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Mysterious fireball explodes in loud bang over Denmark – Many kilos of meteorite found

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On February 6, 2016, a bright mysterious fireball exploded in the sky of Denmark and Sweden, creating a loud bang. Many kilos of the space rock have been collected... Meteorite...

Interdimensional three-sun portal opens up over Dombay

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This insane three-sun phenomenon looks like an interdimensional portal opening up over the ski resort of Dombay, Russia on February 8, 2016. But the weirdest to me is that the...

A terrifying thunderstorm video from Maroochydore, Australia

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That's one of the most terrifying thunderstorm timelapse I've ever seen. This impressive video from Blue Dog Films was captured off Maroochydore, Australia. This storm off of Maroochydore, Australia is terrifying and...

Exploding meteor and zodiacal light over Mojave desert, California

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This awesome video by astrophotographer Harun Mehmedinovic features an exploding meteor and a rare flash of zodiacal light over the Mojave desert. And reminds us that our existence is contained...

Johnny Cash tarantula discovered at Folsom State Prison, California

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A new species of tarantula species discovered at Folsom State Prison, California has been named after Johnny Cash. Aphonopelma johnnycashi is one of 14 new species of tarantulas identified by...

Santiaguito volcano erupts again in Guatemala

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A new explosion at Santiaguito volcano, Guatemala was recorded on February 7, 2016. Look at the pictures of the large ash and gas clouds engulfing the sky. Powerful. Here a first...

Disgusting invasion of snow fleas may also occur around you

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An invasion of snow fleas may also occur around your home... And that's disgusting. These days, they are plaguing several areas of the Tula region in Russia. Sometimes, snow becomes black as...

Fish rain in Dire Dawa City, Ethiopia

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I don't know what to think about the mysterious fish rain phenomenon. But according to local newspapers, fish rained in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia on February 2, 2016. What the heck... Unusual fish...

What exactly did North Korea put up?

north korea rocket launch february 6 2016video
What exactly did North Korea put up? It seems that North Korea just launched a long-range missile into space, which could in theory make it possible to deliver a nuclear device. This...

Fireball brighter than full moon over the United Arab Emirates

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This fireball over the United Arab Emirates had similar brightness than a full moon. It was captured 06 February 2016 at 21:54:23 UT by the cameras of the UACN project. The...

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