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The land of the thousand mirrors lets you take the best rice fields pictures ever

rice field picture, land of the thousand mirrors, the land of the thousand mirrors phenomenon, sun reflection in rice fields, awesome pictures of rice fields, best pictures of rice fiels sunset
When rice fields in Yuanyang, Yunnan, China are flooded. The reflection of the sun and the sky on the water makes you believe you are in the "land of the...

Just a snake dragging a catfish out of the water at Falls Lake, North Carolina

There are really strange things happening on the shores of Falls Lake in Rolesville, N.C. A kayaker recorded a snake snagging a catfish and pulling it out of the water...

Meteorito de San Carlos: 712-gram meteorite crashes through the roof of a house in San Carlos, Uruguay

meteorite san carlos, meteorito san carlos, meteorito de san carlos, meteorite san carlos uruguay, meteorite san carlos uruguay october 2015, meteorite falls in Uruguay, meteorite destroys farm in Uruguay, uruguay meteorite falls on farm, An image of the meteorite that fell in San Carlos, Uruguay. Photo: Meteorite de San Carlos
Uruguay has its first meteorite fall. The space rock fell on September 18, 2015. But it is only yesterday, on October 14, 2015, that scientists disclosed the black stone that...

And suddenly a rainforest emerges in the arid desert of Salalah, Oman

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Each year during Khareef - between June and September - a weather phenomenon transforms the arid desert of Salalah into a haven for wildlife and nature. During the so-called 'Salalah Monsoon'...

Tornado sirens in downtown Chicago are totally creepy

These tornado sirens in downtown Chicago rang out during a storm in 2010. And this warning sound is just totally creepy. Here some other recordings of sirens around the world. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Just another mysterious mass grave of woolly mammoths discovered in Siberia

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A new mysterious mass grave of woolly mammoths has been discovered along a Siberian river. Bones of 11 extinct giants plus one woolly rhinoceros have been discovered... And why did...

Apocalyptical tsunami in the sky forms after collision of 2 supercell storms in the sky Nebraska

tsunami in the sky, giant wave cloud, tsunami cloud, giant tsunami cloud, wave cloud picture, amazing storm front, storm front like giant tsunami wave, this supercell front looks like a tsunami wave
The collision of two supercells resulted in the formation of this enormous "tsunami in the sky" storm front. Look at these giant wave supercell pictures by Mike Hollingstead. They will just blow...

Underground fire could reach nuclear waste at Bridgeton Landfill, Missouri

There is currently an inextinguishable underground fire at Bridgeton Landfill that has been burning for five years. And now the flames could reach the nuclear waste and send radioactive smoke...

Contrails? Or these planes are spaying chemtrails?

chemtrail contrail gif, chemtrail, contrail, chemtrail gif, contrail gif,Are these contrails? Or chemtrails? Eerie gif shows smoke trails coming out of a C-17 Globemaster III engines over the Netherlands
Are these contrails? Or chemtrails? The first two pictures are actually gifs. They were captured over the Netherlands. The first one features a boeing C17 with 'contrail' at cruise altitude. The second...

Stargazing in the Atacama desert like you have never seen it before

This time lapse video features a collection of night short films captured at the Atacama desert and at the ALMA Observatory in Chile. Milky Way, stars, meteors... Stargazing at its highest. Enjoy. Every...

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