoing swarm at Yellowstone National Park is now one of the longest and largest on record. The largest swarm ever recorded was in October 1985; it lasted for three...

M6.3 earthquake rattles Sumatra, Indonesia

M 6.3 earthquake hits off Sumatra Indonesia on August 31 2017video
A strong M6.3 earthquake hit near the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia on August 31, 2017. The epicenter of the shallow quake was situated at a depth of 49.5 km (30.7...

Texas reservoirs and rivers continue to swell from Harvey (video)

This is bad... And Houston could disappear! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Lost spanish town emerges from the deep after 60 years submerged in water

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And suddenly a lost Spanish town has emerged from the deep. Old ruins of Mansilla de la Sierra normally hidden beneath waters of a massive reservoir have been revealed following...

After extreme water receding, Atlantic tidal storm floods Punta del Este, Uruguay with sea foam

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Two weeks ago, the water had almost disappeared along the beaches of Punta del Este, Uruguay, baffling residents and officials. Now, a powerful Atlantic storm with giant waves is currently...

Downtown Houston is gone if Addicks Reservoir breaks (video)

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Barker and Addick reservoirs are filling rapidly, nearing capacity for the first time, putting thousands of homes and entire communities at risk. A controlled release will begin tonight at 2am....

Geometric ordered mysterious holes in the ground discovered in the impenetrable Russian Taiga (video)

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What are these mysterious holes discovered while flying over the Arkhangelsk region in Russia? The strange features appear to be side-to-side, almost symetric and in a kind of geometric order...

These before and after pictures of Houston catastrophic floods are just terrifying

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Here some before and after pictures of the catastrophic floods that engulfed Houston after being hit by hurricane Harvey. Terrifying! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Strong earthquake activity at Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland – M4.2 and M3.8 quakes rattle the volcano at night

Two strong earthquakes hit bardarbunga volcano on August 27 2017, Bardarbunga seismic unrest
A strong earthquake activity was reported at Bárðarbunga volcano during last night. Is Bárðarbunga volcano getting close to being fully inflated again since the eruption in Holuhraun ended in February...

M2.2 earthquake felt like an explosion in Maine

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Did you also feel and hear it? A minor M2.2 earthquake was felt like an explosion on August 24, 2017 in Casco Bay, Maine. The 2.2 magnitude earthquake was reported around...

Major water receding again: Ocean mysteriously disappears in Brazil and anomalous tides in Chile (video)

ocean receding brazil august 23 2017video
There is something really weird happening along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts these last weeks. Water is receding along the Atlantic coast, while Pacific waters are expanding and flooding parts...

Be prepared: Harvey strengthens into hurricane as Texas takes cover

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The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) upgraded Harvey to a hurricane from a tropical storm on Thursday afternoon. They added it would strengthen into a Category 3 hurricane before hitting...

Unprecedented snow falls over Romania and Russia (video)

Anomalous snow fell in Romania on August 23 2017, snow romania august 2017, snow romania august 2017 video, snow romania august 2017 picturesvideo
At least 5 cm of snow fell in the region of Borșa, a small town in eastern Maramureș County, Romania. This is the first time ever in August. On the...