Sunspots are vanishing faster than expected: Solar cycle 24 is declining more quickly than forecast

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Sunspots are becoming scarce. The fact that sunspots are vanishing comes as no surprise. Forecasters have been saying for years that this would happen as the current solar cycle...

Last year’s solar eclipse set off a fast-moving atmospheric wave that propagated around the world for hours after the eclipse was over

Solar eclipse 2017, solar eclipse august 2017 atmospheric wave, atmospheric wave created by solar eclipse 2017video
The solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, set off a wave in the upper atmosphere that was seen from Brazil an hour later. Yes, the moon’s shadow spurred an...

Does a full Moon really affect your sleep?

full moon sleep, Can a full Moon really affect your sleep?video
Over the years, the full Moon has been blamed for everything from spikes in crime, to causing madness, to baby booms. But could it also be the reason some...

The Earth’s magnetic poles are not about to flip?

Earth magnetic field is NOT about to flip, earth magnetic flip, earth magnetic flip not now,video
Despite recent panic surrounding the potential reversal of our planet’s magnetic poles, new evidence suggests it’s probably not the impending doom it sounds like. Implausible as it sounds, public...

Holy crap: That’s the staggering size of Black Holes (video)

black hole size, Size of black holes, Size of black holes videovideo
Not only are black holes the most violent places in the universe, they may also hold the key to our understanding of it. If we can figure out black...

This 19-year-old girl can keep astronauts safe from space junk

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Space debris is a growing threat to space exploration. And this 19-year-old girl can keep astronauts safe from space junk. But there's another big risk out there: asteroids. Roughly 16,000 near...

Intense auroras shoot out in the sky like lava during a volcanic eruption as solar storm slams Earth

aurora eruption, aurora volcani eruption, northern light shoot to the sky like a volcanic eruption, aurora volcani eruption russia april 2018
These pictures were captured at latitude 64, in Chukotka in the Far East region of Russia on April 21, 2018 as a consequence of an intense interplanetary shock wave. And the...

This really looks like an angel

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Interplanetary shock wave hits Earth’s magnetic field creating red, yellow, green southern lights and blue northern lights

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When an interplanetary shock wave - a supersonic disturbance in the gaseous material of the solar wind usually delivered by coronal mass ejections (CMEs) - hit Earth's magnetic field on April...

More than 50,000 lightnings struck France and UK last night

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More than 50,000 lightning strikes were recorded over Great Britain, France and the English Channel in the night between April 21 and April 22, 2018. This is a pretty...