Friday, December 9, 2016

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Cascadia Rising: The biggest megaquake exercise to prepare the imminent Cascadia megaquake and tsunami

Cascadia Rising, Cascadia Rising response exercice, cascadia tsunami, cascadia earthquake, On January 26, 1700, the last megathrust earthquake, a M9 earthquake, hit the Cascadia subduction zone. The resulting tsunami reached the coasts of Japanvideo
Cascadia Rising will be the biggest seismic exercise ever conducted in the Pacific Northwest. Nearly 6,000 emergency and military personnel will undergo a four-day exercise to test response to a...

Dramatic floods in Peru due to El Niño

peru floods, peru floods march 2016, peru flooding pictures, peru floods video, peru floods video march 2016video
The climatic phenomenon El Niño led to severe flooding in cities located along the Pacific coast of Peru. The government sent 250 soldiers in the disaster areas. In the city of...

Mysterious strange sounds in Belgrade

This mysterious strange sound rang from the sky of Belgrade, Serbia on September 2, 2011 at 2:30 AM. Have you already heard something similar? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Rivers turn black in oily Peruvian Amazon

black river amazon peru oil spill, oil spill amazon, peru oil spill amazon, peru amazon oil spill, water resources polluted by oil spill in peruvian amazon, black waters in peruvian amazonvideo
Why are rivers turning black in the Amazon right now? Water supply and delicate ecosystem contaminated by spate of oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon. A disastrous spate of oil spills...

This secret wilderness Wi-Fi will help you survive the incoming apocalypse

wifi survival keepalive, wilderness wifi, survival wifi, stone survival wifi, stone wifi fire, fire this stone to get wifi, wifi stone survival apocalypse, Project Keepalive by Aram Barthollvideo
You won't survive the apocalypse without this secret wilderness Wi-Fi. But first you will have to make a fire to power this Wi-Fi router. This is not just a simple rock...

Another Inskip Point giant landslide swallows up the beach

Inskip Point landslide, Inskip Point landslide pictures, Inskip Point landslide video, Inskip Point sinkhole, Inskip Point sinkhole video, Inskip Point sinkhole picture, Inskip Point sinkhole february 2016video
Authorities are monitoring another large landslide at Inskip Point swallowing up the beach. Members of the public warned to take care around the barge area. ‬ // Inskip Point landslideInskip Point: Authorities...

Loud boom and flash of light as fireball explodes in the skies of Scotland

meteor scotland february 29 2016, loud bang meteor scotland february 29 2016, loud boom and flash of light scotland february 2016, mysterious boom and rumbling as fireball explodes over Scotland february 29 2016, scotland fireball explosion videovideo
What was this strong flash of light and loud rumbling boom in the skies over the north east of Scotland on February 29, 2016? The mysterious light appeared at around 7pm...

Bird revives back to life another bird

bird revives bird, Bird revives another bird Video, bird revived back to LIFE by another bird videovideo
In the video, a robin is seen unconscious on the ground after it have been knocked out by flying into a window. Then another robin attempts to revive the fallen...

Mysterious spike in Carbon Monoxide over California – Precursor to ‘The Big One’

anomalic carbon monoxide concentrations california, high co explosion california, carbon monoxide explosion california, calfornia big one carbon monoxide spike, the big one california carbon monoxid californiavideo
Anomalic Carbon Monoxide concentrations have reported over California on February 26, 2016.  What the heck is going on? Could it be a precursor to 'The Big One'? On February 26, The...

The sky is not moving we are

the sky is not moving we are, Earth Rotating Instead of Stars , earth rotates not star, earth rotate not star, stars do not move we dovideo
It's not the sky that is moving. It's just the Earth that is rotating. This time-lapse starfield by Jose Francisco and Stéphane Guisard has been edited to show the rotation of the Earth from...

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