Weird Sounds In The Sky In Los Angeles – March 2 , 2012


Weird sounds in the sky were recorded in Los Angeles on 2 March, 2012.

I think this high-pitched noise isn’t fake… But what could it be?

This strange sounds was recorded in L.A. (CA, USA) at around 330AM. The terrible noise was filling the night sky, coming from everywhere around. According to the uploader, the noise lasted about 30 minutes and he recorded the last of it

Were the weird sounds coming from the emergency speakers mounted around this part of town? From above? Well to me it sounds like an electronic device of some sort. A loudspeaker?

But this is a high-frequency sound. And exposed to this strange sounds in the sky for long periods of time cannot be good. But these weird sounds in the sky are definitely man-made.

Do you think this is a new record of the strange sounds from the sky? Or do you believe it is a buzzing city noise? Leave me a note in the comments!

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