These creepy mammatus clouds over Israel are so mind-blowing – April 19, 2014

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Mammatus clouds are also known as mammatocumulus or translated from Latin to english: "mammary cloud" or "breast cloud". Breast clouds usually form at around 4 kilometers above the sea level...

Fireball and meteor explosions over Japan between April 17 and 19 2014

Wow! I would have liked to be there to watch this amazing nature spectacle! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

It’s amazing out there: If you are lucky, you will see this rare solar eclipse on April 29 2014

Yeah, it's too bad! But hey we cannot be lucky everyday and should be happy with the red moon eclipse we witnessed last week! This sun eclipse will be an...

Space oddity: Mystery of superbright supernova solved

Mystery Solved! Super-Bright Supernova Was Magnified by Cosmic Lens, Astronomers Solve Mystery of Superbright Supernova, space mystery, strange space mystery, mysterious supernova, superbright supernova, mystery of superbright supernova solved, This figure explains how a galaxy can act as a magnifying lense and increase the light intensity of a supernova. Photo: BBC, Mystery of dazzling supernova solved, An exceptionally bright supernova that baffled scientists has been explained why are supernova bright?, how supernova are produced,
According to a new scientific paper published in Science, the mystery behind the supra luminous supernova is a galaxy sitting in front, which amplifies its light, like a natural magnifying...

Don’t be afraid! Only 26 asteroids hit our planet with the force of our most powerful weapons

A Map Of Every Nuke-Scale Asteroid Strike From The Last Decade
This is an amazing video and fact! Between 2000 to 2013, 26 asteroids were registered hitting our planet Earth with an explosive power larger than our most destructive weapons! These...

Huge fireball explosion recorded in the sky over Russia and Finland – April 19 2014 (VIDEO)

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A huge fireball lit up and exploded in the sky over Murmansk in Russia on April 19, 2014. Look at the dashcam video below! It is simply amazing!   The meteor...

Aerial accident: Plane hits monster swarm of bees

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There is a growing number of bee swarms this year. And what they have triggered on April 16, 2014, is simply amazing! A plane had to turned around after...

Best mysterious blood moon total eclipse photos and timelapse video

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It's coolest looking moon I have ever seen. I have seen a few eclipses but nothing even came close to this. Come on, the moon has been all full and blood...

Huge Meteor Flies Over Arizona – April 12 2014

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A huge orange fireball has been seen in the sky over Arizona on Saturday night, April 12, 2014. The fireball is actually thought to be a meteorite since witnesses...

Strange Clouds in the Sky Over Bern Switzerland – HAARP?

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This morning, the sky over Bern was covered by strange, fine filament-like clouds. Does anybody know how they form? Actually, they forecast rain for tomorrow. Are these clouds appearing in...