Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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The doomsday clock remains at 3 minutes to midnight

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This doomsday clock is a metaphor of how close humanity is to destroying the planet. And as shown by Lawrence Krauss the world is now three minutes away from a global...

Rare nacreous clouds over Murmansk

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This morning, the sky of Murmansk was colored by rare nacreous clouds. These awesome polar stratospheric clouds look like giant iridescent anticrepuscular rays. Look at these amazing pictures by Vitaly Makarov Residents of Murmansk,...

Sonic boom rattles Charleston and the Lowcountry in South Carolina

charleston boom
At 12:45 p.m., a sonic boom rattled buildings in Charleston and houses across the Lowcountry in South Carolina. I say jet sonic boom as the jolt was stronger and duration...

Thousands of dead starfish at Port St. Joe beach, Florida

Thousands of starfish spotted at Port St. Joe beach, florida starfish mass die-off, dead starfish florida, thousands of dead sea stars in Florida, Port St. Joe beach starfish die-off, dead starfish Port St. Joe beach, Port St. Joe beach florida starfish, Thousands of sea stars were discovered dead on Port St. Joe beach in Florida.video
Thousands of dead starfish washed ashore in Port St. Joe beach, Florida on January 24, 2016. The cause of this mass death is still unknown and under investigation. But it seems to...

Fireball lenticular cloud swallows up Madeira, Portugal

madeira strange cloud, madeira strange lenticular cloud, madeira strange cloud looks like fireball, fireball lenticular cloud madeira, This strange lenticular cloud appeared on January 24 2016. Photo: Meteo Madeira
The island of Madeira was struck by a lenticular cloud that looked like a giant fireball on January 24, 2016. Yes this cloud really looks like a red ball of...

That’s what I call an insane supercell shelf cloud

supercell shelf cloud, supercell picture, shelf cloud picture, shelf cloud dk photography, shelf cloud nsw storms, best shelf cloud pictures, best supercell picture, dk photography, This supercell shelf cloud was growing in the sky of NSW, Australia on January 23, 2016.
Now that is what you call an an insane supercell shelf cloud! This thunderstorm was captured @ Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia on January 23, 2016 This amazing Supercell brought with it this...

Mysterious strange sounds from the sky baffle residents of San Salvador

strange sounds san salvador, strange sounds san salvador, Mysterious strange sounds from the sky in San Salvador, san salvador strange noise, strange sounds in the sky san salvador, new strange sounds from the sky, new weird noise, strange sounds january 2016, New mysterious strange sounds from the sky have been recorded in San Salvador on January 23, 2016. But the source of the weird noise remains unexplained.
New recordings of the mysterious strange sounds from the sky have emerged from San Salvador on January 24, 2016. Thousands of mystified people were trying determine the source of these strange...

White fireball disintegrates in the sky of Lviv, Ukraine

The sky of the largest city in western Ukraine was visited by a disintegrating bright white fireball on January 23, 2016, local time. The entry of this space rock must have been impressive...

Signs in the sky: Sundogs and iridescent clouds announce Winter Storm Jonas

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Sometimes there are signs in the sky... Sundogs on steroids! Iridescent clouds explosion! And haunting Moon halos! Look at these amazing sky phenomena that appeared in the sky of the eastern...

Extremely rare swarm of 7 powerful earthquakes rattles Morocco

morocco earthquake, morocco earthquake swarm, Strong Earthquake Strikes Mediterranean, morocco earthquakes, morocco earthquake january 25 2016, morocco stron earthquake, , Strong Earthquake Strikes Mediterranean january 25 2016, Location map of the earthquake swarm that struck off Morocco in the Mediterranean Sea on January 25 2016.
A powerful 6.1 magnitude earthquake shook the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Morocco on January 25, 2016. It was then followed by a swarm of 6 moderately strong aftershocks ranging...

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