Fascinating video shows every terror attack across the globe in the last 20 years

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On October 31, New York saw the deadliest terrorist attack since September 11, 2001, when 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov drove a truck down a bike lane, killing eight people and...

Astronomers in West Virginia listen for mysterious signal from space

Fast Radio Burst, what are Fast Radio Burst, Fast Radio Burst definitionvideo
Astronomers recently announced a new discovery: a mysterious signal from a galaxy 3 billion light years away. This intense burst of radio waves was one of dozens of similar signals,...

NASA releases new spooky sounds from across the Solar System for Halloween

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NASA officials have newly published a list of eerie tracks recorded by space probes especially for Halloween. The sound of whistling helium and howling planets will undoubtedly shock you -...

The mysterious sound that Americans heard during sonic attacks in Cuba (video)

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This is the sound that some U.S. embassy workers heard in Havana, Cuba as they were attacked by a sonic weapon. The high-pitched mysterious noise is one of many recorded...

Is there a wolf in Scotland? These mysterious noises baffle Scottish Island and give me goose bumps (video)

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What could be roaming Scotland and northern England? These unexplained noises captured on August 31, 2017 give me goose bumps. Hotel night manager Paul Naylor was conducting his nightly rounds of...

Brutal seismic sound of Hurricane Irma and the M8.1 Mexico earthquake (video)

This video features the powerful and brutal seismic sound (played ~10000 times faster) of Hurricane Irma and the M8.1 Mexico earthquake recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Watch out to...

Strange Sounds and mysterious booms rattle Virginia, Illinois, New Jersey, UK and Australia

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Within the last few days, mystery booms and strange sounds were reported across wide portions of the US and the UK. Here a compilation of some of the latest unexplained...

The terrifying sound of Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma is currently devastating several caribbean islands one after the other. And the sound of destruction accompanying the Category 5 storm is terrifying, apocalyptic. Have a prayer for all those...

Mysterious sounds in the sky of Budapest, Hungary and over the Defence Housing Authority in Karachi, Pakistan

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August 2017 was full of weird sounds coming from the sky. The mysterious metallic noises were recorded over Budapest, Hungary and Karachi, Pakistan. On August 23, 2017 the vibrating strange sounds...

Listen to the ghostly reverb at Inchindown Oil Tanks

Listen to the world's longest reverbs at Inchindown Oil Tanks. They are so... chilling! More about this project here. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter