Cantonment, Florida, April 22, 2012


This sound coming from the sky was uploaded from Cantonment, FL (Pensacola) on April 22, 2012.

The author’s comments:

Sounds like jets continually taking off or circling…Don’t think there is anything going on at Pensacola NAS and it’s not the wind.

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  1. I’ve been hearing the same exact sounds over the last 2 nights, July 18 and 19, from Pace. Sounds like a jet circling and goes on for hours and hours starting around midnight. There are NO flights ever coming or going from the airport at that time of night. The sound pattern makes no sense for any type of aircraft…the approach is long, then sounds like a superfast turn and its gone real quick, then repeats the cycle over and over. Sounds way in the distance at times yet easily heard inside even far away. I’m really starting to doubt any explainantion of it even being military flights from Eglin etc. Have no idea what we are hearing.

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