Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Giant landslide torns down buildings and school – highway sinks by more than 8 meters in China

landslide, china landslide, china landslide rain, rain triggers giant landslide chinavideo
A rain-triggered landslide torn down the buildings of the village committee, a village clinic, a primary school and 44 other residences on Thursday night in a village in Dayao...

100 kg white phosphorus bomb explodes causing a huge forest fire in Wittstock, Germany

A 100 kg (220 lbs) white phosphorus bomb detonated on Friday, causing a huge forest fire in Wittstock. The blaze consumed some 56 hectares (120 km²) of forest in a...

Two moderately strong earthquakes hit off Oregon – The major earthquake in the Pacific Northwest looks even closer

oregon earthquake, oregon earthquake sept 2016, oregon earthquake september 25 2016, M5.0 earthquake oregonvideo
There is a 17 to 20 percent chance that northern Oregon will be hit by a magnitude-8 earthquake in the next 50 years, say scientists. And today, two moderately-strong quakes...

Deadly M4.8 earthquake kills 6 in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC: At least 6 dead in 4.8 magnitude earthquake in Bukavu, congo earthquake, deadly earthquake congo, deadly earthquake rwanda, deadly earthquake drc, deadly earthquake africa september 2016video
A deadly M4.8 earthquake killed 6 people and wounded several others in Bukavu, capital of South Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo on September 23, 2016. A wall fell on...

Strange noises reported during M5.6 earthquake hits Romania

romania earthquake, romania earthquake september 2016, strong earthquake romania, strong earthquake shakes romania and europevideo
A M5.6 earthquake hit the Vrancea seismic area, Romanian just before midnight on September 23, 2016 creating strange noises and rumblings. Tremors of the strongest earthquake this year in Romania...

Large fireball explodes over UK

fireball uk, uk fireball, uk meteor, uk fireball video, uk fireball picture, uk fireball september 23 2016video
This large fireball exploded in the night sky over UK on September 23, 2016 at 23:34:15 local time. It was luckily captured by some cameras of the UK Meteor Observation Network at Ash...

M6.2 earthquake followed by series of 11 quakes hit Japan

japan earthquake, japan M6.2 earthquake, japan M6.2 earthquake swarm, japan earthquake september 23 2016video
A M6.2 Earthquake hit off the coast of Japan on September 23, 2016. It was followed by a swarm of 11 smaller quakes right in the same area where the...

Clouds or something similar

cloud, animal in clouds, strange forms in clouds, weird clouds, cloud formation
Cloud-watching is one of the best pastimes. Now, just stretch out and let your imagination wander as you spot the faces and images in the clouds. And please, don't forget to...

Two tornadoes rip through Washington Terrace and Panguitch, Utah

tornado utah, utah tornado, tornado utah pictures, tornado utah videosvideo
At least two reported tornadoes hit the state of Utah on September 22, 2016, leaving ravaged homes in their wake. It sounded like Armageddon. What an horrific autumn start! The first...

Strongest earthquake in 11 years hits Mozambique

mozambique earthquake, mozambique earthquake september 22 2016, rare mozambique earthquake, map mozambique earthquake
A 5.5-magnitude earthquake hit on September 22, 2016 at 8:06pm (UTC) Mozambique, Africa. The moderately-strong earthquake, which epicenter was situated at a depth of 10km, struck 483 km SE of...

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