Welp… It’s the end of the world in Hinesville, Georgia

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First I thought they were experimenting with photoshop. Then as I found more and more pictures on Instagram and started feeling terrified. It was the end of the world in Hinesville,...

Illusive red sprites and mysterious curving phenomenon appear over Oklahoma

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On Aug.14th, Thomas Ashcraft may have spotted a new kind of sprite. He was photographing a cluster of sprites over a thunderstorm in western Oklahoma when something curved snaked up...

Mysterious blue light and moving objects filmed by ISS (video)

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What is this mysterious blue light captured by cameras on ISS? And did you see the moving objects, too? Every now and then, NASA outdoes itself. This time it comes from...

Pulsating northern lights explode over Eagle Harbor, Michigan

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This morning's aurora was complete insanity. Look at these pulsating northern lights exploding in the sky over Eagle Harbor, Michigan on August 31, 2017. Powerful! These awesome pictures were captured by Isaac...

Anomalous lightning display: 5,100+ lightning discharges per hour strike Northern Rivers, Australia

5100 lightning per hour in northern rivers, lightning anomaly northern rivers, lightning strike northern rivers, Lightning strike anomal in Northern Rivers: More than 5100 lightnings per hour were recorded during a thunderstorm along the coast of Australia on August 24
That is just too much! More than 5100 lightning strikes hit Northern Rivers, Australia as a coastal storm engulfed the region on August 24, 2017. Anomaly: At the height of the...

Total solar eclipse 2017: Watch the sun go dark again and again (video)

The first solar eclipse to travel across the United States in 99 years began in Oregon and ended in South Carolina on August 21, 2017. Watch the sun go dark...

Transiting exocomets detected for the first time outside the solar system

Exocomets are comets outside the Solar System, which includes interstellar comets and those that orbit stars other than the Sun. Astronomers have recently discovered the first exocomets transiting around the...

Supergiant star Antares video is just terrifying

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This artist's impression shows the surface and atmosphere of the supergiant star Antares. It was made by M. Kornmesser using data obtained by ESO’s Very Large Telescope Interferometer. Often referred to...

Mysterious rectangular portal appears in the sky of Jinan (video) baffling many residents

This strange video from China shows a mysterious glowing rectangular shape appearing in the sky over Jinan, Shandong Province. UFO, magic carpet or a gateway to another universe? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Mysterious cloud looking like a giant fireball crashing to Earth appeared in the sky of Teixeira, Brazil (video)

mysterious cloud brazil, This cloud formation reall looks like a fireball crashing onto Earth fireball cloud brazil, mysterious cloud brazil august 2017video
A mysterious cloud looking like a giant fireball crashing to Earth appeared in the sky of Teixeira, Brazil on August 18, 2017. Wow! an elongated and spectacular lenticular cloud formation...