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Unexplained Booms in Bellingham (Wa), Montgomery and Warren Counties (Ohio)

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Last week, two series of loud, unexplained booms were heard and felt across the US. First in Bellingham, Washington and then in Montgomery and Warren Counties (Ohio). Here the reports: Mysterious explosion...

Mystery Loud Boom Triggers Power Outage In Castro Valley – June 18 2014

Loud booms and power outage in Castro Valley, loud booms reports, loud booms, mysterious booms, mystery boom, loud explosion boom castro valley june 2014, power outage and loud boom castro valley california june 2014, Loud booms and power outage in Castro Valley California - June 17 2014. Photo by California Security Pro, Large Boom and Power Outage In Castro Valley California june 18 2014, JUST IN: There are over 5,000 customers without power in Castro Valley near San Miguel & Somerset Ave. A loud boom was reported in the area., twitter loud boom, More than 5000 people without power in Castro Valley Calif. after reports of large boom heard in area, Over 5000 customers without power in Castro Valley near San Miguel & Somerset Ave. A loud boom was reported in the area
More than 5,000 people without power in Castro Valley, Calif., after reports of large boom heard in area. As reported on Twitter by @abc7newsBayArea, over 5,000 customers were without power in Castro...

Loud Booms Compilation: NJ, Ala, SC, KY – January 15 – 23 2014

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Here a compilation of the latest mysterious booms reported by regional websites across the USA. Some links contain videos. For other reports, please refer to the comments of this...

Mysterious Boom in Wichita Falls: Did Texas Earthquakes Created Loud Booming Noise And Shook Houses

  Did you hear a loud, mysterious boom in Wichita Falls on Monday night? Residents in the Bonny Homes area report that they heard a huge boom that was so loud, it...

Mysterious boom rocks Campbell River, Cumberland, Comox and Quadra Islandin, BC – May 1 2013

A loud, thundering noise rattled windows, shook the ground, and woke people up over the Comox Valley from Courtenay, Black Creek, Oyster River to Campbell River, Cumberland, Comox and...

Four mysterious explosions rock two barges on the Mobile River in Alabama injuring three – April 24 2013

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Firefighters in Mobile, Alabama and the Coast Guard responded Wednesday night to four explosions on two fuel barges that normally hold compressed natural gas in the Mobile River that left...

Booming Sounds in Missouri Ozarks: warning of coming earthquake on New Madrid Fault?

Excellent information videos! I would follow her on Youtube if I were you! Great job!

Mystery Loud Booms All Around Missouri – 2 January 2013

The strange noise phenomenon continues this weekend with reports out of Missouri. The loud boom was heard between 6:30pm and 7:00pm on February 2nd 2013. The sound was heard...

Booms and Shakings COVER UP! Due to New Madrid WAKING UP! In depth evidence! Review of proof from Dec/Jan

booms and shaking, mysterious booms and shaking, booms and shaking cover up, Booms COVER UP! Due to New Madrid WAKING UP! In depth evidence!video
This video is an in depth review of all the media reports covering booms and shakings that have been increasing December and January 2013. Did they tell us the truth?...

Fireworks-Loaded Truck Explodes in Beijing, China During Morning Rush Hour Killing 26 People – February 1 2013

A truck loaded with fireworks exploded today in Beijing during the rush hour klling at least 26 people (exact location is about 90 kilometers (55 miles) west of Luoyang,...

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