Friday, March 24, 2017

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Deadly M5.1 earthquake hits Burma: 2 dead and 36 injured after temple collapses

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A moderate earthquake shook Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, on March 13, 2016, killing 2 and injuring at least 36 after a temple collapsed. The deadly M5.1 quake was centered about...

Mysterious object falls from the sky in Colombia. Satellite?

mysterious object colombia satellite, satellite falls in colombia, Project Loon balloon falls in colombia, What is this mysterious object that fell from the sky in Colombia? Satellite or Project Loon balloon?video
What is this mysterious object that fell from the sky and crashed in San Luis, Colombia? A satellite or some kind of new spying devices? The strange object, looking like something...

There is so much snow in Kazakhstan that cows go through a tunnel to reach their fields

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Kazakhstan has been hit by heavy snowfall this year. The snowdrifts are so high that cows have to go through a tunnel to get to their fields. As shown in a...

Anomalous snow storm hits Tibet (video)

A heavy snowstorm hit the southern counties in Shigatse City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on March 10, 2017. 61cm of snow within less than 12 hours; thousands of people...

Durban hit by tropical cyclone monster storm surge (tsunami) and extreme winds cancelling a cycle race

durban giant waves, durban giant waves tsunami, durban giant tusnami waves, strong winds south africa march 2017, durban giant waves march 2017 video, Durban, South Africa was hit by monster waves (tsunami) on March 12, 2017. Due to the high winds accompanying the weather anomaly, a bike race had to be cancelled! Crazy videosvideo
Dramatic footage has emerged of a powerful storm surge hitting the coast of Durban, South Africa. The giant waves were accompanied by extreme winds that cancelled a popular cycle race. The...

Apocalyptical hailstorm hits Rio Grande do sul, Brazil (video)

Just unreal! Here a video showing the damage after the hailstorm which was apparently accompanied by a tornado! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Volcanic unrest: Popocatepetl (Mexico), Sinabung (Indonesia), Fuego (Guatemala), Erta Ale (Ethiopia), Etna (Italy), Bogoslof (USA) and Pacaya (Guatemala)

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Meanwhile, during this week-end, volcanic eruptons were reported around the world. Popocatepetl (Mexico), Sinabung (Indonesia), Fuego (Guatemala), Erta Ale (Ethiopia), Etna (Italy), Bogoslof (USA) and Pacaya (Guatemala). Popocatepetl (Mexico) In addition to...

Two earthquakes hit near Mt. St. Helens, Washington State

Two earthquakes hit near Mt. St. Helens and Tacoma on March 10, 2017, quake Mt. St. Helens merch 2017, two earthquakes hit Mt. St. Helens
A M2.2 earthquake struck about 2:30 a.m. Friday just west of Mount St. Helens, about 28 miles east of Longview. Then about 7:50 a.m., a M1.8 quake was reported just...

More than 1 million residents lose power in Michigan during largest weather related outage event in DTE Energy history

Windstorm cuts power to more than 1 million in Michigan, millions without power in michigan, 1 million residents without power in michiganvideo
More than 1 million utility customers in Michigan have lost power after a powerful windstorm swept through the state on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. DTE Energy calls it the largest...

Enormous supercell thunderstorm damages parts of Uruguay

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If ever you felt uncertain about the sheer power of thunderstorms, these images and the impressive video of a gigantic forming supercell over Nuevo Berlín in Uruguay should convince...

Hurricane winds of 44 m / s on Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Hurricane winds of 44 m / s on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, United States (9 March 2017). Nobody was able to resist to the furiosity of the Mother Nature! Insane! Follow...

Lake turns pink overnight in Melbourne, Australia

pink lake melbourne australia, Lake turns bright pink in Melbourne, Australia, lake turns pink in melbourne overnightvideo
Parks officials in Victoria, Australia, are warning visitors to a popular park to avoid contact with a salt lake that has turned bright pink. The salt lake in Melbourne's Westgate...