Mysterious space signals could come from hidden galaxies

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Scientists recently studied 21 mysterious space signals from revised Third Cambridge Catalogue. Researchers detected significant X-ray emissions for 9 radio sources, but none of these were found to have optical...

Strange lights and a loud whirring noise baffle Hinckley, UK

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Reports of strange lights and a loud whirring noise have been shared across Facebook and Twitter having occurred at around 5am today, Monday September 12 in Hinckley, UK. But what...

Jupiter’s aurora sound video

Juno recorded the sound of Jupiter's aurora. Now it's time to listen to them for you. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Did aliens just try to contact us? Mysterious signal comes from distant constellation that just may have intelligent life

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Did aliens just try to contact us? An unexplained blip picked up by a Russian telescope last year could be a message from a distant civilization, sent nearly a century...

Humpback whale songs

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Humpback whale songs are passed down over generations. This language evolves in a similar fashion to the verbally transmitted tribal lore of Australian Aboriginal Culture from where the term Songlines...

The eerie sounds of Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft has been detecting intense radio emissions from the planet Saturn. They come from the planet's aurorae, where magnetic field lines thread the polar regions. Saturn is a source...

Mystery behind eerie noises associated with powerful auroras debunked

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Eerie noises associated with especially powerful auroras have been reported since centuries. Now a team of scientists think they know why. Witnesses compare the sounds to radio static, like a faint...

The roar of Jupiter captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft

NASA's Juno spacecraft has crossed the boundary of Jupiter's immense magnetic field. Juno's Waves instrument recorded the encounter with the bow shock over the course of about two hours on...

Understanding The Hum mystery

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In the spring of 2012, when Glen MacPherson, lecturer at UBC, was living near the coastal village of Sechelt, along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, he began hearing...

Mysterious noise emitted by Caribbean Sea can be detected from space

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Baffled scientists have discovered a mysterious noise that is emanating from the Caribbean Sea. This low pitched sound cannot be heard by humans but can be detected from space. Scientists have...