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Tag: strange Sounds in the sky

Strange Sounds are back in Singapore, Budapest and California – January 2016

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These three videos of strange sounds from the sky were captured in January 2016 around the world. The strange sky trumpets were recorded in Singapore, Budapest and California. What's going...

Terrifying strange sounds in the sky reported across Morocco

strange sounds morrocco, strange sounds in the sky morrocco, strange noise from the sky morrocco, strange sounds 2016, strange noise 2016, strange noise in the sky january 2016, morrocco strange noise 2016, mysterious noise from the sky morrocco january 2016, عاجل سماع صوت اخر مرعب من السماء في المغرب صوت الدي ارعب سكان ليلا, كازا .. صوت مجهول أرعب السكان, Are these new strange sounds recorded across Morrocco the Turmpets of the apocalypse or another hoax?video
These terrifying strange sounds from the sky were reported across Morocco beginning of this year. Are these the trumpets of the apocalypse or simply a really frightening hoax? The following two videos...

Mysterious strange sounds from the sky baffle residents in Edmonton, Canada

What are these mysterious strange sounds from the sky that started ringing at around 4:30AM in Edmonton, AB, Canada? These strange trumpet-like noises lasted at 10 minutes on November 26, 2015. I...

Strange sounds from the sky baffle residents of Jakarta

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The thunder-like sound of a trumpet was heard in the sky of Condet, East Jakarta, between 6:00 to 7:00 pm on Friday 09/11/2015. Scared residents report a rumbling noise coming from anywhere around,...

Mysterious sky trumpet noise in Southwest Virginia and Alabama on August 24, 2015

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The following videos have been submitted on the Strange Sounds FaceBook community page. The sky trumpet was heard in Southwest Virginia and in Tuscumbia, Alabama on the same day during...

Latest unexplained strange sounds from the sky in June 2015: Romania, USA, New Zealand

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Here the last reports of unexplained strange sounds from the sky heard around the world! What do you think they are? For an updated list visit our strange noise page! June 24...

Strange sounds from the sky – or from earth?

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Hi, I just want to bring to your attention that many of the recorded "strange sounds from the sky" resemble rather much one other little known sound phenomenon, namely...

The Strange Sounds Phenomenon Chronological Compilation

This is a comprehensive chronological compilation of the strange sounds in the sky phenomenon! Hope you will learn something from it. The compilation was made by E. Mehringer from the videos...

The Best Strange Sounds Of 2014 – A video Compilation

This video of Mister Enigma was posted on the Strange Sounds Facebook page by Thony Du Six Quatre. It features the best strange sounds in the sky reported in 2014. A pretty good...

Sonic Boom Near Clearwater, Florida? But Where is the plane?

Pinellas Park Florida, city of Pinellas Park Florida, welcome to Pinellas Park Florida
Hi everybody, I just received this message from someone living at Pinellas Park, Florida and asking about what could be the cause of this loud, roaring and booming noise that...

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