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Monster flash flood engulfs southern Utah as seen from a drone

That's why you should always check the weather before going on a hike. Especially in desertic Utah when 2.5 inches of rain fell within 1.5 hours over a wide area....

Rocket engine falls through and destroys roof in China

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As featured by the AtlasV launching on September 2, 2015, rocket flights can be hauntingly beautiful. But what if something just unexpectedly falls from the craft and falls on your...

Meanwhile the Solikamsk Potash Mine crater has reached unprecedent dimensions

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Last November, a giant crater had emerged after the collapse of a potash mine in western Russia. 9 months later, it has grown so big - from 120 ft to now...

Rare nautilus seen for the first time in 30 years – Crusty Nautilus has not gone extinct.

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Crusty Nautilus has not gone extinct. Last month, marine biologists found a specimen of Allonautilus scrobiculatus off the coast of Ndrova Island in Papua New Guinea. And that the first...

The world’s oldest mummified puppy has been just found in Siberia and is 12,500 years old

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These are amazing images of the sibling of the world's oldest mummified puppy found in Siberia. The dog mummy is 12,500 years old has been unearthed a small village of...

Shaolin monk runs on water for 125 meters setting a new world record

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That Shaolin monk transcended himself to run on water for 125 meters, breaking his own record. Check out this incredible video of a Shaolin monk walking on water for 125...

Talk about fire in the sky! Massive red sprites bursts over Poland

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My first reaction, oh my God… My second, how amazing… My first reaction, oh my God… My second, how amazing… My third, what a great shot! Talk about fire in the sky! These massive fireworks...

And suddenly Godzilla appeared in the US sky

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What do you see in this cloud? Yes, it's Godzilla and it appeared in the sky of Massachusetts on September 2nd 2015. Here a little help if you didn't see Cloudzilla: Yeah. Clouds are...

Exceptional summer snow at the Whistler peak excites social media

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The long and hot summer in British Columbia had a brutal ending. Snow fell on Wednesday, September 2nd at the peak of Whistler. The snowfall began Wednesday and will continue tonight. September...

What is this mysterious giant blob found underwater in Turkey?

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A group of divers found a translucent bubble about the size of a car on the west coast of Turkey. The bubble was soft, gelatinous, almost totally tranluscent. But what...