Intense auroras shoot out in the sky like lava during a volcanic eruption as solar storm slams Earth

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These pictures were captured at latitude 64, in Chukotka in the Far East region of Russia on April 21, 2018 as a consequence of an intense interplanetary shock wave. And the...

This really looks like an angel

sun angel, angel sun, nibiruvideo
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Interplanetary shock wave hits Earth’s magnetic field creating red, yellow, green southern lights and blue northern lights

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When an interplanetary shock wave - a supersonic disturbance in the gaseous material of the solar wind usually delivered by coronal mass ejections (CMEs) - hit Earth's magnetic field on April...

More than 50,000 lightnings struck France and UK last night

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More than 50,000 lightning strikes were recorded over Great Britain, France and the English Channel in the night between April 21 and April 22, 2018. This is a pretty...

Extremely rare horseshoe clouds over Spain

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Rare horseshoe clouds appeared over Madrid and Algeciras in Spain, on April 19, 2018. Extremely rare “horseshoe clouds” were spotted over the Spanish towns of Madrid and Algeciras on...

NASA’s new director may “care about space,” but he doesn’t think humans cause climate change

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NASA gets a new administrator. One whose nomination to lead the agency was controversial, even among Republicans. The Senate narrowly confirmed Oklahoma Rep. Jim Bridenstine on Thursday by a 50-49...

A crazy cool video of a blood red sky over Santos, Brazil

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A crazy cool video has surfaced from March 3, 2016 out of Santos, Brazil by Meire Ruiz of Facebook. And it is mindblowing! Enjoy! for those without Facebook here a...

Strange objects with unusual shapes orbiting around the sun (video)

strange sun objects, Strange objects orbiting around the sun, Strange objects orbiting around the sun videovideo
Something strange is happening out there or it’s just a coincidence? Unusual objects have appeared the last years in imagery from ESA/NASA's solar spacecrafts, orbiting the Sun. Space agencies have...

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Mindboggling! The volcanic activity of Jupiter’s satellite Io captured by JIRAM aboard Juno

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INCREDIBLE, IMPRESSIVE, MINDBLOGGING INFRARED IMAGES OF THE VOLCANIC ACTIVITY OF JUPITER'S SATELLITE IO. The bright spots are volcanoes! The brightest one on the upper right is Zal volcano. The bright...

Solar storm slams Earth after three coronal holes open up on the sun and release high-speed solar winds towards Earth

solar storm, aurora, coronal hole, sun, april 2018, photo, videovideo
You may not realize it, but a solar storm is slamming Earth today after three coronal holes have opened up on the Sun last week, releasing high-speed solar winds...