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Loud booms and tornado sirens in Wichita, Texas. What is going on?

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What was going on in Wichita, Kansas on April 3, 2016? Loud booms kind of set off tornado sirens. Weird! Are there people from Wichita following this blog? Did this really...

Unexplained booms and rumblings increase in the US and UK – January 9 to 14 2016

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Unexplained booms and shakings are on the rise in this beginning of January 2016. Here a compilation of news reports and comments posted on this blog from january 9 to...

Mysterious booms rattle the entire US from Pennsylvania to California and Florida baffling residents and officials

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During this week-end, mysterious booms were reported in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, California, Nebraska and New Jersey. And in almost every cases, nobody can pinpoint their cause... Mystery booming noise rattle...

New mysterious noise heard in BC – This time in Oliver

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A mysterious noise and followed by rumblings have been heard and felt in Oliver, BC, on September 18, 2015. But the source of the booming sound remains unexplained. After Terrace, it's...

Giant fireball explodes over Bangkok during morning rush hour – Sonic boom and thunderous explosion

meteor thailand september 7 2015, meteor thailand,A huge meteor explodes over Bangkok during morning rush hour on September 7 2015. Photo: Youtube, fireball bangkok september 7 2015, fireball explosion bangkok thailand september 7 2015, meteor explosion thailand september 7 2015, meteor explosion thailand september 7 2015 video, meteor explosion thailand september 7 2015 photo, Huge meteorite falls on earth in Thailand, meteor thailand september 7 2015, meteor thailand, พบแสงไฟพุ่งลงคล้ายสะเก็ดอะไรบางอย่าง, มีใครเห็นบ้าง?8.40น แสงไฟแว๊บสว่างตามด้วยเสียงเหมือนฟ้าร้อง และทิ้งกลุ่มควันไว้ ฟ้ากาญจนบุรี มันคืออะไร?video
A huge fireball disintegrated over Bangkok, Thailand during the morning rush hour at 8.45 am. The giant fireball fell vertically before exploding in the sky. The daytime meteor strike was caught...

Loud boom, sonic boom and UFO AtlasV rocket launching

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The AtlasV rocket launching from Cape Canaveral this morning was out-of-this-world. On the menu: a loud sonic boom and a space shuttle that flies into another dimension. What you see on...

Loud booms at Camp Pendleton – August 8 to August 14 2015

Loud booms at Camp Pendleton from August 8 to August 14 2015, Loud booms Camp Pendleton from August 8 to August 14 2015, camp pendleton training, camp pendleton noise advisory august 2015
Manrine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is currently training. And some of the exercices of this week will even occur at night. Night trainings on Sunday, August 9, and Friday, August 14. http://www.pendleton.marines.mil/Portals/98/Docs/Noise%20Reports/Noise%20Report%20-%20August%208-14,%202015.pdf Follow...

Mysterious lights and loud booms baffle residents around the Bundaberg region, Australia

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What were the bright flashes and loud bangs reported by baffled residents around the Bundaberg region on August 4, 2015? A mysterious boom caused houses to shake. But police don't know...

Huge boom felt as earthquake rattles Quebec and is felt up to Ottawa!

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All of a sudden it sounded like a jet landed on me, or something exploded in the garage! Did you feel or even hear the magnitude 3.8 earthquake that rattled...

Mysterious loud boom and rumbles baffle residents of Turakina to Waitotara in New Zealand

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What was this mysterious loud boom followed by rumbles heard and felt by residents in the wider Wanganui region, New Zealand, on June 23, 2015? The unexplained sound was reported...